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  1. Buzzardo, good post. I used to work just round the corner from Hempstead Road. This is the main road from Watford to the M25 Westbound, Heathrow etc, so anyone not familiar with the area can understand how busy it is. On the positive side the area does have quite a few large expensive houses and is within easy walking distance to Watford Town centre. Watford Metropolitan Line is, I suggest, only about a 20 minutes walk away via Cassiobury Park. So is a 5 bedroom, detached, new build property within 30 minutes commuting to London - Watford Junction - worth £850,000? To the seller.... abso
  2. Just reported on the BBC and Sky News! Yaba Daba Doo!!!
  3. I have just done a trawl trough Trigold, an advisers mortgage sourcing system. Of all types of mortges available, 2,270, there were 29 showing a loan to value of 95%. This system does not include banks or specialised lenders offering thier own in house deals, but does cover the majority of current mortgage available. There are no 100% loan to value mortgages available. Neil B " There is nothing wrong with 100% mortgages"... Have you heard of negative equity???
  4. buytoilet..."wrong, wrong, wrong." Are you a mortgage adviser? Of course you are not. In other words you have'nt got a bloody clue about what you are talking about. "Anyone is allowed an interest only mortgage" NONSENSE! I have been arranging mortgages for over 20 years so apologies for sounding arrogant, but I would suggest I know what I am talking about. Of course documents can be downloaded off the internet. Drive anywhere in say N/W London where there are traffic queues and you will see on lamposts and street furniture flyers advertising how to get these forms. All well and good. Yo
  5. Mr Yogi, sorry to dispute your figures but I don't know where you got the 80% figure for new mortgages taken out on an interest only basis. I would suggest it is the other way round. I am a mortgage adviser and have not arranged an interest only mortgage for a long time. The reason is very simple. Mortgages are now regulated, and the FSA realise the financial time bomb that is ticking under all the interest only mortgages arranged not so long ago. From the mis-selling of low cost endowments in the past the regulatory authorities have finally learned their lesson. If I was to arrange an int
  6. As expected, Gillian Duffy's story has appeared in The Mail. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1270337/Gordon-wont-getting-vote-Gillian-Duffy-reveals-REALLY-upset-devastating-exchange-PM.html This is NOT however an extreme right wing rant against Gordon Brown. In my opinion this article is very well written and thoughtful. Gilian Duffy comes over as a very solid, good natured woman. Unfortunately, Gordon Brown does not come out of it at all well. Read it and comment..
  7. Blimey! 56 pages and counting. All in under 24 hours. Is this an HPC record? Deep, deep joy. I have been banging on for years about Brown being a lunatic. At last it seems Brown has comitted political hari kari and shown us all what a dysfunctional and thoroughly unpleasant creature he really is. The one thing that has always shown Brown to be not just bonkers, but also such an arrogant shit, is his body language and hand movements. Yesterday, when he was "lecturing" granny Gillian Duffy, he started the counting down on his fingers routine. Absolutely maddening. Like a teacher talking to
  8. "What really winds me up is that fact that they are allowed to called themselves "financial advisers". Financial advice, my @rse! They are commission-driven sales people and that is the end of it." Hello TheJudge. Sorry to shoot you down in flames ... I am a Financial Adviser and I certainly do not recognise your description of me. What you say may have been true in the past, it is not the case today. Today there is so much compliance with the attendant rules and regulations that it would be very difficult to act in a continuous fraudulent way when advising on financial services. There will a
  9. Laughing Goat, what a coincidence. I remember spotting that one last year and forgot to post it on the site. I'm glad I'm not alone for in searching out this overpriced nonsense.
  10. Carol Vorderman (of the Third Degree) seems to carry on a lot about Richard Whitely, the presenter of Countdown, who snuffed it last year. Do you think he, the stuffed shirt with the ridiculous ties, was giving her one? A simple Yes or No will suffice.
  11. What I find strange about this woman is the fact that certain people seem to have magically disappeared out of her life. Where is her partner? Why is'nt he supporting her? Where is her Financial Adviser? The one who gave her such good advice. Where have her but to lets gone? They never get a mention. Just like politicians it's what they DON'T say that is important.
  12. Phil (The Spliff) Tufnell... Happy Days. Looks like he smoked one too many before doing the ads.
  13. mjd, £245,000 for a two bed maisonette! Has the World gone mad???
  14. What I find most annoying about all of these Picture Loans ads is the way the person applying for the loan makes it look as simple as ordering a take away pizza. With the fat nosed bloke and his stupid wife with the video camera he asks" How much a month? That's fantastic" He does not ask over how long a term the loan will last, the interest rate, the APR or how much he will eventually pay back. It's mindless moronic advertising to the lowest common denominator. Plus of course all the stupid comments..."Well they'd better not cancel the football" "A bit of rain never hurt anyone" WTF is he o
  15. It's pretty obvious why there are loads of bikes on sale at present. It's called Autumn. You know, that time after summer. The daylight hours get shorter, the temperature drops and, Blimey! it gets colder. Obviously it's never happened before. Come back in Spring and you will see record bike sales again. Not that I like Harleys but when £15,000 is mentioned as a price, that is for a full spec top of the range Harley. You can pick up a brand new 883 Sportster for around £5,000 and a new 1200 Sportster for under £7,000. The term for middle aged bikers is BABS... Born again bikers. These are t
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