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  1. The income should be declared in France and tax paid via a French tax declaration. I'm assuming you own the property - if so, pop into your local Centre D'Impots (Tax Office) and ask to speak to someone about which form you need to fill in. I suspect it will be form 2042 which is the standard tax return.
  2. BIGSHIP - Sinking like the Titanic (slowly with lots of casualties...)
  3. Might be a bit of a problem there - BBC news reporting that 'large holdalls' are being loaded into the back of Gordon Browns ministerial Range Rover round the back of 10 Downing Street - the slimy farker is trying to leg it with all the evidence.
  4. We recently moved £50k into €'s using Moneycorp. Tried HIFX, FirstRateFX and couple of others for comparitive quotes, but Moneycorp gave us €1.1775 on 6th May - the interbank rate was €1.1805 at the time of the transfer so we consider ourselves lucky. Play the brokers off against eachother as much as you can. Might do some more next week if the rate moves in our favour...
  5. Nah... I thik this is more her style... Harriets 'weapon' of choice...
  6. Defamation I wonder if she'll get a call from Claims4You.........?
  7. I had a similar situation in 2001 - the mortgage co simply made it a condition of the loan that the work was done by a qualified Sparks within 6 months and withheld £4.5k from the loan. We got the work done and told the mortgage co not to bother releasing the funds (didn't fancy paying all that interest on such a small amount).
  8. Definitely the latter - the £ is foooked, but the € is only now starting to feel the pain of all the bailouts and the very real prospect of Greece being thrown out of EMU/EU unless it gets its finances sorted. Goldman Sachs (aka The Beast) are advising clients to ditch the € in favour of the £.
  9. has not set their status

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