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  1. Went through the forum and ponder, has anyone really received the 1 month compensation from O??? I have raise this issue to my solicitor since this feb and till now still no luck. Seems like O has no intention to adhere to the contract we signed. Please drop me an email anyone has received the 1 month compensation from O?? I need some hope!!!!
  2. Hi Larry93, I just spoke to my solicitor, and he has confirmed that O has signed my Annullment Agreement and only a certain percentage of the Annullment Agreements was refused. You should get your lawyer to make him asap as O is getting naughty again. My solicitor- P will speak to him this Wednesday again to get my money back. Will keep you update Erica
  3. Hi Alec, It's great to know that your money is coming in. I understand how you feel about the M busy schedule and that's why i was unprepared to leave PS or even kapall now. I wrote to few other management companies i found on the other forum sites, some reply me in German and whereas some aint bovvered to reply me. just to keep you update, since transferred to k from Dec 09, i did receive my rental including for this month June, sometimes there could be a few days of delay but at least they do come in and I am not complaining. Most of time, they do reply my email in english and except
  4. Hi Matt, Is there any way to reduce my maintenance fee??? K sent me the breakdown of my may rental, the shortfall of my rent is due to the second quarter property tax - 38Euro My Gross rent is 459E Managment fee 21E Maintenance fee 132E Quarterly property Tax 38E Net rental 267E
  5. Wrote to k, the very nice lady, aka Heika will send me a breakdown of my may rental payment
  6. I didnt receive the annulment agreement, who was it from and wat clauses were removed I didnt received the 1 month compensation which was previously promised in th contract by Dr Ochel but did receive the outstanding rental from dec 2009
  7. Yeap, they are cowboys agency. In fact it is illegel for seller to pay commission to eatate agent
  8. Hi, i am back. I am having problem with kapall as well and i am in the midst of leaving K. Bascially, k was okie for the past few month, i got my rent on time . 2 weeks ago, i decided to terminate their service and engage COB as my new management company since I felt K was too close to O. I spoke to PS about my intention and send a written notice to K. Troblem arrived, I have received a reduced rental of 267 Euro on 18th May. At first, I thought this was the compensation coming from O but I checked my account again, there was no money coming in. This means K has paid me a reduce rent
  9. I got mine TS report today. I was surprised it is a just a one-page certification modernistaion as i was expecting a report with a detail checklist I have written to kapall to reuqest for a more detail modernisation report. I have only received 2 rental payments- one was in 26/01 and the other was on 26/02
  10. Spoke to PS of my many worries with kapall. He was surprised thtat I havent received the modernisation report- TS and I have a feeling he is getting worried for me as well. He mentioned that he did follow up this issue and also an arrear rental compensation from Dr O and will continue to follow up for me. 2 days ago, I finally I got an email from Kapall- Cordelia G and they promise to give an answer at beginning of next week. Will keep you guys update about my progress
  11. I have not received any information from my solicitor about the modernisation. Attended the meeting in london and there were 10 of us and what a great turn up and a good way to share and exchange information and contacts I think i am going to take Matt's advise, basically to contact Kapall directly and requesting for the following document 1) MOT or TS report 2) proof of billing for the modernsation 3) tendancy agreement 4) arrange for a site visit or inspection 5) a copy of management contract between me and kapall - bacsically to find the terms and conditions and termination cl
  12. Good news. So sorry that I have made a mistake with one of my earlier posts. As per below-mentioned , I have been receiving rental income from Kapall management and hope you have received them too. Glad everything is back on track !!!! 19/02 FUNDS IN 3005368 SEPA KAPALL PRO GER EUR 26/01 FUNDS IN 3002078 SEPA KAPALI PRO GER EUR
  13. Sent you and newlon a msg and left my contact number to your hotmail address we shall keep in contact via sms as I have no direct access to the internet for the first 1 week in london Looking forward to seeing you guys. I really hope other members could join us too
  14. Let us meet tomorrow and then we can meet again next week. I am strapped with time but surely can get an evening. Only problem - 18th is already busy. Another date? E-mail sism2000@hotmail.com

  15. matze@hotmail.co.uk and we can arrage to meet in ondon too or another meeting when you are here around the 18th let me know alec and i want to meet this week but happy either to wait or meet twice

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