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  1. These prices to me are outrageous! I've been to Swansea a few times and could never have imagined houses selling for those sort of figures! The world has seriously gone mad. When you buy property you are really buying the land the house sits on. Look how small these plots are!
  2. I think we tend to forget this fact - yes we have low IR compared to the USA, but not Germany, France, Italy, Spain . . .
  3. Thanks for taking the time to post this apom
  4. pim, if you think that house has lots of character you need to get out more. 600k? the crash is most definitely coming!
  5. You can buy a 3-4 bed barn conversion for that money in the Home Counties!!!!! Why pay so much for a poxy semi???????
  6. "Why be in debt when you can get a loan?" (note, if any loan companies want to use the above line they will need to compensate me handsomely)
  7. It's on with Frost's not Foxton's and what you have failed to notice is that it is in "a much favoured, prestigious location just a few minutes walk from the open spaces of Clarence Park" - hence it is no doubt worth every penny. I expect it to sell in days. NOT!!!!
  8. I know a car rental firm owner - he can buy fleets of cars with a one year warranty very cheaply - well below forecourt price. He rents them out for a year then sells them on, making money both ways.
  9. alright jack makes a good point - the USA can buy $1 of oil for a cent because that's all it costs to print a new dollar.
  10. Only, sadly enough, most don't get nailed. They end up making money despite their ineptness. When prices rise like they have done it's easier to make money than to lose it.
  11. It's true what you say - you can over analyse anything and end up doing nothing. Best of luck in Morocco.
  12. No it is not always simple for a redundant spouse to find a new job at the same income level. But tell me why it is easier for the non-working spouse to do so? Whether both or a single income is fully committed, a job loss can lead to disaster. But until that disaster strikes, two incomes are better than the one. Your argument makes no sense. You suggest it is better for just one person to work instead of two! Remember most dual income households do not commit every penny every month so are far better off.
  13. No offence Dogbox, but I'm amazed that you have never even visited Morocco - your posts on here suggest an intimate knowledge of the country and property market's potential. Remember too that flagship companies are often offered incentives to set up shop by developers. They have nothing to lose if it all goes wrong. To follow blindly in their footsteps may cost you dearly.
  14. £13,000 in two months. Wow. Are they actually selling at this new price or is that a "valuation"?
  15. Talking of Poles, I know quite a few who have emigrated to America and have made small fortunes from nothing but hard work. They put it down to the fact that Americans do nothing for themselves. If the car needs washed, they pay for it. If it needs fixed, they pay for it. If carpets need cleaned, they pay for it. And guess who does the work?
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