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  1. Landlords in North Wales to undergo training and be licensed under new rules Changes being introduced later this year will mean landlords will have to allow an agency to manage their property if they can't gain a licence Landlords in North Wales will have prove they are “fit and proper” before they can manage a property or hand over the keys to someone else. Every private landlord will need to undertake training and be licensed under new rules coming into effect this autumn. And if they can’t demonstrate they are “fit and proper” to hold a licence, landlords will have to appoint an agent t
  2. blah, blah.... It still doesn't justify EAs charging tennants outrageous fees - often unbeknown to the Landlord. IMHO EAs should be required by law to clearly state on every rental property advertised their supposedly justified 'administrative' fees. - is a simple 'price list' too much to ask?! In the pub trade publicans have to display a price list by law, why doesn't the same apply to EAs?
  3. I just can't believe a free 'de facto' web site (with a decent UI- sorry gumtree!) doesn't exist which makes it easy for LL and tennant to cut these con artists out of the equation...
  4. I realise I'm based in the south, but the cheapest agency fees we've come across is £220+VAT!? IMHO after approaching 6-7 EAs in the area these short-sighted fools are making a rod for their own back!
  5. We're in the process of moving to rented accommodation, and decided to make the dreaded visit to the local EA/Letting Agents to see what was available... As soon as we asked about agency fees, the charges - seemingly plucked out of thin air, were simply ridiculous (£300+) It's also my understanding they also charge the LL a month's rent as a 'finders fee'! On an average apartment were I live that's very nearly a grand! => EAs Grand Total for taking a few pics and placing an advert of rightmove = £1300+ - and that's without the 10-15% they charge for 'managing' the place. I just can't un
  6. imho, There is no shortage of doctors - if anything, there seems to be glut of them. Junior doctors have never had it so bad; most of the ones I know are struggling to find a job.
  7. http://www.forbes.com/markets/feeds/afx/20...afx4071146.html Housing starts are an important economic indicator because they show how much money the general public has. If there is a rise in housing starts it likely means there is more money in the economy.
  8. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home They have also been quoted on saying: 'The mortgage market hasn't been this bad since the 1930s!'
  9. http://money.uk.msn.com/Investing/Insight/...umentid=5886240
  10. http://www.24dash.com/socialhousing/25924.htm Whoever said there were no more 'bulls' left in housing
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