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  1. Hi Keith, Tried to respond but I guess the original note was too long to allow the reponse. Glad you are happy about the outcome. Let us see how it is going on
  2. Hi, Have not been here for a while. Not sure what this annulment agreement was about but my solicitor suggested that opening a legal action is the only way to get the unpaid rents. And he was not hopeful about getting anything. Has anyone managed to get anything? I had an e-mail from DO months ago where they were close to openly saying that nothing is coming up. I looked around and found that the only reasonable contract is with K. Others were OK but taking into account that my apartment will require a lot of redecoration I found that the competitors are vague on the repair clauses, so I st
  3. Thanks Seamus, useful link. You are probably right about the overcharging, though I am not sure about the exact percentages. But on the other hand it is always a problem with the investments. The main problem was that at the time of buying it was close to the peak and now it is much lower.
  4. Hi Matt, Last week received a letter from the solicitor confirming the payment of the guarantee. Tried to agree details and sign contract with Manuela C but she is impossible to get in touch with. Finally received an angree e-mail from her today saying that she has got 12 customers and 250 flats and she is much too busy to respond to e-mails or phone calls. It seems to be a usual thing in Berlin - everybody likes to manage big groups of properties, not individual flats. Would not mind if you copy the list you promised to Erica to me. Hope Erica is OK. Good news - received the guarantee mone
  5. Hi there. Was away for a while. I asked Kapall about modernisation but they said they do not have any infiormation on that, nor have they visited the apartment. I am planning to get to Berlin reasonably soon - to have a look. I understand we are all looking for an alternative management company - any success?
  6. Dericag. We both left messages in your box. Have a look. I will be glad to meet with whoever can - to see which way to move.
  7. Let us meet tomorrow and then we can meet again next week. I am strapped with time but surely can get an evening. Only problem - 18th is already busy. Another date? E-mail sism2000@hotmail.com

  8. I tried to cypher my e-mail address in the message but you should have received it now

  9. Meeting sounds good. I work in Central London - just next to Westminster Abbey. I have just sent an e-mail - maybe it gets through.
  10. can we meet or try this matze@hotmail.co.uk

  11. Thanks. I am in London - would be nice to have a chat. I left my e-mail address in my profile but it does not seem to show. It is on h o t m a i l. Have the old members found direct contacts? I will try s i s m 2 0 0 0. Charlottenberg is a nice place. My apartment is on Kamminer. I did not get inside but the house looked nice. As I mentioned, OS is now advertising the tax advisors. I am not sure if it is worth talking to him. Will be grateful if manage to get in touch.
  12. Hi all. I think my note last week got lost completely. My flat is in Charlottenberg and I have not managed to get any information out of anyone since last August. I have a feeling that everybody is shut down. Received a letter from OS offering some accounting services. What is the general experience - any chance of getting information without going to Berlin? Or if going - who is best contactable?
  13. Hi, Only just joined - could not get involved before now. Tried to contact Dericag directly but the message did not get through. Will be grateful if someone can let me know of any meetings or direct lines of communications - to catch up Alec
  14. Hi, Only just joined - could not get involved before now. Would it possible to mail me to let me to catch up with the details of the situation (the overall problem is clear - I am in a similar state as most)?

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