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  1. In the interests of balance ... We had a full structural survey done recently on a 1920's timber-framed house we were interested in. The survey was done by an independent, RICS registered surveyor, not through a bank or building society. He was on site for over 4 hours, discovered several major problems with the construction and condition of the property and produced an in-depth report with colour photos to highlight the various problems. It cost £550 plus VAT and I consider it money well spent - saved us a fortune in the long run.
  2. <Taps side of screen> Hmmm... my monitor appears to have developed a fault. The colours have gone all screwy.
  3. At the risk of stating the obvious - are you sure they were actually open ? A lot of the ones around here, especially the small, indpendents, are closed for Good Friday.
  4. That's excellet. I remember reading that one, but can't remember where ? "House prices are softening" seems to be a popular one. Such a lovely fluffy word. So much nicer than "dropping" or "falling"
  5. I've heard of the Emperor's new clothes, this must be his new house.
  6. I'm saying I can follow the logic used by the estate agent to arrive at a valuation of £450K if it was worth £430K last March (and it was 'worth' £430K last March because that's what someone was prepared to pay for it). I think the logic is reasonable, not the price. At least it's reasonable when you compare it to the £535K valuation that the vendor seems to have plucked from thin air. Is that house worth £450K to me ? No - that's why I'm not buying it. But it's on a road that I would like to buy a house on eventually and, of course, I take an interest in all properties that come on/
  7. Blimey - very bearish. But it's an oldish article : > (Filed: 15/01/2005)
  8. Delivery of our local property rag is a bit hit and miss so I often call into the local estate agents to pick one up. I've been doing this for the last few months (during which I've been the only punter in the shop on all but one occasion) so they recognise me in their. When I called in a few weeks ago, the estate agent told me of a house just about to come onto the market on a road that I'm interested in. Full details were not available but the EA expected the price to be about £450K (right at the top end of our budget). She promised to post the details to me as soon as they were availab
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