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  1. Merryn Somerset Webb, Jonathan Davis and all the other Sold To Regret losers better get their skates on. Crash cancelled. FTBs reach five year high
  2. oh dear, we used to be such a classy bunch on this site..has it really come to this
  3. there are no experts on here, just those who got lucky and those that didn't. my only advice if you are taking the plunge is to avoid flats and buy in areas with predominantly owner occupiers. family houses close to good schools (do your online research into league tables) in established neighborhoods will always be in demand. all the old cliches are still true location, location and buy the worst house on the best street you can afford. Good Luck, you just may need it.
  4. I guess nobody could predict what was going to happen with interest rates, back in 2003 everyone expected a 1990s meltdown. This time round has proved to be different. Governments (both labour and tory) have been hell bent on propping up the inflated housing market until we have a full blown economic recovery, however long that may take. Did you do the right thing? Kind of depends on who you are leaving behind. There's not a day goes by I don't dream of cashing in my equity and doing what you have done but I would be depriving my kids of the financial security I have earned for them. To be ho
  5. £330k would get you a decent 3/4 bed family home in Sale with good sized garden, off road parking and access to all the best schools in south Trafford. Unless you have £500k+ to spend Hale is a waste of time, all you will get for your money at the lower end is a cramped poorly located property with no ORP and tiny garden. The primary schools in Hale are no better than Sale or Timperley and you are out of catchment for the better non grammars (Wellington / Ashton). But if it has to be Hale then follow your heart..
  6. hilarious spoof music video poking fun at manchester's hippest suburb You tube Video pretty damn accurate IMHO
  7. You're not moving to Sale for the party lifestyle, if thats your priority stick to the city centre or Didsbury/Chorlton. Sale is a stable, family orientated suburb with the odd decent pub or restaurant. The area to the northern end of Brooklands Road is an established, pleasant community, a 'golden triangle' focused around Brooklands Primary school, Sale Grammar and Dragons (LA Fitness) health club. A cosy, privileged lifestyle in which to raise a family.
  8. Apologies to be joining the debate a bit late but this is my first visit to HPC for a while. I live in Sale and agree with most of the comments. The ONE AND ONLY REASON to live in Sale is the schools. If you have or are planning to have kids then Sale offers an entry level to the South Trafford suburban dream of leafy suburbs, nice families, good transport links and of course excellent schools. If you don't have or plan to start a family there are more fashinable places to live, although Altrincham, Timperley and Cheadle wouldn't be the top of my list either. FOR : Great Schools Good choi
  9. FRENCH VILLAGE FOR SALE! Daily Telegraph Got £275,000 lying around? A deserted French village can be all yours. Courbefy, located in the Limousin region, comes with 19 buildings, including family homes, reports the Telegraph. Be forewarned: Neighbors say it's frequented by "thieves, drunks and squatters," and one dubbed it a ghost village. But it does have a swimming pool. The deadline for bids is Friday!
  10. I think every last cent has already been squeezed out of the US property market - there's a reason properties in upstate New York are cheap - its cold, there's no work and nobody wants to live there, the same reason Londoners think parts of the north of England look 'good value' until they try and make any money out of it. .. Still 17% yield is pretty impressive and would pay for your purchase in just six years
  11. Typical spineless, gutless expat. The UK has given you everything and now you turn round and call it a craphole and bugger off with your pension and sales proceeds. Do you think Italy would have given you all those things, you are a spineless pr1ck ashamed to be English? - no England is ashamed of you.
  12. L.A.? wow you do love your third world crap holes dont you..still plenty of bargains there right now, good hunting
  13. You managed to register your crummy flats you can't off-load with the Dubai 'land registry' yet ??
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