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  1. Thanks for that, we've looked at Purley so it's depressing to see your research. It's frustrating, prices seemed doable a few years back when we started saving but just seem to be slipping further out of reach. My partner works up Purley Way and I commute into Victoria so it was a good location for us. The places we look at now are getting further and further from the stations. A 10min walk becomes a 10min bike ride to maybe I have to get a bus to the station.
  2. I'd like to. We're looking in Croydon as that's where my partner and I grew up and we'd like to stay near friends and family. I just don't know if it's possible though. We really need that crash.
  3. Kingston is overpriced. It has a rep for being smarter than other southern suburbs but im happier in Croydon and prices are (slightly) more sensible.
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