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  1. I do actually understand what you are getting at. But something else is at play. Would you like to play a game? I'm going to make something try to fit here. Tell me why I am wrong. Today the Telegraph is running with a piece (nonsense) about the virus mutating to get around facemasks and handwashing. The mutation takes a spike and replaces Aspartic acid with glycine. This is now the dominant strain in Europe and America What is interesting is that it requires fewer cycles to show up on the Pcr tests. This explains the recent spikes in US and Europe I st
  2. He is like about 112, maybe his faculties are leaving him
  3. I did see that.. Im trying to find a clip I saw, of some US chief of something, basically saying fauci was wrong, and T cell are a huge thing in this. And 90% or people are not succeptable to covid for tis reason
  4. You mentioned this before, I said I doubt that I ever said I liked lockdown..remember I lost job, no furlough. Watched my friends and colleagues throwing themselves off the ships In manila Bay, through sheer hopelessness. Now I was scared flying back in March flying from Australia and coming back through multiple airports.. Until I worked out that it wasn't that bad on the face of evidence. I certainly know I've beem on about cure is worse than the disease for longer than most. Even if what you are saying is true, and I did support lockdown (I don't think I did) it's pe
  5. What like evacuating every over 75 a put them in tents on Guernsey for the next 6 months?
  6. You are right.. I've said since the start that the lockdown is a teribble idea.. As for graspibg the nettle.. This is mail I sent to my MP yesterday.. I wrote it whilst on the toilet, and didnt think about it enough.. But at least I actually wrote Peter Dowds Good morning, this is the first time I have ever felt it necessary to write to my MP. I understand that you will be voting on the coronavirus act, and I urge not to pass this bill, as its handing far too much power to a clutch of hysterical epidemiologists. If this crisis has taught us
  7. You are actually trying to make child abuse seem OK.. Do you not see the problem with this..? This is the similar mass delusion that tells people of certain religions that genital mutilation of children is a good thing You have clearly been scared out of your senses, and have lost track of all proportion, but please take this as the turning point in your life, when you realised that trying to justify child abuse was a mistake
  8. Expect to see aot more about your post.. There are over 20 T cell studies, confirming that up to 90% of people are not in danger of Covid death.. I will try to find link on a bit.. But breaking news. And the CDC and Fauci have beem called out on air in the US.. But I'm off to the gym... Cos health starts at home.. And you are also wrong.. Time to change the tune and leave the kids alone.
  9. Its not a bizarre arguement.. The UN charter for child rights is a real thing, one of the rights is the right to a real education. Millions of children have not been educated.. Today 1 million kids are missing 2 weeks as their schools are closed this is just the start. We are abusing millions of children..to save a few grannies.. The long term implications of a substandard education will have a life long effect much worse than any imaginary Long Covid. You mention about Finland and Norway having better economy etc, why not Denmark? Ah its cos its locking down .Norway and Fi
  10. Their isn't just one study.. The or has been ones all over the workd, but you cling to one point. It clearly doesn't kill 1% of people. It kills 82 year olds mainly..and even they have a 95% chance of survival. We should not have stopped the world for this nonsense. People like you are clearly wanting to scare people into keeping the NHS closed and killing more.. You are literally also a child abuser. You are not on the right side of this. Hope you sleep well.
  11. Seems that the ex scientific advisor for Pfizer Dr yeardon, is testifying in Simon Dolans court case.. Who is sueing the UK government for the illegal lockdown Basically the pillar 2 testing is flawed, as we have ben saying for a while.. False positives etc.
  12. Yes I would, you would be intolerable. When was the last time you got invited to a party?
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