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  1. I'd go back to Mars if I was you. A tenant cannot be evicted unless you get a court order and thats fact or do you go around evicting tenants with baseball bats.By the way a pickaxe handle does more damage.Thicko Try it!!
  2. Have you got a shock coming to you and it will be law within 12 months.
  3. Don't forget you can't evict a tenant without a court order.Protection from Eviction Act (1977) and stop bullying Mr Shed or I will bully you!!!
  4. Your the idiot here TTRTR and looking at somes of your post's you'd be better off being a comedy entertainer then a landlord. Perhaps you could also explain why there are only 72 laws as you implied in your post when I've got links to hundreds.Oh! something you got wrong NIEIC ELECTRICAL CERTIFICATES ARE NOT LAW!!!.The landlord if he is a decent one will have the installation checked every five years so Mr Shed was correct.I suggest you go back to reading your comic or throwing your toys out of your pram!!
  5. 1) There is only one of me.The "us" was the whole thread. 2) As you seem to know a lot about the "murkier" side of renting perhaps you could enlighten everybody on this board. 3) If you want sarcasim Im sure I could easily give you some
  6. I haven't validated your previous comment whatsoever.Perhaps you can tell us all where your comment has been validated.
  7. Imp you may be one of the lucky ones.Many of the calls I receive through the week are from tenants who have trouble getting their deposits back. I welcome the deposit scheme which is soon to be implemented through the Housing Act(2004) and although this was a start to modernize housing law I beleive it hasn't gone far enough.Private Landlords get off the "hook" too easily and my own opinion is that there should be more regulation for example they should be registered with their Local Authority likewise with Lettings Agents should be registerd with Trading Standards.It seems that these two particular groups get away with murder.
  8. And I was going to agree with you Mr Crunch but you forgot one thing.There is no such thing as an equal claim because 9 out of 10 landlords keep the deposit anyway(prove that they don't) so I always recommend to tenants not to pay the last months rent.Obviously Mr Crunch doesn't agree but no doubt his wouldn't as his a landlord.
  9. Apologies wrong case try this one http://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/markup.cgi?d...hill&method=all
  10. Just found this piece of case law that might be intresting to Landlords http://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/markup.cgi?d...KERR&method=all
  11. Got to say that I agree with Messer's Crunch and Shed on this one
  12. Got to disagree with you there Mr Shed.You can't justify scuff marks as damage or the laminate flooring.As for the oven "fair wear and tear"
  13. Mr Shed: I suggest you follow the link I posted as you may find some parts of Housing law that even when I read them I must admit I couldnt beleive.And thats from both points of view.
  14. And what case law is that Mr Crunch?
  15. How about some serious debate on this http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2001/104.html Having read this there are some serious issues which affect tenant and landlords alike
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