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  1. McGlashan, I could not agree more with what you say about a lot of people Aberdeen. They are not nouveau riche, and for the most part are a bunch of chavs with huge credit card / other debt. If the oil wealth was not in Aberdeen it would be just like that somewhat unloved and somewhat unjustly maligned place Glenrothes. Holmes
  2. and even better picture here:
  3. <Dads army mode = ON> We are doomed, all doomed!
  4. holmes

    Edinbugh Latest

    OK many thanks, agree it all seems to be affected by le crash! I will have a look at some rentals as you suggest, it all seems rather mental at the moment, or maybe heading towards some kind of sanity.....at last, more affordable stuff at least. Many thanks, Holmes
  5. holmes

    Edinbugh Latest

    Thanks! If I HAVE to move to Edinburgh with my job, where do you think is the safest place to buy a 3 bed flat i.e. least likely to be affected by the crunch that is happening? I need to very central & have dedicated parking. Many thanks, Holmes <i.e not as clever as Mycroft>
  6. holmes

    Edinbugh Latest

    I think you are suffering some paranoia matey. I am just trying to understand where the market is going, and have found what I have seen very useful and informative. I am considering a move to Edinburgh, hence my interest. I am not an Estate Agent or someone who is interested in larging up property prices BTW.
  7. holmes

    Edinbugh Latest

    Yes, very likely you are right. And major unemployment in the public sector looms, with huge increases in tax too .......it is looking good, if you want to but at a reasonable price, maybe next year. Here is hoping.
  8. Oh what enormous fun! Your turn so say something so that I can pour sarcasm and derision on you, you sock puppet. It was a genuine question, so why don't you answer it?
  9. Dear Fellow Members Sorry for being completely muppet like, but can someone explain in plain words what this forum is all about? I am not quite sure of the purpose / rules of this forum? Many thanks, Holmes
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