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  1. It has the flavour of a great historical (under)statement. They don't want to, but could their hand be forced?
  2. You've only got to look at him to know he won't keep his hands out of the sweetie jar. Billy bunter does politics. But people do like him. He seems human. And entertaining. (Test: would you rather have him or starmer to a dinner party?)
  3. The referendum wasn't won, it was lost? By a feeble campaign, by an unpopular government, by a bunch of metropolitans who scorned and insulted country people and people proud of their country. And by an equally divided opposition who were at best lukewarm. I can't think of anything the remain campaign did well.
  4. Labour have a huge PR problem. People literally prefer a bunch of crooks to Labour.
  5. Yet boris is sailing through it all with a comfortable lead over Labour.? Surely Labour must be doing something seriously wrong.
  6. The last one would ensure all the losers would vote for the other side. That's why they never change it. The rest are a few examples of hundreds of things that could be changed which wouldn't cost the government any money. These should be easy wins for labour. Labour's weakness on social issues is their reputation for opposing free speech which causes offence, law and order vs demonstrators who are violent and the national pride thing. The Tories seem to have completely obscured what should be labour wins with that last lot. But the real mountain Labour have to climb i
  7. I don't doubt the Tories are evil either. (But I have a feeling it was a liberal government at the time).
  8. There's no chance of PR, so what's the plan for Labour? Keep talking about corruption, sure. But once in government, what would they actually do? (And will they do well in Thursdays elections?)
  9. So the English (most of whom didnt have the vote) were committing genocide and they spared catholic priests because there was some kind of alliance with a totalitarian regime?
  10. That's not necessarily true... There's nothing inevitable about socialism running up government debt? (Even if we've never seen Labour do anything else.)
  11. Not more government spending surely... So how do you sort out the housing situation?
  12. Toxic bigot alert? I always wondered if you were destined for the church at one time yelims. And you never did tell us why no catholic priests starved in the famine, so I'm looking forward to that.
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