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  1. Got some answers here but try to contact you but it does not let me , maybe the other way around / London based here
  2. Had now 3 yearly charges from BGW and they are slighlty changes for the Maintance fees but they most in line with each year , BGW each year invites you to go to the meeting or sent you the draft for the new calender year with arising costs so you can vote if you like for this changes however if you are with K they will do it for you ! Repair fee`s are charged very different with varouis housing management companies some start at 2000 Euro and add from 5 - 9 % to you for there assistance , check your contract , secondly big charges occur when your tenant leaves , k charges 2 cold rents to look for a new tenant , others charge 1 cold rent or some nothing at all as agents charges it back to the new tenant . When your flat is not occupied some Housing managemant companies still charge , some not , some only the first month !! However Lawyers fee`s for problem arising are cross charged in all cases , it is really worth it to look out in your contract for charges . Other charges can be running your yearly account i have seen contract of 100 Euro`s yearly as German banks charge for managing your account if you do not pay in your salary . BTW next Year comes out the new Mietspiegel for Berlin all 2 Years ,and this tells you if your rent is in line with your area , you can check if it is worth to put your rent up or not , not long to go for this, your housing company should do this automatically however some charge for this too service , k chagres 20 euro `s
  3. Hope you are doing fine , still having London meetings , missing your input Management Fee start from 5 euro per month up to 25 euro plus tax , will sent you a list off 6 different management Companies . e-mail them and see what they say . What are they charges you for 132 E ???? Maintance and house management should be one !! Just had the Owner`s meeting of my complex and saw that roughly 80 people already left K from last year ! Next year comes out the new mietspielgel, Rent mirror all 2 years in berlin and your housing company can see if you are entitled ( advise ) for a rent increase .
  4. sorry Buyers pay only that can make up to 10 - 12 % however small independent charge less to the buyer that how it should have come across , and Lawyer house Agencies check when they have been established ! Independent is BETTER !
  5. Finally all shaken off from , K and Dr.O , got my new independent housing management company in place , received first pictures off the flat and a low down in which state the flat is , as well an estimate of Market value . Well satiesfied here as renovated and Tenant is paying straight into my account . Spoke to the new house management company as the Owners meeting draws by close and got told how much actually is been done in the budget for 2011 and not all is necessary really , however the big Companies through contract at eachother ....... . Thats a reason already to change for a new independent company itself . If you try to sell your property with the big agencies they ask mostly over 7.1 % off the sale and on top off that Lawyers fee . Did not try to sell yet or check how much i would loose , gain as exchange course comes in our favour right now .
  6. Sent you a private message on your profile on here
  7. [email protected] for newlon and i give you an update !

  8. Let me know if you like to know something about Berlin 10 years rent guaranteed

  9. Checked 6 different Management companies for Berlin incl , k , bgw, cob and a few independent , contact me privately and i will give you a verdict on my view . prices incl not incl etc you can contactme here or try to go to my profile age and sent your details through there . Cheaper alternatives definately available too .
  10. [email protected] please reply and i will sent you my low down on 6 housing management .

  11. newlon

    contact me under [email protected]

    and i give you an update

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