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  1. Has that hideous beast finally eaten that hat of hers after the failure of the spring (and summer) rebound??? Not checked this site for ages. I'm in south east asia living the easy life on the profits of my house which I sold last summer. To be honest its great to be away from the British disease and obsession with houses. It certainly looks like things are on the turn though at long last. Have those gloating saddo bulls also dissappeared ie BBB and TTRTR??? What are they going to do when nobody wants to buy or talk about houses and their BTL mortgage arrears start getting out of hand? Can't
  2. ????? Uh?? BBB should do himself a favour and use his dictionary to look up the meaning of the phrase "Pig ignorant moron"
  3. Yes thankyou zzg113. Once more BBB cannot grasp that he is talking about himself.
  4. BBB should note that I do not bother making direct replies to his comments as it is counter productive. It is like trying to communicate with a chimp with IQ issues.
  5. Vinnienet I understand your DILEMMA, You could try blaming the BoE because they have kept interest rates artificially low with the exact intent of booming the housing market in an attempt to keep the economy out of recession. You could try blaming the government because whether they'll admit it or not, the BoE and MPC answer to them. Lawrence Llewwlyn Bowen and the like are culpable and anyone else who has jumped on this bandwagon only to fuel it further. Phil and Krusty etc I should ignore the rather gloatish messages from BBB. The question as to why he is such a ****wit is more difficul
  6. At last, the voice of reason from the Boe. Surely even BBB can't dispute this pearl of wisdom. Although I notice that of late, he has been reverting to his long term view which surely any fool would agree with. Which is that houses are a good investment long term. Yes as long as you can keep up the payments long term. In his usual hilarious style, he sent a personal message to me, showing a photograph of a cucumber and telling me I knew what to do with it. He's a card isn't he? Those long winter evenings must just fly by at the BBB mansion.
  7. I know I am not alone in the opinion that BBB comments are symptomatic of everything that is wrong with our society. Constant one upmanship combined with a very simplistic, self-centred view of the world - His World!!! His posts are abusive and antagonistic and he wonders why he gets so many abusive threads in return and goes into sulk mode when people react and claims that nobody likes him! Boo hooh poor BBB. In one of his previous incarnations on the old forum, UWISH, he was even more abusive and the level of his toilet humour was pathetic. His answer to most criticism is to debase the conv
  8. Good riddance to him anyway. The guy was a total moron
  9. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/story/0...1346536,00.html
  10. Property Master, Why, if there isn't an oversupply of rented property, are there shedloads of empty unlet, unsold properties everywhere? The apartment block where I live is deserted!! Soemone is paying the price for this and "investment" doesn't seem the right word to me. Some people are losing a lot of money and the amount of "To Let" and "For Sale" signs that have been up for months seems only to highlight the level of desperation. Don't get me wrong. Property investment has always been a good thing in the past and there are many professional landlords who have made a lot of money out of h
  11. House prices to soar again? - Ha what a joke!!!! And who exactly is going to be able to afford these new prices? Not FTBs thats for sure. And as investments, it would make houses even more ridiculously over-priced than they already are. Rents wouldn't be enough to cover even a modest portion of the mortage and maintenance payments. Face it. Property is FALLING after the longest bull market in history. There are some people who live in dreamland
  12. Hmmm there's some phrase that springs to mind involving a pot and a kettle
  13. Rents are a damn sight cheaper than mortgages at the moment without the nightmare debt. I don't think people are waiting for anything. They simply can't afford the absorbitant prices and since the voice of reason, Merv, told them that house prices were likely to fall, people have snapped out of their 'Property always wins' delusions. Better to listen to the governer of the bank of england than idiots like Kirsty Alsopp. It has become impossible to not only get on the housing ladder but to move up it without radically increasing debt and now that the bubble mentality has wained, the only way i
  14. Democracy is corrupt in this country just as it is everywhere around the world. It is a myth supported by those in power to make people like you and me feel we actually have a voice. You only have to look at the farcical US elections to see what a joke it actually is. Voters have the choice of two parties whose differences are so sublime that it makes little difference to anyone who is in power. The political system is so paralyzed that for example the democrats cannot criticise the administration for a long list of crimes ranging from lies and corruption to war crime because the democrats wil
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