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  1. from what i've heard most of the flats are now sold, the article you originally quoted is old
  2. hello! I've been tracking a couple of apartments on the rightmove rental market over the years which I like , though at the time was unable to afford them (but now I finally can) The issue is that these babies come up 1-2 a year at the most and i'm worried that someone else will snap them up before me. They've always been with the same estate agents, should I ring them up and see if I can be next in line to rent these (presuming that the current tennants don't want to live there long term, but it is the city centre and most don't stay more than 2 years) and has anyone done this before? thanks <3
  3. 9 months later that flat is still for sale at 165 - 'price for a quick sale' - ha! Next Xmas is my target for moving out now - saving is going alright. Hopefully prices will continue going down this next year.
  4. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27080471.html "This spacious one bedroomed apartment sold in 2006 for £202,980 " Up for £130,000. The apartments I like are still advertised unchanged at around £150-170k though, but i've heard some Leftbank apartments have been selling for alot less than advertised. It'll be another year till I'm ready to buy though.
  5. How is a post detemined to be 'decent'? It's really annoying as I don't know enough about any subject to share information but need to contact a member as he's owned a flat in the development i'm going to buy in.
  6. hey,

    do you have an email address I can contact you on?

    i'm looking to buy a 1 bed in the century buildings (i'm a young FTB) and could do with advice etc



  7. Thanks for your reply, I'm after an apartment as oppose to a house. I appreciate what your saying and I don't expect complete silence all the time, but I am aware from personal experience that some apartments are better insulated for sound than others. The aim of my thread was to ask about any residents of Manchester City Centre apartments to come forth and tell me there experiences of that particular development(s).
  8. Hello, Firstly - sorry for another 'city centre thread'! I'm saving and will eventully be buying an apartment in the centre. I had problems when I rented (at the Edge) with noise insulation, I could hear people in the corridoors walk past and an occasional would get a complain for playing music too loud despite having it at a resonable level. It's important to me to be able to live in peace and for me not to annoy others too. Does anyone have any experience of any of the other developments regarding noise issues? I did read on here somebody owned an apartment at the Century Buildings / St Marys Parsonage, i'm quite keen on that atm, couldn't find the original post where it referenced as I can't figure out the correct syntax of the search function here.
  9. emailed you can ask but i'm not telling about 4k at the moment, can save around £1,000 per month.
  10. tomwatkins - won't let me pm you on here for some reason - wouldn't mind finding out about your daughters place. Like I say, I don't mind waiting especially if the prices are falling. I was previously paying £800 per month + bills for my 1 bed at the edge (living by myself). My job is stable, and the company too. I thought a 1 bed wasn't such a bad thing, I mean if it's big enough why can't a couple live in there?
  11. I think with that mentallity you might never buy ! Plus who's opinion do you take when pulling the trigger?
  12. It's a sweet heart that flat, I love the idea of having a little space outside to have a beer in the sunshine + it has underground parking. It's a little overpriced at the moment though! I'm thinking of saving for the next 12 months (i've just moved back to my parents and can save up the majority of my wages quite easily), as for the mortgage cap - my parents could get the mortgage and I could just pay them? Do you really think that prices will fall in the next 12 months to that extent? I think I read something saying that there starting to rise again? regarding mangement companies, i'll check into that closer to the time. - the apartment at the edge I rented was flawlessly maintained and managed, this was reflected in insane service charges though!
  13. He thinks it's a good idea and I should save for a year first, If he helps me with cash then that'd be nice I just want to settle down somewhere which I like! Problem is i've got to buy £4k's worth of music stuff before I can start saving!
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