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  1. No that’s luxury. I worked 6 months in a meat factory on split shifts once. That was an eye opener and gave me valuable life experience like how to avoid upsetting the craziest people 🤪
  2. We all got 2% this year. Problem is a month earlier we were told our site is closing so many jobs lost including mine at the end of this month ☹️
  3. From TonyB33 comment on the guardian website: “The author is missing a number of fundamental points. The key issue is that until 1971 we had little or no house price inflation. The pound was linked to the dollar and the dollar was fixed to the price of gold at USD35 to an ounce. This prevented governments from printing money to solve problems. The USA came off the gold standard in 1971 and gold is now USD 1780 an ounce it has lost 98% of its 1971 value. House prices in terms of gold have changed very little. However the average wage in 1971 was £28 a week. If wages had maintained the
  4. I’m in strange position of being awarded a 2% pay rise while I work out the last couple of months as being let go with the whole office as they move jobs to Malaysia where they get 3 or 4 people for price of 1 here!
  5. My post was dec 2018 and a lot had changed re Covid. However I agree it’s all getting worse for Basingstoke with viables business park emptying. Rumours of a big automated Amazon warehouse coming and the council fixated with high rent in festival place and opening more offices in basingview. Only highlight today is a TV drama being filmed in empty basingview 🤪
  6. Some manage though: https://www.channel5.com/show/22-kids-counting/ 🤪
  7. Ah good old Earlsfield. Remember going into the EAs that line Garratt Lane and saying our Max budget was £100k and being shown the door. We did find a small one bed for £76k in the end across from the Italian restaurant near the leather bottle pub. This was back in 1999 mind ☹️
  8. God my company is going through this now. Replacing 2 for 1 software engineers in Poland. Some of the younger staff have secured new jobs already on more money so makes you think the company was getting people cheap anyway before the restructuring.
  9. BCP area has changed so much in 20 years. It’s a big draw to incomers but getting spoilt now. The best bits will be the coast out of season. In normal times traffic is terrible and the jobs not well paid. So coat of living is high. Okay to visit for a short break.
  10. Our company has brought in 4 day week with 20% pay reduction. For 10 weeks. I wonder if there will be layoffs at the end or another 10 weeks extension ?
  11. Thanks for the advice. I wonder if the family member is aware of the extra charge. I will have to find out more.
  12. What about silver? Heard of a family member buying some recently. Usb it easy to buy and sell?
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