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  1. Hi also with axium now, how do you go about doing this.
  2. Hi Banne What letter did you get from Allianz? We haven't received any letter from Allianz - was your mortgage with Allianz from the start as ours was? There is still no word of them releasing the bonds to top up the mortgage. We have sent them a letter written in German 2 - 3 weeks ago about getting the bonds released and we still have not heard from them. Pipeslice
  3. Hi ormeau1 , we had a meeting in the Kings head on wed evening, the main topics were lawyers and new management companys, at this stage no one that i know of has got any reduced rent for July yet . Oleg said today it should be in on Monday and if it is not he is going to stop working for Dr Ochel. Regards pipeslice.
  4. Most of us seem to be from the north , but at the time we bought we were told by (Tim Harris MRI) that a lot had bought from the south.I have a list of about 450 appartments flat numbers prices ect that were sold in2007, there are about 30 odd surnames on the list beside apartment numbers and alot of them seem to be Irish names. What date in June did you receive June's rent? I don't know why some of us did not receive rent in June and others have. Is this whole charade a lottery? Pipeslice
  5. Hi Can you give me the name of your Lawyer that dealt with your situation and can you recommend a good management company. When you say that the rent is less now with the new company can you give me a rough guide to what I should expect if we are to move to a new management company. How long did it take for you to terminate your contract? Pipeslice
  6. Hi Veronica got the letters this evening by e'mail from Oleg they don't make very good reading they are reducing the rent by almost half of what the rental amount originally was. Originally we were told the shortfall would be around 60 to 70 euro per month then he said 150 and now it is nearly 200. Dr O does not say they are in breach of contract in any way its as if it is business as usual only with 200 euros less per month and for us to see about getting the bonds released ourselves from Allianz, they seen to think the bonds is not their problem. The meeting is still on in Belfast for Wednesday for anyone who is available to come - 29th July Kings Head at 7.30pm Has anyone yet been in contact with any German Lawyers about the rental contract?
  7. HI veronica, I got no letter today, has your mortgage always been with Allianz from the start? We are with them from the start and so far they will not release the bonds. We got no letter at the start from Ochel offering us two choices A OR B did you a letter like this? Regards Bernard.
  8. sorry ,got dates mixed up, yes Wed 29th July, please come back onto forum if that suits.
  9. How about the kings head beside kingshall Belfast Wed 22th July 7.30 - 8.00 pm,anybody else any suggestions?
  10. Hi Veronica ,nobody has met yet,who were you talking to today that told you about the meeting,was it Oleg Schneider?
  11. Hi belfast 72 , did you get the offer of your bonds to make up the shortfall on the rent? Because we were with the allianz from the start ,they have so far not offered to release the bonds. I do not know how many clients this effects.
  12. Heard nothing more today so far, Hi belfast72 is your mortgage with the allianz all along?
  13. can any one suggest of a time and a place to meet in belfast next week , some evening.
  14. hi dan 01 and belfast 72 in portadown try this no MOD EDIT - MOBILE NUMBER REMOVED - SORRY THIS IS NOT ALLOWED UNDER FORUM RULES.
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