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  1. Sorry. Algeria was part of France. France cut them loose. Abandoned them. It could have been a better world if they'd compromised french ness to include being arab. Incorporated it, modified it, instead of retrenchment into frenchness purity. De gaulle cut them adrift. And now... 50 years wasted. They were OK the Algerians. Lost,subjugated.
  2. No, old man. Jesus didn't preach equality claptrap. Nor did Buddha. Nor did socrates. You're just not that well educated with your 5 o levels; when I hear your attempt to put me down, I just laugh and call your bluff: So what school did you go to, poser? Urchin comp?
  3. I saw it from auto spell, and deliberately left it,true. But no, I've never been a trump supporter. He promised to drain the swamp, and never did it. Biden however is the swamp. The swamp is back in business. The exponential printing will go on, all the way down the toilet. Basically, I don't think much of politicians. They could do great, but they never try.
  4. Laughable nonsense. Clinton's team refused to accept the result and pushed russian interference claptrap.. It was baloney all the way. As for trump, he won't run again. He won't go to jail. He'll die in his bed of old age. The top is corrupt folks. Bidets in, trumps out. Just try and be realistic.
  5. I'm kind of thinking there's purdah over a deal that hasn't been announced yet. It looks to me as if they're creating some kind of propaganda to get it through. France isn't going to continue to get all the fish (94% of cod) and england isn't going to be able to get rid of all employee rights, corporate standards etc. Any news?
  6. No. I believe something far more sinister. Try and get out of your head all the communist claptrap you've been indoctrinating others with. The way it actually works is this: Someone acquires superior military technology. They then use it to subjugate everyone within reach. At the same time they dress up their superiority as caused by genetic superiority. They then try and entrench the dalits as dalits and the brahmin as brahmin as brahmin for 2000 years. 2000 years. Yes, 2000 years it's lasted. And that racism, religious discrimination etc is a) the
  7. Again,and typically, you haven't read it closely. This is our past. That is also the world. You may not like it, but there it is. Communist equality is your dream?
  8. I think the problems are more like Relentless accumulation of debt Financialisation of necessities. Erosion of workers rights Globalisation Political decisions not to train workers Political decisions to prioritise finance over industry. Europe has grave problems too of course. Debt is worldwide. But if you look at the list, it's not destiny or doom. It could actually all be fixed. But not by slogans (especially leftist slogans).
  9. Thanks for the put down. To clarify: you believe 1. No Westminster approval is required for Scottish independence. Correct? 2. Scotland could have independence and take on none of the national debt? 3. Scotland could at the same time keep the pound. 4. Scotland would be economically viable without English subsidies. 5. 6 Scottish famines owning most of the fish quota is not relevant. 6. The SNP will win a referendum for independence ? I must say I have doubts about 1,3,4,6. But you seem very gung-ho.
  10. It's no good trying to play the race card. I left your previous post unanswered because I thought something might have been lost in translation. But there you go. We have different views. You think brexiters are xenophobic, I think it's far more nuanced, partly a question of numbers and quite a lot a complaint about wages.
  11. You believe brexiters want all immigrants out? Rather than just want no more?
  12. I thought it sounded like colonel blimp the tory graph reader. A red rag to a communist bull. Benito should have stuck to theatre, that was what he was good at (and it was good). World power: never was about equality was it. Citizenship : these communist fellow travellers want to take any pride in the British empire out of us. You can see their seething hatred of it by just mentioning it.
  13. Equality of people and races and religions = communist influence. Reality is war for profit, race,religion etc is rife. No you haven't. Re read it. Also, we haven't escaped the cruel facts of history at all. The fantasies of justice,equality etc are just not borne out by the facts of most of history. We got the rights we cherish by fighting for the most part;and from some extraordinary luck. So we can lose them by fighting too.
  14. So Hilary Clinton conceded in public, while telling her team to allege russian interference in the election. Her team then pursued it as far as they possibly could, for 3 years. And found nothing to charge anyone with. But you say utter rubbish when I say Democrats didn't accept the 2016 result. In your terms, trump could go on contesting the results for 3 years, and it would be "utter rubbish" to suggest he didn't accept the result! You come across like a real suck up kick down tory, ah so. Are you?
  15. What we're looking at is Democrats in 2016 not accepting the result and republicans in 2020 not accepting the vote. This habit is going to lead to civil war eventually. But not this year. Sorry, but we can all see where this will end eventually. It's oligarchy.
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