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  1. I've missed out laurejon, but it isn't through greed in waitng for a cheaper property, I simply cannot justify (or afford) paying £700 per month on a mortgage for the next 25 years.
  2. tstaddon - that post sums up why this country is going down the pan right now. the only hope for a decent life like your folks is hoping that the cost of houses crashes. How pathetic is that?
  3. I clearly said that I've been saving £100 pw for ten years. When you take home £200 thats a lot of money, is that too hard for you to understand?My reasoning for doing that was to enable me to pay off a large chunk of the cost of a house when I needed it so that I wasn't paying too big a mortgage. It's not my fault that my plans were ruined by the housing market going out of control to such an extent. I didn't forsee it, if you or anyone says that they did they are either kidding themselves or they are lying.
  4. When I started saving my money I didn't expect house prices to rocket out of control. If you own a bunch of houses (I don't know you personally so I don't really know) then if they are so expensive, who is going to buy them off you when you come to sell?
  5. I feel like an idiot though!I read a quote on here, a house is to nest, not to invest and couldn't agree more. Are there currently any schemes in place to help FTB's buy a house?
  6. Gee this thread has grown while I've been busy working hard all night long To answer an earlier question, my savings have been dipped into for cars and the like, I currently have around £40,000 available, but I refuse to throw that towards the cost of an overvalued house. Don't gasp too loud, but I live with my old man and pay £75 pw rent. I will wait but am not as optimistic as some that house prices will drop sharply. If they do then I fear for the honest folks who get caught out by it but hope that greedy ones like BBB gets their balls trapped in a vice.
  7. I've been saving for ten years for the house that I didn't need or didn't want and thats wrong is it? My only regret is not foreseeing this ridiculous sharp rise in house prices. A friend told me to buy a house and rent it out, I should've done that to be honest but I didn't want to. So you believe that it's a survival of the fittest then in a dog eat dog world? People need to look to better themselves at every opportunity? Not everyone subscribes to that view and I think it would be a dreadful world if everyone was climbing over each other to get to the top. I appreciate your views, but don
  8. I'm not actually - whats the link!!!Thanks for the welcome, this seems like a good place to get answers to questions that I want to ask!
  9. I understand that the way things are going we'll end up with a world of have and have nots, but take a look around, we're gripped by greed and selfishness. People want more, more, more and to hell with everyone else. The people who are in control (as loosely as it might be) or the housing market will already have their own house or houses, why would they care? I'd love for there to be a huge drop (30% or more) because there are plans to build 3000 houses on an old airfeld right next to where I work and I want to ultimately buy one of them but at this moment in time I know I have no chance.
  10. I'm to blame right? I find that harsh, it would've been fair comment had I not put away money and instead peed it up against the wall, but I've saved money and the £30,000 that I have in the bank would've been worth three or four times that in bricks and mortar.I'm now very reluctant to use my savings in buying a house because I don't think that it would represent good value for money. And I find your choice of smilies inappropriate.
  11. Hi - I'm new here I know I'm not alone but being a first time buyer I can't afford to buy a place of my own. I'm 31 now and have put off buying my own place through my adulthood because I simply didn't want the hassle and responsibilities than went with it and enjoyed spending my money of things that I wanted. However, I didn't waste, I set up a standing order ten years ago and saved £100 a week out of my wages, the equivalent to paying a mortgage (or so I thought) so that when the time came I'd have a huge lump sum and be able to pay off a huge chunk of the cost of the house. This has tu
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