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  1. How does the swap work? I know in another country we exchanged once a 2 bedroom apt. with a 2 bedroom apt. with no money involved... Is this doable in UK? Of course I am happy to pay the difference...
  2. I called some EA and they told me that £115K would be a price to get attention. So I think I am putting it at £110K and maybe somebody will take it from my back!
  3. About two years ago we moved from Liverpool to Wirral for reasons of better schools for our children. We have a house in Liverpool which we could not sold and rented it to some friends and we are renting in Wirral. Now, I am thinking of selling the Liverpool house and buying in Wirral. The cheapest house identical to mine on my street in Liverpool is on sale for £136K now. On the other hand, two houses were sold at auction last year for £110K each. On zoopla the price is about 130K which of course is stupid. Do you think a £115K price would attract some interest without much haggling
  4. That is not Spain. That is Villamartin i.e. a ghetto subregion of the ghetto area called Torrevieja or Orihuela Costa. Also known "the place where British chavs got burned by "A place in the Sun"!"
  5. Quite late to come, but your postings really are the most stupid I have read in 2009. Congratulations!
  6. OK, so you are one of those "sour grapes" rejects. The world is filled with losers like you.
  7. OK, then be happy that they are using your taxes for supporting teenager alcoholic mums. And tax cheaters who are now spending their Christmas on your money.
  8. Was anybody in your family abused by a physicist? Or are you just a retarded lad?
  9. OK, go back to your cave and continue to scribble on the walls.
  10. OK, it has been 1 year since the Morocco topic was discussed here. And about 3 years since dogbox dissapeared. What's new in Morocco? If I were to decide to have a holiday in Summer 2010 in Morocco, which new resorts are going to be opened by then? Which one should be advisable to choose? Is there any of the Kings resorts open yet?
  11. Go to Costa Calma on Fuerteventura. You won't see many Brits over there and the beach is gorgeous. For Cape Verde, the best place for informaiton is www.caboverde24.com
  12. Mark Stucklin is not VI. He has the most honest reports on Spanish properties you can find on the internet.
  13. Thanks. Admiral quoted me £1087 for the two cars. With Tesco I pay £350 for one car and £300 for the other. So Admiral is 60% more expensive. Any other choice?
  14. Related to insurance. I have a car insured with Tesco. I just bought another car. It seems that Tesco does not have multi-car policies (in USA I had 2 car insured on one policy, much cheaper than insuring them separately). Is there any insurer in UK which provides multi-car policies?
  15. Is "great shittain" the name of your native land?No wonder you like Dubai more.
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