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  1. I'm not sure about this, but check out the link: http://uk.biz.yahoo.com/20092007/323/north...-s-company.html
  2. Don't know really... Perhaps lots of things are now happening, which IMHO are the start of a CRASH 2 years overdue now! Just being nosey lol:)
  3. Well..... what is the answer then ..........? I have considerable experience but I'm afraid with the cost of living the way it is in this country I'm not prepared to work for peanuts!. I already have more than 10 years prior experience of self employment, with what I know now I wish I haden't wasted my time doing a degree The only way you can make an acceptable living in this country is being self employed (IMHO)
  4. Hello Deadman, I'm not ignoring you lol... Thanks for the advice, taken on-board.... Just trying to cover all options as to what I'm going to do with myself!
  5. Hello Onlyme, Looking at doing 'Paintless Dent Repair', fully mobile service with minimal overheads, booked on a course in a fortnight actually, allready have the tools too, would just need to market myself!
  6. Hello gilf No, I don't have a bad attitute lol, I just expect to be able 'to make ends meet' is this too much to ask in this country?
  7. Gosh, 20K 'Unrealistic!' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So can someone please tell me how much I should be looking at, how much will I have to live on after paying Income Tax National Insurance Student Loan Rent Council Tax At a guess I would have a couple of grand left (even on a £20K salary) If I cannot earn more than 20K with my qualifications and experience I'm not going to bother... My two remaining options are: 1) Start up a business, as before however this time it will be a Limited company 2) Leave the country How can any body be expected to survive on 20K a year? When they live alone?
  8. Thanks Greencat for the good advice, I have been tailoring the Power-point presentations to each company. Most of these have been "on-spec" though
  9. Thanks for the advice!. I have a good CV (I think!), together with a Power-Point presentation that I send out!. All companies I have sent these to have replied, all saying the same thing.. No vacancies at the moment, however we will be in touch in the future if anything does become available. Jobs in this industry are not usually advertised in the mainstream press, or to be honest anywhere, so I have had to resort to sending CVs out randomly on speculation
  10. Done 2 years work experience at a British Touring Car Championship support race teams workshop!!. Does this count lol
  11. Just a general motorsport mechanic vacancies basically! I can offer years of experience within both the auto trade and motorsport industry (From work experience)
  12. Thanks Cockrobin Thats exactly what I'm doing at the moment, I cannot afford to, or want to live in this country anymore!
  13. Brid. I'm a mature student, my previous experience is as follows: 16 years in the automotive industry (12 of these self-employed) Never signed on the dole once since I left school (Might need to do shortly though) Skills: Mechanic, cars, LGV and HGV Welder and Fabricator Hold a LGV driving Licence Customer relations 2 years experience in a Motor-sports workshop (While studying for degree) Can operate all Microsoft Office programs, design Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, some experience with PHP and Dreamweaver I did this degree to help further my career prospects, and to obtain a job which paid more... lets face it £20K is peanunts these days
  14. Yes an associate college of UCLAN, correct! Thanks for the advice! (I did say I was going to go didn't I lol)
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