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  1. I was in a similar position. In the end a decision was made to leave the area and although it took a little time to settle there's no regrets. Went back to Kingston a few weeks back and I felt some of the more interesting shops had been replaced by the usual suspects. It's even more crowded than I remember and for me has lost some of it's natural charm. Those prices that have been quoted are really unbelievable. I've not really kept up with the KT1 / KT2 area but having checked in I'm staggered by the expected asking prices. The amount of debt over people's heads must be horrendous. In my humble opinion a deep change to what owning a home needs to take place. It appears that landlords have benefiting over a long time; they have pushed out the likes of myself although as stated it turned out ok in the end!
  2. Well; I cannot think of a decent argument to justify a 600k markup in two years. I haven't checked the rest of the road (perhaps that is the normal price) - That isn't a high spec build either...
  3. Wow! I've not been on here for a considerable amount of time. I don't regret moving from the Kingston area. These are not just crazy house prices but fueled by greed. The stakes and pressure on people to pay their mortgages must be immense.
  4. I did a runner from KT1 and swapped it for owning a home in Epsom! The prices in Kingston and surrounding areas simply made it as easy decision to up sticks. From time to time, I do miss Kingston, mostly ambling around the town centre and the walk along the Thames but I don't miss many other things. Just flicking through some of the more recent posts I cannot believe some of the prices that have shared. It's crazy! However; it seems this band of pricing may be here to stay (at least short term). I can only speak for myself but since the move I've thought very little about the price of homes; maybe the cost of maintenance supersedes this thought!
  5. 50p for the evening standard! on topic, I thought about the headline tonight; maybe now there are enough up and coming journalists that have no chance of owning as well. A problem shared...
  6. Hi Starla and Worried1 Rented in kingston for the best part of a decade and have just had enough. I suppose I've reached that point when I'd love to own, renting what I'm looking to buy just doesn't add up and as much as I love living here, the prices are crazy. When I first joined this forum this area was overpriced but it's spiralled way beyond. In fact, I'd take the prices that were here all those years back! The trouble is that (like many other areas) people just keep talking it up until it's just plain stupidity. I know people that have spent 600+ on the most modest of properties; crazy times. I mentioned about schools in my last post as I'm now in that position, however I don't see Kingston being a viable option. So many new housing (flat) developments but little in the way of adequate new school development. Maybe everyone will get a reality check at some point, but it ain't gonna happen for me here.
  7. Couldn't agree more with this and the other recent messages. I was going through Tolworth thinking, 'this isn't as bad as i thought!' - I honestly need my head testing! I'm finally giving up on Kingston, shame to leave but I simply cannot afford to buy. I hope all those flats and conversions are going to be matched with schools being built. I think this area has slowly given up it's sense of community and has become more soulless. Still better than most but it doesn't leave me with the feeling I had when I first moved here.
  8. I've signed up with a few estate agents recently. There seems to be very little skill involved aside from being bullish.
  9. Saw this as well. No discussion on promoting cheaper homes. I never really believed until quite recently how much vested interest the people who put these reports together have. I did think that they had to just fill air time with anything they could get their hands on, but in these current times I see it as bad taste. What do they expect; the masses continue to pay for the few. The uniformed have no chance. I was astonished to see a similar article written in the evening standard. Truly poor journalism.
  10. It's gonna start getting dirty...when a generation of priced out ftb's start getting their act together.
  11. Good luck with it all...kingston will be crazy golf prices for some time!
  12. Does it matter that this home is in the red light district!
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