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  1. I hope they don't go bust now, I fly with Thomas Cook airlines tomorrow night, good prices though, 219£ with baggage, new york to Manchester...I'm probably gonna get stuck in the airport aren't I!!
  2. Yup!! Although I'm trying to sell a bit of land in Europe and no offers yet!
  3. Great post....I have mentioned many times to my many Brexiteer friends (only the ones still talking to me) that remainers are the true patriots, it doesn't go down well, but when you have taken the time to make a sensible and well thought out list, it makes it easier to explain exactly who is the patriot
  4. Thanks for your reply, the only page I could access was the Wikipedia one, because I'm halfway across the Atlantic right now, but interesting....I will look at the others in 4 days time when I get normal signal in new York...Warren buffet has done pretty well over the years, a while ago I looked at trying to buy a few shares in Berkshire Hathaway.. but turned out, I didn't have enough money at the time, and you have to buy a few, not for the timid like me!!!
  5. That's pretty much what I was thinking, however there doesn't seem much faith in the stock market at the moment, but I was thinking that if T.S.H.T.F we would probably lower rates (well not too much obviously!!) and turn on the printing presses...last time obviously the stock markets world wide rose... This is also why I'm hesitant to pay down my mortgage, just incase we go like Denmark with negative rates
  6. Yeah I know what you mean that's not a bad idea, but the ones in Latvia are earning and all paid off... I also bought a small holding there, in 2008 (financial crisis hit Latvia hard)for £8000 about 30 acres, I have bees, about 80 hives spread out on my land and it backs onto an organic farm, I split the money with a local farmer, but I'm still getting about 4000 a year for not a lot of work... The other property is my house, so can't scrap that!
  7. Hi Scottbeard, yea I can understand how my post is a bit confusing, To clarify, I have two apartments in Latvia, these are paid off and I'm using the money to pay for maintenance for my two children and any spare is saved up for them to help them with college/university funds, I know this isn't a popular thing here, but I have definitely become an accidental landlord, having originally wanted to knock two apartments together to make a bigger space, but when the ex and I split up this was the most sensible idea I could think of and one that worked easily I work on a ship, so although I do now live near Liverpool, the house is empty 8 months of the year, and I dont really need to drive for my job.. And I think I want the same as you, I'm 39, so if I could retire in 20 years this would be ideal, but I probably couldnt wind down totally. I guess what I'm asking, is in the event of a no deal, do people think that prices will come down more for houses? I've paid off 50% of my mortgage but is it worth trying to clear this debt, or investing in another asset class or two, Will the pound fall more or are we done here? No one has recommendeded stocks really, are these considered too risky, even FTSE ones with hedging in another country.. Thanks for the reply, wasn't trying to be too disingenuous, also may have had a few home-brewed beers we were experimenting on onboard! and was just thinking about it!
  8. Ok so let's see if I get this right?? Overall ok idea to invest in blue chip FTSE, as a tracker, cos lots are earning in currencies outside of UK... UK Government bonds seem sensible What are the current thoughts about gold.... bitcoin... Mining stocks..... Does anyone thing Elon musk, Tesla space ex/boring company/neurolink... Is worth a bit of risk ..? So I really like the ideas Elon musk comes out with, he seems so far ahead in everything he does, I am worried it's already a bubble, but he is probably the smartest person /Jeff bezos too.... Am I getting a bit star struck and in awe...or do these kind of men have the metal to actually deliver??
  9. Yes agree with all of this, I nearly married a Latvian, but it went a wee bit wrong. I do have a son over there, which is why I still have property over there Would like to get a EU passport, but I failed the citizenship language exam, I speak the language, but the rest is set up to be so difficult, that even Native Latvians Cant pass it, as the grammar is so complicated. But I do agree the nicest thing about coming back to the UK was a nice pub beer garden catching up with friends.
  10. I've never looked into government bonds properly, thanks, I'll take a good look and try to get my head around it! (Takes longer than most!!)
  11. Ho, thanks for reply, I know what you mean, but I've just changed this into sterling from dollar and euro's the rate seemed very good for both to change into sterling while it seemed weak
  12. I am very much a remainer....but I have to be realistic now... In my head. I think it a a good chance Brexit is going to happen in one form or another on the 31st October, I would now give 60/70% chance of a messy no deal scenario... Without wanting to debate the will it/won't it happen, what does the HPC hive mind have as the best strategies to protect/increase wealth if the stuff hits the fan. So I'm not trying to be a dick swinger or anything like that, I just want to try to do the best by my family.. Here is where I'm positioned Salary in dollars 30% wealth in UK property 40%wealth in property in Latvia (euro) 20% sterling in bank 10% cars, tiny bit of gold/bitcoin In my head this is quite well spread out, so even if it all goes really balls up (do have kids to support in both countries)...I'm hedged to a degree....but does anyone have any good ideas for how to profit from different scenarios..?? I think this is the reason we all visit this site..but we have resorted to name calling and arguing over stuff we can't control...I'm just hoping to have a constructive thread where we can all work out the best ways to position ourselves should the worst happen. Thanks all!
  13. Jon b... I take it you didn't see the funny side that his user name was Warlord!
  14. Ahhh...ok get ya!! To be honest I don't know anything about the condition animals are kept in in the USA...I have heard the stories about the chicken farms where they bread them without feathers... Also in the USA you have to refrigerate eggs as they are not innoculated against salmonella...whereas in the UK and EU you can keep them at room temperature because all the Hale s are innoculated...EU 1 USA 0
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