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  1. Watching on BBC 24 last night, wake up this morning and not mentioned anywhere? HPC backed by Chancellor. If there was bubble, then it will deflate (or pop) Is it just me or is this not official ratification of the HPC credo?! But the truth is this. Even without these substantial headwinds, the journey the British economy has to travel would be a hard one. As I said at the time of the Autumn Forecast last November: “recovery was always going to be more challenging than after previous recessions”. For we are seeing the unwinding of debts built up over an entire decade. Of all the major
  2. Charlie Sheen talks to Obama for 20 minutes about 911 truth concerns....
  3. It will be some kind of self promotional stunt. He's just had a competition for people putting up Obama/joker posters. I doubt it's any factual news. It usually takes me 30 minutes to listen to his whole podcast once you FF through his rants to find the guests who possess facts and not speculations. Who would be the UK's answer to this guy. Adrian Chiles with piles?
  4. a good watch. perhaps HPC should have it's own rolling news channel on youtube. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=XmcKSAwbYFI I love the echo effect when talking to real estate guy. Peak oil ghost town already.
  5. Still trying to spin. What no-nuts w*nker came up with one. Desperate & Swedish are the correct adjectives. They just can't help themselves, polish a turd :angry:
  6. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article....jectid=10400430 I think this was the ****!! that was on BBC news yestrday morning. He put me off my scrambled eggs and I LOVE my scrambled eggs.
  7. this is where I get my news now, if this was 24hour on satellite, Murdoch would possibly get some cash off me #http://www.democracynow.org
  8. not one, NOT ONE mention of buy-to-let on news24, sky or radio2 news when discussing B&B!! angry doesn't describe it! :angry:
  9. no losses so far (since July) Bought initially @ $842, sold @944, back in @824 then added @806, out @896. about £275 up on a £4k investment at moment. not exactly Buffet, but not Milken either If I ever get my bar I'll carry it around town singing Johnny Cash " I got it one piece at a time, and it didn't cost me a dime" (actually no I won't, there's a lot of range rovers in Essex) Hmmmmmm. The school, the village hall and the pubs on Foulness have all been closed........ That'll be the depleted Uranium left behind by the MOD
  10. nowt so tragic as an unanswered post yesterday I sold my measley 0.277 kg on bullionvault at $896/kg as I think the inevitable Sunday thumbs up announcement will trigger the usual Monday equities champagne supernova and gold will head down to the low 800s by midweek whereupon I shall buy back in and contnue my lifelong mission to acquire 1kg. I've stopped acting on common sense and am doing the opposite of my gut feeling...if they're gonna manipulate the market, it's through the looking glass time. Still buying coins every month though so I can secure my place on a Tilbury container ship
  11. Might also have something to do with JayZ being a headliner. Who's going to want stand knee deep in mud while a blinged up cretin bellows that he's got 99 problems but his bitch ain't one. 10 years ago I used to be glued to Glasto all weekend on TV, watching the verve, weller, manics, primal scream etc etc. Past 10 years has seen it become just another event in the middle class calender along with Wimbledon, Ascot and Henley. It all started with that brainless pillock Robbie Williams and ended with Rolf Harris and Shirley-bloody-Bassey. Another sad decline of tradition and a victory for t
  12. http://money.cnn.com/2008/03/31/news/econo...sion=2008033105 Kent and Mysti Cope were well-paid executives at subprime lenders who never thought the industry could disappear overnight. Now they're just trying to get by. Reportage where journalism is needed. Kent estimates the mountainside home in San Clemente, Calif., which they bought in 2005, is worth 20% less than it was a year ago. And in the current market, he said he's not sure he could sell it for even that amount. Sleepwalking sheeple fall down a manhole they dug on their own doorstep 3 years ago. Kent Cope, won't cope.
  13. AAAAGH!! who is that blond over excited incredibly dim talking head espouing the virtues of a website that brings together strangers to buy property IN BLACKPOOL!!!??? was this progame made spring 2006?!? unbelievable that Jonathan Maitalnd, who presented the excellent HPI sceptical "tonight with trev mcdonought" is fronting this ramp-tosh!!! I'm switcing over to Alan Titchmarsh now!!!!
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