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  1. No I don't, but I do know that Russia needs to pay reperations for the atrocities it has committed.
  2. Ok.. I fully support the sending of billions to Ukriane and am sure that this isn't the end of the money we will send. What the world does need is for Ukraine to win, and Russia to pay reperations. They can also pay back the UK.. They have enough Diamonds, gold and oil to at a minimum to build back Ukraine. It should just be funneled towards the Ukraine civilians instead of some Russian Oligarchs.
  3. This thread looks as if it's been out together by Kremlin Bots! There are about 4 of them, that all worship Putin, they have even resorted to memes. They must be sad about Snake Island I guess
  4. It's not a shithole.. well some of is now because Russia has turned it to rubble, but at the end of the day, we promised to protect them in return for getting rid of their nukes. Also Russia should not just invade another country because it's bigger.. that is what NATO is for, which is also why we stand up for Estonia.. Because of the Russian threat, it takes NATO to keep us safe now.
  5. It's a little bit funny... This feeling inside. As Elton John wrote.. But I have a feeling that in the not too distant, lots of people will realise that we have a lot more immediate concerning issues, than this whole fanciful zero carbon bizarre green agenda.. I get some parts of it, but there must be a middle ground.
  6. The future is Barrow in Furness?? I haven't been for a few months, but are you being sarcastic.. or is it just the big Tesco's superstore etc not in the town center? Yeah realised you were being Sarcastic when writing this.. I think my sense of Humour is shot!
  7. This isn't what happened. Russia with the help of the Wagner group, led an 8 year terrorist campaign in Ukraine.. If Russia wasn't there, this wouldn't have happened
  8. Happy to have a conversation about this, debate really is important in what is clearly a confusing topic I personally know who wrote this piece. https://khpg.org/en/1480891067
  9. Exactly... literally the fella was in love with Putin.. This documentary however has done more damage to the minds of normally thinking people
  10. Yes, it's complete Nonsense.. literally sponsored by the Kremlin. The Santa film is more likely to be real.
  11. You answered your own questions. The answers are your opinion, and clearly you have watched one too many Documentaries from Oliver Stone, Putin's lover.
  12. Decent. I agree. What Russia has done is beyond disgusting, Putin brought this on himself, and his legacy, the Russian history, and any respect that they may have had is gone. It may get messy over the next few years. But there is a line and it cannot be crossed.
  13. For sure Ukraine is being used as a proxy to break down a lot of Russian Military by America. However, I do know lots of Ukranians, and they are all United in wanting to fight against the Russians. They are simply more patriotic than us I believe
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