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  1. you've spelt the highlighted word incorrectly.....it's spelt.... w.. r.. o.. n.. g
  2. Hi again CP, this bit sums your attempt at buying up for me, and please don't think i'm ''picking on you'' it's just that your story, if you like, has come to the foreground........ come on, how can you just give in like that? prices will never ever be back at 2000 levels. the wishful thinking folk on here will tell you otherwise, however think logically and you know it isn't going to happen. anyway, no point crying over spilt milk, your insults back at me make it obvious you think i'm having a snipe at you, i'm sincerely not......just trying to fathom out how other people plan their life out (or don't as the case may be) better luck with your future. cheers BBB. ps: mmmhh just make sure you don't pick my farm in the ''repo sale'' .....the footballer neighbours will go ape sh*t with the noise from what you propose. .......and the surgeon next door to my townhouse wouldn't be too chuffed either
  3. Hi Cornish Pasty, firstly can I just say i think you came across great, good info, good name drop of the site, and good 'closing' of Bacon. however can i ask you, you're one year older than i am (i'm 33), what have you been doing all your life? why haven't you bought over the last 10-14 years? .....one heck of a long time! I think there's a lot of people on here who've let buying 'ride' (put it off and off) and are now paying the consequences. You've only yourselves to blame, not BTL, not self cert, not the lenders........just yourself! cheers BBB.
  4. Hi Bullish Bear, No offence but why ask the advice/ look up to a guy who told everyone to sell up in 2002!!!!? (on national TV at that.........the couple in question, in that particular programme would have lost 100k if they'd followed his opinion ) You'd be far better asking the advice/looking up to those who were filling their boots in 2002. ..............I'll send you my E-mail address cheers BBB.
  5. whatever happened to waiting for (and i quote) '' 50% falls'' RJG? losing your nerve? seeing the reality of the situation? ie no crash!!! When i've asked you before why you didn't buy pre-boom , you've always said you were too young and just left uni, yet here we see you saying otherwise. both of these statement just show what a load of baloney conventional theoretical analysis is of the market ie ...... 1)you didn't know it was going to boom (otherise you would have bought) 2) you don't know it's going to crash, otherwise you wouldn't be looking in earnest now. (if you truly knew you'd wait for the falls that you have cited in the past.) all of this (ie putting in offers once more) from the cleverest theoretical economist on the forum (I sincerely mean that as a compliment).......but one question begs to be answered (which ''thick'' old me has always asked)........... WHAT HOPE IS THERE OF JOE PUBLIC STAYING ON THE SIDELINES IF YOU ARE LOOKING YOURSELF? anyway, all this aside, it's good to see you coming to your senses, good luck with your prospective purchase.
  6. you already can here and now, today. SIPPS themselves aren't really that new a thing, the only forthcoming change is what you can actually ''wrap'' within them. as i say commercial property is already allowed in now.
  7. rocket science in motion. the only thing he can't factor into his graphs is interest rates hundreds of a percent cheaper.......and a couple of million more people with jobs. ........oh and a country with steady growth.
  8. it's also a proven formula to ignore scare mongers!!!!!!! when was this written 2001???? I would dread to think how many much this would have cost me if i'd listened to such baloney back then? how can you be so chuffed with this article when it is sooooo wrong?
  9. http://boards.fool.co.uk/Message.asp?mid=9...t=whole#9023294 i know most of you will say ''so what, you've got one guy buying a house at the top of the market''......however this guy seems as neutral and as genuine as they come to me..... he has studied a bearish forum for 2 years,and come to his own conclusions. good for him to not be sucked in by those who's sole intention is to talk the market down. imagine how 'normal people' (ie don't follow the market/forums as closely as we all do) will perceive the opportunities out there, people who just want to get on in life rather than worry and fret about what 'might be' the guy is typical of what is to come.......he has a job, he has low interest rates in his favour, and is faced with bargains.....and enough data to suggest this isn't a crash in motion.(since when do prices rise 1.1% in the middle of a crash?? ) he's made a sensible move IMO (as long as he got a good offer accepted) time to get real, give your head a shake, and be quick out there, more are sure to follow!!! you can't say you didn't have your chance this time.
  10. I could have sworn this was a property forum why bring the dynamics of a capital market into it? the former (cap mkts) being dominated just about exclusively by investors.....and the capital market not truly being one of individual 'need'? . ...whereas the property market being hugely dominated by owner occupiers, and the market being something of an intrinsic human 'need' actually my mother and father last night were talking about selling up (due to the shock you cite) and buying a caravan to live in instead, and come to think of it my best mate was going to sell up and live in a tent with his young family (due to the fear you cite) he said it would be tough but anything was better than facing fear!!!!!! ok, ok i'm sorry for the sarcasm......but i hope you take my point.
  11. ERRRR guys this graph only takes us back level with q3 1995 when prices were falling ever so marginally (IE HPI pf less than 1% P.A). bear in mind the off season aspect of these figures, and come the spring /summer the market will be rising on a par with 1996......ie a normal steady market. (by my definition...no boom ....no bust) you've got quite a way to go on that graph to reach the lows of 1990-92.(which i note aren't shown) SOURCE NATIONWIDE. (nationaL hpi) you've got quite a way to go on chimps graph to reach the lows of 1990-92. minor correction/blip yes.....outright crash.....no. close guys, but no cigar. add the lows in of 1990/92 (for mort approvals) and you have the full picture.......ie we are not at that level!!!!!!!
  12. I think this survey, and it's regional variations (even down to individual cities) highlights the differences we all see on a day to day basis, due to our geographical spread. just bear in mind what you (Yonmon) see day to day isn't what i see day to day (and i don't mean wishful thinking here,i'm speaking factually) and I like wise,i will bear the same in mind as regards your situation. it really is just a case of playing the game as you see fit for your area. if you live in south yorkshire for instance, and see a price fall of 0.2% in the month of nov/dec (when no one buys a house basically), you should (IMO) expect to see rises in the spring. If however you're seeing almost 2% falls in parts of London (hammersmith and fulham) for the same month then expect more of the same but less, in the spring.(IMO) cheers BBB.
  13. factually speaking recession came before the falls. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...topic=2587&st=0 however I take your point on inflation though. however 'this time round' it 'don't matter cos there ain't gonna be a crash'.
  14. It's funny i've just been reading some old copies of Financial Mail on SUNDAY magazine * (june 2003.) they sold for similar money then in east Devon, from 90-120k. When you consider that they ''rentend out for on average 27 weeks in 2002 , making an average pre-tax income of £10,800''......at 100k they offer a really good return. 10.8% gross yield is good in any ones book ........possibly even your MR S? probs a bit more upside if you ask me. * really good all round investment magazine,far better than the name suggests. I don't think it's published anymore.
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