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  1. Coming to these shores soon? Absolutely. I've already said on this site that soon after the Fear stage will come 'The Blame Game'.
  2. It's actually a lot less difficult than people think. I work for a charity organisation and developed their media strategy on a budget of zero. I send out press releases once a month that are picked up by at least three media each time. What's needed is for someone to trawl through the websites of MSM outlets and gather email contact details - as many as possible. Then, when Halifax, Nationwide etc release their monthly stats, HPC puts out a formal press release stating their take on the figures. This can be as brief as 250 words. It needs laying out in something like Microsoft Publisher so it appears in the body of an email and not an attachment (so more chance to be read). At the bottom needs to be a contact name and telephone number who media folk can get back to for further comment. Making it look professional, no typos and consistency with the contact details will build the HPC brand. After a few such releases these will be noticed as an alternative comment on the issue of house prices.
  3. And look where Mr. Kent seeks to get help beforehand! http://www.estateagenttoday.co.uk/News/Story/?storyid=3599&title=Confusion_as_house_prices_plummet_by_record_amount_%E2%80%93_or_rise_slightly&type=news_features Posted By Trevor Kent on Friday 8th October 2010 12:39:28 Now look here, folk, I am just about to go on the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 at about 1.15. What on earth am I going to say?!! Hope you are still selling. Big T.
  4. That's a whopping 6K off average house prices. Champagne corks are a flyin!
  5. For most of the last 15 years I consider myself to have been living the good life - made loads of great friends at uni (and no, not p*ssing it up the wall - I'm teetotal) and even stuck around to do a postgrad course. Then took a gap year with a voluntary organisation that stretched on for over four! Saw a very large amount of places, and not as a tourist. Poverty in Africa and some of Asia made me appreciate the opportunities I had (and still have). Met a great woman, married and moved to her country in Asia. Kept in touch with the voluntary organisation and they offered me a paid post back in Blighty. Felt it was right to time to return, so we made the move. During the years I've been away, house prices skyrocketed. I unwittingly picked the worst years to be away from getting on the housing 'ladder', for sure. Does that mean I regret what I've done and the opportunities I've had? Not at all! When my health fails, I'll look back on some awesome memories, knowing I lived my dreams. And if that means I had to rent all my life, so be it.
  6. If EAs aren't getting sales fees from buyers, then they're going to need a source of income from somewhere. Seems fair enough to take that from unrealistic sellers who are denying them the chance to make sales. Survival of the fittest really.
  7. Needs to be better thought through by whoever designed it. I ticked boxes saying I was renting and have no plans to change. A few questions later it asked me why I was planning to buy a property in the next 12 months! I'd just indicated that I thought prices were going to fall over 10% next year and that it was a bad time to buy!!!
  8. I've had the opportunity to live in both Japan and Germany for a couple of years. Every country has positives and negatives. Cost of eating out in Japan was much lower than the UK, which I loved. Healthcare and school fees for the kids are not provided through taxes though (one reason why the birth rate over there is so low). Language is a bummer to learn (three alphabets, one of 20,000 characters!). Mrs rantnrave also had to pretty much end her employment contract any time we wanted to take a holiday! Still, it's very safe over there with squeaky clean streets. Young people have no attitude issues and alcohol related problems are virtually none. The police still think any non-Japanese person is up to no good however and that can lead to a lot ot harrasment for foreigners. The government is unbelievably moribund and inept. Germany was interesting. Definitely a higher standard of living than the UK. People work hard but holidays are very much a priority. Government benefit system is unbelievably generous too. Again, less alcohol related problems. However, life is very regimented. In our apartment block we had rotas for cleaning the steps, outside bins, sweeping snow in winter. Get these wrong and your life is made miserable. This structure extends to society where systems dominate everything and if you have a problem that doesn't fit into the structure then everything grinds to a halt. Customer service is absolutely appalling... Here in Blighty, I reckon people are more flexible and accommodating than other places. There's an underlying sense of ironic humour to most things which I missed overseas. As pointed out on this forum, house prices are obscene though. I am serious when I say that most UK housing is on a similar cost level to inner Tokyo! The complete comparison cant be made though because houses over there are constructed very differently and gardens are non-existent in places. So, yes, the grass is always greener...
