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  1. Completely false. Numerous real world tax funded organisations are run on a co-operative basis. The key differences, and what makes it a better model are more local control over the budget and more input and democratic participation from the clients served by the local branch of the organisation and those that work in the organisation (anyone can be served you have to sign up as a member, nominal by paying a nominal fee like 1£).
  2. I understand that fully but it is utterly irrelevant to the point I was making.
  3. I think you are expressing correctly, I just have no idea why, its completely irrelevant to the point I was making. I could have that money in my room if I choose hence the loan between bank A and person B can be money (in the mundane sense) in the room of person C.
  4. Wat? You cant see the wood for the trees. If a bank extends a loan to you of 10K and then you spend 10K on my services, I have 10K of money in my account. I dont have a promise. You are completely ignoring the most important part of the process, e.g. that the credit arrangement between two parties turns into money in the hands of a third party.
  5. There are supply and demand issues but this is all being excerbated by inflation, e.g. easy cheap money being used to bid up prices via speculative activity. In 2008 there was a big spike in the price of wheat, however it was a world record harvest that year, the reason the price went up was because GS took massive long positions in wheat futures. Anyone who does not think similar is happening now is in dream land.
  6. Pony much to slow. He is talking about the 2008 food bubble. Wheat and several food based commodities are all bubbling at levels above the 2008 level as we speak. This has been a major factor in the riots in the ME.
  7. Its this error in thinking that is the most depressing. Of course low interest rates and the consequent liquidity has an impact on world commodity prices. Give the financial system nearly free money and watch it gamble it on commodities FTW. At this stage in the game it is staggering that so many observers can not join the dots between low interest rates and asset bubbles.
  8. Yes because cheap liquidity for the banking system must have nothing to do with bubbles forming in commodities.
  9. Food prices are shocking, but this does not seem that bad when you consider that to get 4 fillets you need 2 chickens.
  10. Co-operatives, which are a form of big society employ 20% more people than multi nationals. Their is a model for this form of social organisation and it is all ready hugely popular and successful. CO OPs
  11. Epic cognitive dissonance in that article. USA needs to be more like Japan to avoid deflation,,,, wtf. Also lol at the stimulus was not big enough arguement so weak.
  12. Sorry to ninja bumb this thread. But did no one see the obvious fallacy in Paul Masons Blog. Inflation is a huge dis incentive to saving, inflation is an incentive to get out of cash.
  13. He is advising a hedge fund, hedge funds often take positions that depend on market failure of some kind. So yea traders make out like bandits whilst the bubble inflates, the hedge fund cleans up when it pops. So in the context of this forum, those trader are like housebuyers looking at those on this forum and saying if they are so smart why have they not made any money (out of re inflation).
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