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  1. Happy New year to everyone and lets hope 2010 surprises us all - in a good way! Can someone help me out - BH14 area (Lower Parkstone, Penn Hill, Ashley X area) - need to price new build 3 bed apartments very close to Ashley Cross - no sea views or anything. Secure parking. Good standard of build and fittings etc. Been trying to do some comps but cant seem to get a true picture of how they would price. For instance - there is a block in Munster Road - no sea views but probably have views over Purbecks - 3 bed £400k and 2 bed £390K - seems alot to me!! Then you get 2 bed in Salterns Marina £400k - but that obviously has dual aspect views so stunning location (if thats what you are looking for). 2 bed Evening Hill (top floor so sea views) £375K. Savills have apartments 2 bed just off St Osmunds Road some with "sea" views £365k. 2 bed on Compton Avenue - Fairview Views which I believe is one of Mr Carr's properties - £345k. I am not exactly getting how these are differently priced? Except of course the Salterns Marina one and I guess the Evening Hill one. How do apts in Munster Road go for £400k? I would assume that these are priced with "offers" in mind but even so. I guess it would be helpful if agents gave a total square footage or sq m. I was told by a local resident that there was a shortage of 3 bed flats/apartments? Anyone know whether that is fact? Thanks for any help.
  2. Well I for one think its great whats happening in Boscombe. I was down there again at the weekend for brunch in Urban Reef and it was buzzing. There is just a great feel of being at the seaside when you are down there and I thought that before all this regeneration. Compare this with Bournemouth - the horrible Imax building, the caffs etc its horrible - you feel like you are in the middle of a Butlins holiday camp. I think we should be positive about Boscombe it was once a beautiful seaside town and very upmarket - so why not try to get it back where it belongs. And yes there is alot to do around the town centre and cleaning up the drugs etc and that will happen and I am fully supportive of efforts made. If you want waste of council money - try Poole - cant remember exactly how much it was but it was around £50k for a lump of "stone" being put on the corner of Penn Avenue outside Mitchells estate agents - which is meant to "light up" at night but the "lights" go along the pavement behind the lump of stone so cant be seen from the road and now those lights dont work either. Total waste of money! Ugly and even if the lights do work - its still ugly total waste of money!
  3. Thanks for that Redwine. I just found the story in English: http://www.capeverdeportal.com/The_News/Latest_CVP_News/30%1004%1009_-_Murdeira_Beach_Resort_dispute_back_in_Irish_courts/ I know this developer and have been in contact - I have been asking about Murdeira Beach + the Nikki Beach Hotel resort on Sao Vincente at Fortim Mindelo - which I was told has been sold 100%. I visited the site 2 years ago. Very interesting and I think I will "wait and watch". I do take on what another poster said about the Canaries - but frankly I find them pretty awful - black sand does not appeal to me at all and the streets of Murphys Bars et al are awful.
  4. Ok - so can you elaborate? If the other posters have given "poor" advice can you please give your views - I would appreciate it. I travelled to CV (Sal) as I was selling property out there for a very well known and upmarket estate agent. I am now revisiting the thought to buy as I was very impressed and there have been some significant developments on CV government and European involvement in the government out there and also links to the EU. There are many many Europeans already living and working in Santa Maria. The World Windsurfing championships were held there last year and there are many European owned hotels/restaurants and bars. Nikki Beach Hotels has developed a huge site on one of the other islands + Hilton Hotels are building a 5* resort out there. There are top class professional golf courses being built. So, "theworkingnomad" please give your thoughts.
  5. Hi everyone Am thinking of buying a 2 bed apartment in Santa Maria (Sal) which is near to the town (restaurants and bars etc) as well as easy walking distance to the beach. I have been to Santa Maria and its a great place and it seems to be on the verge of taking off without losing its creole / portuguese charm. The whole island of Sal is just a sandbank with developments all up the west coast which are mostly sold. I am not interested in these - but would like to be actually in the town. My concern is that having looked at holiday rental sites (bearing in mind much of the new development is not yet finished) and find it amazing that so many of the apartments have more or less 100% availability for the next 6 months - some have a week here and there booked. I would be interested to hear from anyone who knows anything about CV. Thanks
  6. Hi I have lived in Poole for near on 3 years - I live south of Ashley Road. There are some great schools around here and I have many friends whose kids go to Courthill. Baden Powell and Lilliput. I dont agree that people have "attitude" that live in this area but I know that many people have a problem with the "Penn Hill crowd"! We have met and been welcomed by lots of locals who have lived here all their lives. However, I do have reservations on the people who socialise in a certain railway pub - they do appear not to want to say hello to anyone they have not known since school and certainly not if you are not wearing high heeled shoes, a spangly top and blond hair!! I also think that people on this board continually give Boscombe a bad name - go to Boscombe and Southbourne you will find that certain parts of it are stunning and some of the architecture in that area is breath taking - but I do have to say I am not sure on the schools so maybe that would be a no no. But was down there the other day having lunch and the surf was superb. That house that Har Fast posted in the Bournemouth thread has been done up since it was bought a few years ago and it has sea views and it is stunning. Not surprised its being marketed for that amount of money and I think its being marketed by Frost & Co which in my opinion and lots of others are the best agents in this area as they are professional and considered to be honest and give a quality service.
  7. We moved down from London nearly 3 years ago.... I would always be wary of thinking that you can just land into a village and hope to become part of the local "community" they quite suspicious down here in the shires.... but as you want to rent I would suggest that is a great way of having a look around and then go where you have found to be a place that suits you. One way to find out what is going on in a "community" is the local pub!! We moved to Poole / Parkstone - because we knew a couple of people around here and knew that there was easy acccess to the beachs but also nice pubs / bars / restaurants and a good social scene going on. A local agent well thought of around here is Realty.
  8. According to BBC and ITV news today - THE RECESSION IS OVER and whats more its probably been over since May this year......................... hooooooooooooooooooooray! How did that work that one out??
  9. Just received a letter from Realty (Ashley X & Canford Cliffs) they are expanding .... into property sales (they are well established and well thought of letting agents).
  10. I know it was being marketed for around £900k back in 2008.
  11. damn just been into Reality in lower parkstone to sign a new tenancy agreement and had a long chat should have asked.... but they did say that Canford Cliffs was a niche market and they needed to be there as CC residents wouldnt come to Lower Parkstone to employ a letting agent!! rah rah rah Just been on to Vivid Homes website the auction of the Sandbanks house has been extended from March closing date to 31 July 2009 £25 ! http://www.sandbankslife.co.uk/
  12. I dont know - but he has offices on that road leading down to the Nightjar. I did see him a few weeks back in a bar avec striped business suit - but looking alot "slimmer" and I did notice that he wasnt drinking champagne.
  13. Richard Carr has new office in Canford Cliffs and Realty have just opened new offices there. Buytoilet - very very funny! Couldnt get the link though!
  14. Front page of the Times' Bricks & Mortar this week and a report on how the Savills sale went last week. Sorry cant seem to get a link up for the Times online.
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