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  1. Agree the 85k guarantee won't be honoured if it came to it: at best the government would sponge it out of taxpayers over a decade, and that won't help you if you're also one of the taxpayers being soaked by the same amount to pay for it. As for 2008 feeling, given that banking is international, a crisis in usa banks would destabilise us too. Could start anywhere. And it's not hard to imagine a bank crisis in usa being caused as collateral effect of this trade war. I heard that if inflation rises in usa, us banks are toast. Chinese dumping us dollars could do that, for example.
  2. That mentality is what caused the problem in the first place: asking politicians to steal from others and redistribute to you. It doesn't work ( governments waste 50%) and it's not necessary. All that is required is a) stop others sponging and b) let people keep the fruits of their own labour. It doesn't take a genius to work out what happens if you vote for politicians behaving like thieves...
  3. I can't understand the sheer stupidity of thinking the government bureaucracy can ever be a solution to anything. How can paying committees of bureaucrats to get involved ever be cheaper? They don't even have any experience of commercial reality most of them. And yet every day you see otherwise quite normal people demanding the government get involved and start taxing - -- somebody else so they can get their pet project off the ground. Liebenstein should be given a public whipping by a domme dressed as a middle manager.
  4. The reality of climate change deniers is the same as the reality about small c tories: they wouldn't pay a penny to keep their own relatives in a care home if they could possibly avoid it. So they're hardly going to pay for anyone else. They're the same people.
  5. Can any climate scientist, any at all, tell us: how much will sea level rise if politicians do nothing? 65 feet? That's what I heard.
  6. Pension funds buy willy. The problem is prices rise just before a collapse. Market manipultors just outright lie:""buy the dips." Are markets increasingly volatile? Yes. Sure sign of edginess. There will be no warning. There will be a concerted effort to say "buy" just as avalanche begins: how else to cash out, you need buyers to sell to.? Stock valuations are insane: run. Ianafa; dyor.
  7. The problem is tptb have undermined science etc by paying bribes. Now no one believes authorities unless they understand the data themselves. Take government statistics. .. a work of fiction trump said?
  8. I read the figures were fiddled at one time by excluding 1. Those who worked part time 2 those who'd given up looking and 3. Those who were currently unavailable. And that they doubled the official figures ( then). Much like sanctions, disability benefit and pseudo self employment do here.
  9. Sanctions on benefits, scam "courses", scam self employment; all ways to fiddle the figures down. Also education and pensions. Offset by the duck and dive cash in hand club. Getting hard to know what the true rate is. Anyone got a graph of ( y axis) percentage of population earning enough to buy a house, vs (x axis) year? We need to distinguish getting ahead vs just surviving.
  10. You've misunderstood previous posts? Even if land registry registered it overnight, it would still be registering prices agreed in October.
  11. Just shows what a bunch of parasites and scroungers those tenants are; they think getting something for nothing off the landlord is ok. Morally equivalent to those old landlords who used to keep your deposit. Scroungers and parasites always think their activity is ok. Still, one out of the 6 had some morals. That's probably a fair description of England.
  12. This irish border stuff is an attempt to force us to have the same tariffs and taxes. In practice whoever has lower tariffs and taxes wins.
  13. Land registry data is 6 months out of date: They register this month, but the offer was made months ago. October 2018. The chart you need is the one showing numbers of os1's being ordered. That will show volumes collapsing in real time. What you have here is a snapshot of prices in about October 2018. It's collapsed since then.
  14. I thought happyguy worked said he'd sold one btl ( "business") and has 2 more to go. He hopes house prices are going to keep going up forever. It's not irrational. If house prices double and wages multiply by 5, we'll be back to something reasonable. But with oil running out in Aberdeen, it's more likely to be house prices going down locally.
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