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  1. There will be mps of all parties among that 56. Otherwise starmer would have been making more of it.
  2. Hands up who votes for a giant recession? The alternative was inflation. Bailey chose option b. Why the big hoo hah. You can't rein in inflation by charging less to borrow money than the rate of inflation. So they're letting it rip. And to he'll with those on fixed incomes.
  3. There are 56 MP's under investigation. Anyone who lived through the 70's probably. If hookers can collect twice, once for a trick at the time and a second time for millions years later, then everybody can claim. And no doubt will. Beats working for a living.
  4. Dipping in with a question: Surely the DUP aren't going to believe any promises the tories make. They got had once, they couldn't be stupid twice. And surely Johnson doesn't want to get sucked into running Northern Ireland either. So what happens with stormont?
  5. If you buy the payments may go up with inflation. But the purchase price has been fixed. Vs If you rent , the rents will definitely go up. Also: the wife will take the house. Vs The care home wI'll take the house Or House prices will fall Vs Savings will be reduced by inflation.
  6. Where's inflation going? That's the question. (I have trouble believing the government will raise interest rates until they're forced to, myself. )
  7. The scale of the bubble is far bigger than 2008. So the assumption the downturn will be about the same as 2008 seems a bit optimistic. the 2008 downturn was arrested by extraordinary measures. They can't arrest the next one by those measures, they've already shot that bolt. There isn't the international co-operation to repeat it either. So imagine 2008 without government intervention. Multiplied by 2 or 3. That's the rough look for an everything bubble collapse. If it happens.
  8. That's on one side. Plus inflation on the other. So house prices, stocks all dropping at the same time as cost of living, everything in supermarket going up steadily.
  9. Regarding the inflation argument. (Say 20%. Not hyperinflation, just 1970's inflation) Saw an article saying people are missing the deflation going the other way. caused by printing less money in future undermining the everything bubble. (Worse if it pops spectacularly)
  10. Huge price rises , yes, but also Millions living on credit paycheck to paycheck. And empty shelves, like the Soviet union. And millions with no healthcare. And anti vaxxers by the tens of million. Must be dire...
  11. Very odd situation. Dire inflation already visible in commodities - diesel up 30% etc. Workers unavailable. Wages spiralling. Yet interest rates nearly zero. Prices not yet noticeably different. Prices are all going to kick off soon surely...
  12. Can't help feeling this partygate is just a storm in a teacup. And the more the self righteous moralists preach, the more I start to side with the Tories. By the time the election comes, there will be only one thing that matters: It's the economy. Partygate? Won't even figure.
  13. No one believes the bank of England is going to raise interests rates even 1%. No one. And yet they keep on trying to convince us they might with well publicised snippets. It's a debt trap innit. Mortgage prisoners can still sell. So they're not prisoners yet. It's all a lie.
  14. There are worse people in the world: people who are willing to shoot total strangers for money and who think they're entitled to a big fat pension at taxpayers expense at the end. Makes a poor grasp of science look like a trifling fault by comparison. We all know nothing is going to be done about climate change, don't we? So why get upset when some people believe big Corp propaganda because they don't want to pay for it. And other people are willing to shoot total strangers: so theyll be used in the scramble for declining resources. (Which could lead to ww3 and a bronze age collapse.) It's the future, isn't it? 65 feet of sea level rise, 2 billion people turned into refugees, and nothing much done to stop it. Isn't this just the reality of how history was made? We're all living through it.
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