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  1. I posted a topic concerning direct taxation some time back, it seems to have no support, but i beleive that systems such as PAYE are undemocratic, this was a wartime measure in the Uk and should be abolished. governments should be made to justify their expeiditure to debate and work hard for funding and not assume they have an open cheque from the electorate. It is also a given that governemnts mistrust the electorate to the degree that they will introduce laws that assume guilt and introduce measures to stifle protest, you only have to examine the raft of legislation from NU Labour over the last ten years, they have introduced thousands of petty new laws for criminalising the electorate.
  2. The Political consensus of opinion is weighted towards either Tax rises, spending cuts or a mixture of both. Is there an alternative. Here are a few suggestions to get your teeth in to. Abolish PAYE:- release employees and employers from this tax, this tax was a wartime measure and in my opinion the benefits are outweighed by the cost of collection and avoidance schemes. A lot of otherwise productive man hours are consumed by this taxation class. The principal of taxing earnings at source is regressive and punitive, it stifles enterprise and creates a disincentive when other alternatives such as welfare are available. Instead, lets tax consumption, in this way those with money to spare can spend freely on luxury items, and those who are strapped for cash or over committed can concentrate on handling their priorities without aid from the state. Similarly, abolish NIC from employers/employess and replace this with a transparent investment and give the client some control over this investment. This measure would reduce employer costs, hamper government interference in your pension arrangements and if extended to, possibly your welfare support. Reform planning at local government level to give a greater incentive for new enterprise with an emphasis on Green technology. Use the planning system to promote this new industry. just a few ideas, what do you think?
  3. Its a wonderful concept, being able to choose your lifestyle, but you need money to exercise this option. in the bad old days of union organisation and the division of labour, this concept was at the forefront of working class ideology. today you would need to incorporate these rights into the human Rights legislature, and then watch as employers scream at the additional costs. Dream on.
  4. Not necessarily so, there is an article in the DT today devoted to the development of a new energy efficient incandescant lightbulb. sounds unimportant, but the implications are enormous, this development came about due to a change in government policy in the US.
  5. your pension is going to be nationalised to pay for all the useless buggas youve been locking up and were unable to earn whilst being entertained at Her Majestys pleasure.
  6. This is a great comment, if you live well, look after yourself, earn well and provide for your retirement you get shafted by those beer swilling fag smoking spendthrifts on the other side of the fence. There is a moral in this somewhere.
  7. I cancelled my Free Standing AVC in 1998 just after Brown removed tax releif on pension dividends. It was clear to me then that Labour would be back to their old ways of tax and spend. i have concluded since then that it is folly to place money in to any scheme managed and controlled by HM Government, you really are taking a massive risk, it is only a matter of time before all pensions are nationalised to pay for the "Baby Boom" generation of the fifties who are nearing retirment. As for public sectoe pensions, these are paid for from direct taxation, and at every level you will see taxes rising. there will have to be a MINIMUM 20% increase in your council tax to pay these pensions if employmet levels iin this sector of the economy continue as they are. Most people, and i include myself, trusted to property, and as i have no mortgage and can rent some out , i have a cushion, but for people on average incomes, with no asset base, they are going to see real pverty in old age. My son will graduate in a few years and i have advised him to leave the UK, and i would advise anyone under 35 to do the same, emigrate and get a life.
  8. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!! The end of the great EUROCON..........................lets all rejoice!!!???
  9. Its analysis none the less, and valid, it does not have to be news. as for the forecast of economic collapse, history is not on our side.
  10. i watched uncle Ed on the Andrew Marr show on sunday, he looked hyped up as though he was on speed, he was gesticulating everywhere, looked more like Edward Scissorhands. Uncle Ed and Aunty Mandy are now running the treasury as little Alistair their progeny is not a safe pair of hands. We are not going to have a Public Funding Reveiw, Uncle Ed said that he did,nt know where the economy was going to be in 2010, but they were prepared to spend , spend , spend. Please tell Uncle Ed that the economy actually shrank by 2.5% for the first quarter of 2009 and this was the largest drop in economic activity since 1958. The Telegraph believe that Nu Labour are adopting a policy of Scorched Earth, its comforting to know that Stalinism is alive and well.
  11. It does,nt matter who was in power when NS Oil starting flowing, they would all have pissed our assets up the wall. i was no admirer of the Labour Part i think there socialism stinks, but i have to give credit where it was due, and when Lord Stansgate was energy minister at least he had a coherent energy policy which would have preserved these assets for the benefit of the country.
  12. Try this one.... Johnny and Marys marriage is a love match, pure and simple, i mean Mary is so pure and johnny is so.......and tail off. lifted from mitch someone or others book.
  13. With liquidity (cash) being unavailable from the Banks i can see a surge in companies wanting to obtain Stock Market listings in order to raise capital. Would it not make sense now to ease the restrictions on the nursery exchanges like AIM and FOREX in order for companies to attract new capital. After all, we are going to see huge opportunities for investors as asset prices collapse. This might mean a return to good old fashioned capitalism though, which I sense seems to wrankle on this site. It would also give an opportunity to small investors to get a share of what could be a long bull run on the markets starting later this year.
  14. you are forgetting the Cartel, all merchants guilds, trade associations, industry groupings (and i would include political groupings) meet together to cheat the public, they never get together to improve the lot of the people. they are self serving minority interest groups whose only interest is in their own self preservation. It is this instinct for survival that drives the market, and the determinitaion to destroy your competitor is part of this survival instinct. There is nothing magical or mystical about "markets", they are driven by fear and greed.
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