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  1. hahaha ime trying but i cant stop laughing at the bloated broadcasting corportation they really are good for nowt apart from the footy sir......now this really does have nothing to do with a housingpricecrash forum........show some respect man...
  2. I do get the impression that a lot of the posters on here who want property to crash are not exactly living on the breadline, they all seem like well educated middle class boys who want to live in morningside or someother leafy area of edinburgh next to rory or giles who get in there sports car to go to the rugby union to cheer on the other middleclass well educated boys.... but are really bitter about what happened in the property market over the last 12years..(you know who you are)...they have a good point (sort of? given most of them are as i stated above) but i think the people who really need property to drop in price are not on this site.....in fact i think they have pretty much never heard of this site because property even with a crash is still out of there price range...dont be blue peter..
  3. is it just me or does the guy in the video look and sound a bit mental not to sure i would base the state of finding work in the u.k on this creature its all in the eyes and the woolworths rucksack.
  4. Every newday seems to bring more grim news regarding the economy personaly I would rent for another year or however long it takes for normality and common sense to return to the market. Are you really in that much of a rush to live there and why are your family telling you to sign on the dotted line ?...taking another year of renting would give you more time to watch events unfold regarding the economy and give you more time to view other properties that may be in a better area. Do whatever makes you happy inside if you can afford the monthly bills and your job is safe then mabey its not such a bad idea....I wouldnt but what do I know....94grand is not a bad deduction by anyones standards but makes you wonder what it was really worth in the first place.
  5. Your only 22, I would seriously take some more time and just watch from afar what is unfolding not just property wise, every new day brings some sort of grim news regarding the economy, 2million unemployed today...I think your plan of staying with your parents and saving is a good idea for the next year or even just renting a room in the town centre for say 300quid a month.. I really cant see property rising in value in the coming year...but as i said before what do I know..lifes short do whatever makes you feel good inside if you can afford the monthly bills and your job is safe then mabey its not such a bad thing.
  6. Looking at one of your picks a one bedroom at 165grand.....nice flat pity about the price...why dont you just rent for another year and buy it for 90grand when common sense returns to the market...The FSA are currently planning a wage cap of 3times average salary for bank lending on mortgages..so your looking at 75grand which in my opinion would be the true value of any one bedroom flat in a working class area..I would tell you to rent another year but what do I know...
  7. Strange that nobody on the Scottish HPC has commented on todays Telegraph article stating that the FSA are to put a cap on mortgage lending to a max of 3 times anual salaries. Dont tell me you have no savings. I have to say its the most positive thing I have heard for a long time. 25grand if even average pay per anum..you do the maths...strange also that it has not made the mainstream news bbc itv..house prices would have to fall another 30percent at least...spring bounce my ****..
  8. FSA to cap mortgages to no more than 3times salaries. Report in todays Telegraph. I think this could be the final nail in the coffin of inflated house prices about time aswell.
  9. Crap topic but I just need some advice before i do something silly to my parents...Iam in a low paid job so I cant really afford the monthly rental rates for flats in Edinburgh well i could but i would have the social life of an inmate....I came into some money lately enough for me to put down a nice deposit on say a 115grand property and have a decent morgage payment on the remainder....People keep telling me to stay put as there is still 30percent to come of house prices but it just does not seem to be happening in Edinburgh....The other thing i wanted to know was does it really matter that much if i bought just now and then there was a big crash as long as i kept the flat for say 25years....my parents lifes depend on your advice..if nobody replies to this i will understand...Ime 23 by the way to old to be with mum and dad...my brother left years ago..he laughs at me..
  10. Do you work for the Cockenzie Tourist Board, going on some of the posts i may give it a miss for now it doesnt sound to positive does it ??? The flat in Loanhead I mean not Costa del Cockenzie.
  11. Oh well, going on these posts ime not offering a penny for it. sounds as if it should have a lepers bell tied around it......Oh well ime off to buy a 2nd hand caravan live as a gypsy for couple of years...
  12. haha i know loanhead its not quite monaco but for personal reasons i would prefer this area its close to my work and 20mins from edinburgh city centre, dont know about Cockenzie is there not a big ugly power station bellowing out god knows what from those chimneys....
  13. Are you being serious, 2000 prices would be around 40grand thats less that half the value they are asking for.....If your right then thats cool with me...dont know about the seller right enough...
  14. Hi, sorry about this awful topic and if nobody replies i can understand..........just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what to offer for the upper one bedroom flat in FOWLER SQUARE LOANHEAD MIDLOTHIAN....Its listed as fixed price 105grand on the ESPC website......I really dont know what to think about property prices anymore one half saying its just steadying out the other saying big crash on the horizon...sorry i have no link to the property but its easy to look up on the espc website....
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