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  1. And a very nice set of links they are, excuse me for sounding repetitive but could you provide a link to these new laws/regulations?
  2. It does not matter what you write into the tenancy agreement it would not be enforceable.
  3. This is not typical tenant behavior at all, it is the behavior of a minority.
  4. Hi, thanks for the information could you provide a link to these new laws/regulations.
  5. Here; By the way who is "us" are there more than one of you? I noticed that you were unable to answer the question. "if the landlord doesn't have the deposit how can he keep it?"
  6. Um, no I didn't forget anything if the landlord doesn't have the deposit how can he keep it? Thankyou for validating my previous comment.
  7. No it doesnt sound dumb, landlord and tenant law is ridiculously complicated. When the deposit is held as agent for the landlord its pretty much the same as you having pysically handed the money to the landlord and the the landlord saying to the agent look after this for me and he is holding it purely in the landlords interest. When the deposit is held as stakeholder even though it is your money both the landlord and tenant have an equal claim on it and it should not be handed to either party without agreement between landlord and tenant. It is nothing to do with the agent owning anything. I hope that is a clear explanation, I welcome anyone elses thoughts (other than pms obviously).
  8. Its quite likely that there is a whole pile of unenforceable ****** in your lease. http://www.oft.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/DAAEFE5...EE/0/oft356.pdf
  9. You can safely ignore that clause if it is in there.
  10. There maybe no statute but common law kicks in, (according to Painsmith solicitors).
  11. In your circumstance none, because what they are proposing is a new tenancy agreement and for you to sign a new agreement, if you sign the new agreement you will have accepted the new rent. You can refuse to sign a new agreement and your current tenancy would continue as statutory periodic tenancy, a rent increase with 3 days notice in this situation is not legally enforceable.
  12. Why? There is now established case law so what is the issue?
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