  9. Realistically, are we looking at a positive quarterly figure and a negative MoM? If so, I can guess which one MSM will focus on. Any offers for the adjectives used to avoid the word 'crash' - easing, repricing, adjusting to the economic climate etc etc?
  10. Past my bedtime I"m afraid... I do remember being online and making breakfast at 7am when last month's Halifax figures were released... Is it definitely midnight?
  11. Guess who is cheering this news on in the comments... GREAT HEADLINES. 29.09.10, 12:40am Only a handful of people want house prices to fall. The majority of working people will greet this latest news with a happy face this morning. I think it shows once and for all that the UK is back on track. Lets hope they continue to rise. • Posted by: Sibley •
  12. To a certain extent I agree. Movements of +/- 0.3% month by month are hardly going to result in mass outbreaks of panic. However, when some of these indices show YoY going negative, then it will be picked up by MSM and given extensive coverage. Hopefully with several indices using different methods and timescales to calculate the same basic fact, by Christmas there will be a steady stream of 'house prices now lower than a year ago' stories.
  13. Isn't this survey the king of lagging though? Is the YoY falling? No sign of it being picked up on MSM websites (yet).
  14. Not that it helps you much, but I need to move my money out of Citibank later this month and now have a better insight of how (not) to go about it. Actually, they wrote to me to say the one year bonus rate was nearly up - strange business model - telling me effectively to move my cash to another bank, which is just what I'll do.
  15. Weren't we at this stage 18 months or so ago? I remember when one of these two first started reporting rises at the beginning of the bear trap / dead cat bounce. We scoffed at their figures then, but turned out (annoyingly) that they were right... I believe we'll only be locked in for a fall once the YoY turns negative.
  16. Page 2 of the Money Section (buried in the boxed text unfortunately) contains this little nugget: Over three years shares are down 10.4% while house prices have fallen 15.9% In the interest of balance, the figures quoted for one year is +4.6% and five years is +1.3%, which are still poor rates of return. Dunno if these are a reflection of real or nominal prices though. The biggie, at the bottom of this box, says house prices are up a whopping 98% over the last ten years
  17. You'd imagine you couldn't miss something like that on the streetview, but, erm... where's it gone!?!
  18. I agree wholehertedly with these comments BUT am concerned that prices will stabilise because IRs are still so low. There are many more houses out there for sale (visible in my area from the increase in EA boards) but few priced reasonably. Now HIPs have gone, lots of 'sellers' are testing 2007 prices in the knowledge that they don't have to sell if they don't like the offers they receive. The rise in prices earlier this year was caused by people refusing to sell below peak and I dont see that much has changed since then to alter that. Yes unemployment will rise and may hit 10%. That's still leaves 90% of people who wont be affected. A rise in interest rates to much above 3% is going to affect many more who have bought in the last few years, but I don't see that any time soon. The whole system seems stacked against anything but a very gradual glide down in real terms over the next five years.
  19. And here the (predictable) reply comes... Thanks for your email. We don’t always receive the full set of figures from every lender every month so occasionally they are adjusted to reflect this. Once a quarter, when we do get the full figures we update them with the more accurate figures. I hope this helps. Kind regards Jayne Jayne Chichester Press Officer Council of Mortgage Lenders Tel: 020 7438 8922 Website: www.cml.org.uk twitter: www.twitter.com/cmlpressoffice
  20. I've dropped the three names at the bottom of the page an email, casually asking if they could explain the difference. Will post any reply I get!
  21. So has the abolishing of HIPs simply brought along a bunch of j*rks who wouldn't have put their house on the market but are now doing so with no regard to the economic rationale for lower prices?
  22. Anyone else spot this in the report? Lenders and the government must perform a financial balancing act to ensure supply does not begin to pull away from demand. Why? Also thought there was supposed to be a lack of supply overall out there?
  23. What the...? All I can say is that they must have surveyed the prices of lego houses for sale in Toys R Us to come up with a figure like that!
  24. So far they seem to be stating the blindingly obvious (interest rates can only go up and they will at some point). Even more concerning is how the sheeple need this stuff explained to them!
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