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  1. Exactly! My daughter has hearts, flowers, butterflies and dragonfies decals all over the walls that can easily be peeled off when we move. She has never asked why here walls are a baby blue colour when she is a girl, and I guess as the stickers make it girly she is happy with it..
  2. What a fantastic message! So nice to hear that your family mean more to you than any material possession. I found myself pregnant whilst going through a divorce and having to leave my marital home. I was in such a mess at the time and house prices were just taking off and really didn't know what to do; I thought about a termination, but just couldn't do it as I had wanted a baby for so long, I also thought about staying with my ex (although I hated him as he was a violent bully) but quickly put that thought out of my head. So, I moved into rented accommodation and had my baby 4 months later. My 'baby' is now a beautiful 4 year old girl and I am still living in rented accomodated with my new husband. Although the house is small, I love the garden, its really quiet, the neighbours are fantastic and I got my 1st choice of school for her to start in September. The only downside.. magnolia walls and laminate flooring, but hey, at least they are neutral and don't clash with my furniture! Every now and then I get the collywobbles about not owning a house at my age (37, DH is 34), as we both work full time and earn decent money, but then think sod it, life is too short. I know we will get there eventually, we are aiming for 2012 when I will be 40.. but until then, I have decided to just get on with my life, like you, and try to be the best parent I can to my daughter.. even if that does mean living in rented for the next 3 years...
  3. You must be one of the lucky ones and it varies from council to council I think. I am an office manager earning just under £17k... when sombody in the private sector would earn £20k +. I took the job for 'job security'... what a misconception that was.
  4. Oh good god, not the 'lets pick on the public sector' post again. Its getting very tedious and boring when this forum does full circle and can't think of anything else to gripe and moan about. What is it with you guys banging on about oversized single mums, kids in coffee houses and public sector workers? Shit, I work for the government in a very busy department which is at the forefront of social issues, I am underpaid for the level of work and stress we get, and to top that off we only got 2.45% payrise awarded to us again for the 2nd year in a row.. Whoopee doo. Get a life, Public Sector Workers do not have the life of riley like you all think. Like I've said many times before, the government are forever restructuring teams and services and job losses come from this, not an economic downturn. I would say there is more uncertainty with regards to jobs in the government due to restructuring than any other at the moment. My team is being totally disbanded next year.. who knows where we will all end up. It certainly isn't job security working for the government anymore, please be rest assured with that one. I tell you what, give up your job and go and work for the government for £16k... then you have permission to whinge!!!
  5. See my revised prices.. there really is no need to spend a fortune on a wedding.. its all for show. Ok, flights to the US might cost a bit, but its all about planning it at the right time ;-)
  6. No, its in Staffordshire but on the south cheshire border. I went to a wedding 2 weekends ago and they spent £18k on the wedding and their honeymoon in Thailand. Ok, it was a nice day, lovely place where they had their reception, but £18k for christs sake!! I got married last December in a log cabin wedding chapel in Tennessee. Wedding cost £300 which included the cake, flowers and 20 pictures. Ok, the flights cost £1k for 3 of us (which I didn't feel was too bad) and we were in the US for 3 weeks staying with my parents, so I consider our wedding very cheap! Some people just go way OTT and its all a show. At the end of the day they have nothing more to show for the marriage than we do, 2 rings, some pictures and a piece of paper.
  7. Yeah right, whatever!!! I work 37 hours a week in a very stressful job and I get paid the princely sum of £16,536 in the South West. If I am lucky and get our 2.5% payrise this year I will earn just over £17k. However, 18 months ago whilst working for a private firm in Crewe, Cheshire, I earnt £17,200. However I chose this job for the kind of work it does rather than the money which is why I don't get too irked about the salary I am being paid.. even so, the low level public workers earn crap money. I think this is indicating high level staff which get paid ridiculous sums for paper pushing and making wrong decisions. And the myth that public sector workers have job security is just that, a myth. The public sector is forever wasting money restructuring different departments, moving teams from one building to another just to then realise a year down the road it was more suited to its original location, so back they move them again... but if you need a pen or some paper, you only get two chances a week to go to a manned stationery cupboard and are given a handful of pens for a team of 30+ people. Go figure! I took this job mainly for job security and the kind of work it involves.. now I realise that there is no job security in the public sector, not even in the most declining areas of our society is the job we do safe.
  8. Oh yes, where abouts in Gloucester? I live in Gloucester and there definately aren't any 3 bed houses going for under £500!!!! I rent a two bed for £575 in a nice estate so would be intrigued where these 3 bed houses for under £500 are.
  9. This morning whilst getting ready for work I heard an advert for Bloor homes on local radio (Severn Sound). It went something along the lines of buy a home at 75% of the price and take 10 years to repay the other 25%.. and it may work out cheaper than the rent you pay!! It then had some comical twit pretending to be a landlord saying 'what about the rent' and the 'buyer' says 'nope, no rent to pay' and the LL replied 'my rent' and the buyer retaliated with 'not paying your rent, I am buying a house, byee'.. the LL then shouts 'but I will fix the roof and stuff'.. Basically saying that its cheaper to buy their houses than renting and all LL's don't repair stuff etc. I only caught it briefly.. hence the garbled relay of what was said. How sad!! They are now targetting renters trying to lull them into believing that the deal they are doing is better than renting.
  10. Too true!! I work in Government in admin.. and not doing the job I thought I was being employed to do. All the field staff who should be out and about are stuck behind PC's inputting into a database that they do not want to be doing.. whilst the admin staff are doing the really boring tedious crap like filing, and general dogs bodies. Completely bizarre why they would pay a £30k professional who is highly trained in their field of expertise to sit and type stuff into a database and therfore reducing their time out in the field, doing what they took degrees to do.
  11. Its not envy of others wealth.. I think you will find its circumstances that makes us depressed which has put us in the situation of not being able to own whilst the world passes us by.. I have owned in the past.. circumstances dictated to how my life has become now.. not envy.
  12. I had to reply to this.. as it explains why I can't afford to buy at this moment in time. I was married, had a house etc.. but it was the most lousy relationship you could ever imagine. Husband was violent, he had an autistic son from a previous relationship who he did nothing to help with regards to his autism (ie: dietry needs etc) and kept feeding him crap and letting him behave the way he did because he was 'autistic'. He was your weekend dad who took his son to mcdonalds and out for the day, but didn't curb his behaviour or try to change it etc. That was hard to live with, plus my ex husband was a control freak. To cut a long story short, we had many a domestic row which resulted in fights which has left me with a scar down my left arm, a chipped tooth, black eye, concussion and punched me in the stomach and was told I 'wasn't a real woman' as I hadn't become pregnant. I was really miserable, which is an understatment. He lost his job, got done for drink driving and then had an affair and all in the middle of this he left me, with a bathroom half done and a portaloo of all things, and no money as he froze the bank account!!! :angry: You know what, no matter how much I wanted a house, I didn't want that relatonship. He asked for us to get back together but enough was enough. Anyway, he drew out the divorce for nearly a year all the time we were living together in the same house. I then found out I was pregnant. That was the one thing I had always yearned for, now here I was, getting divorced, having to find somewhere else to live and my world seemed to be at an end. What did I do... abort that long for child for the sake of keeping a roof over my head, or keep that child and go into rented? I chose to keep the child, my beautiful daughter, who is now 3 years old. My choice by keeping her has meant that I have had to forgoe a property.. but I am soooooo much happier now than I was during the 4 years I was married to my ex. I will eventually have a property, but I am biding my time when my debt is cleared and my daughter is at school and no more nursery fees to pay for. Its just unfortunate that my life has become happy in my mid thirities and not in my twenties like you envisage. I would never recommend staying in an unhappy relationship just to either 1) stay on the property ladder or 2) to get onto the property ladder. There is so much more to life!!!!
  13. Me too. My long term school friend has made me feel exactly that way. Her husband is a policeman, she is a part time teaching assistant, they have 3 kids together and her husband has one from a previous relationship that he pays CSA for, so not mega loaded.. but they managed to upgrade their house to one in the suburbs and buy a BMW X5. Since she found out I am renting and drive a 53 reg Rover 25, she barely talks to me now. I can live with it, I am not bothered. It hurt at the time and I've had those episodes where I've sat and felt worthless as everybody around me seems to have done well for themselves.. but I get over it eventually. I'd rather not be friends with somebody who feels that they have to judge and look down at me because of unfortunate circumstances in my life preventing me buying a house. I am sure to afford what they have they have either mewed or indebted themselves to the hilt.
  14. Try living there for 28 years of your life and you will see a much seedier version of Portsmouth. Here's a little insight for you.. Portsmouth is the 2nd most densley populated city in the UK.. and has the most peodophiles because of Southsea being bedsit land and right by the seafront. Portsmouth IS NOT a nice place... its rough, violent, seedy and there are no real prospects. Nightlife used to be excellent in the late 80's and early 90's but since then its become rough, full of chavs and violence is everywhere. The best thing to come out of Portsmouth... the M27.
  15. I know where these are.. they are right up the eastney end of Southsea seafront. They used to be naval quarters as we lived in similar (farmside gardens) when I was a child. Its strange, eastney is the nicer end of Southsea, but where these maisonette's are situated it looks like beirut.. with a few nicer town houses further on up the road by the marina. I wouldn't give you £134k for one.. not when they were social housing 30 years ago.
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