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  1. this graph shows what the ftse is doing up to 10 days in advance. Ive been watching that red bar march across for the last 3 sessions
  2. down. The UK, as a nation, has actually 'bet the house' on it. It's time to pay the croupier, boys and girls...
  3. Ah. Dogbrain resurfaces. With his usual pile of steaming poodle crap. Yes, you make your own luck. S'nce last year Ive salted away 6 figures into my high interest account, all earned legitimately, and with the minimum of hard work. And... A LOT OF LUCK. Difference between me and retards like you is that I'm big enough to admit that luck has played a big part in my recent success. It wa sluck that stuck the opportunity under my nose fre chrissakes. Thanks to that luck, I'm now sitting in 30 degree sunshine in a medieval casa overlooking the umbrian hills wasting a few idle minutes chatting with a mong before the football starts here. In 6 weeks I'm off to the Alps to hone my boarding skills. Wont return to your shitty little chav island till 2007 earliest, and then probably only to flog the merc. You're a loser with a brain too small to see it. Now ****** off back to your kennel, thirdbrain. Oh, PS, I missed your supposed 'post asking me blah blah'. None of your business dimwit. I've already explained how I'm earning a TON of money on 'the other place'. And yes, anyone can do it. Except shitferbrains like you.
  4. he's also kind to small animals. Marina, they are 'badmouthing' you at 'the other place'.
  5. Thanks Paddleboy, he's already turned up to fight his corner, and a very respectable job he's making of it too.
  6. The reality is - he got lucky, right place right time. He thinks its down to some amazing business acumen. He also suffers from a wierd personality disorder that will make him cut off his nose to spite his face based on the postings of complete strangers on an anon internet board. In his heart of hearts he knows it is way past time to bail, but now he won't because he's a wierdo. He's also too chickenshit scared to come over to the 'other place' where his detractors now mainly hang out.
  7. And who are you to tell ME that I can't tell you what you can or can't say is relevant on this forum? Tit. Then you should have made it better then, shouldnt you? Apart from the great kiwi parasite himself, no one on this forum thinks he is relevant (except of course his skirt-chasing alternative personalities who pop up every now and then to 'defend' him. wrong. totally.
  8. how do you put the google ad crap on ignore? Anyone?
  9. so the 'real' unemployment rate is...8.5 mill? 9 mill?
  10. and maybe he doesn't and maybe he isnt. and when did you become a moderator, to tell the rest of us what is and isnt relevant to this forum? So you are saying that most BTL muppets who bought in the last 6 years or so are more stupid than monkeys? Agree. presumably this slipped in from some other post of yours. Unless in a roundabout way what you are trying to say is 'now is the time to sell'.
  11. marina = silly cow. when she 'turned' probably marked the commencement of the 'capitulation' phase - when the weak-minded just 'want the pain to stop whatever the cost'. Sad really - but she's wrong, of course.
  12. now it's actually 'here', I feel a bit sad. I dunno, a bit like after Xmas lunch, all the pressies opened, turkey gobbled, whatever. 5 years? 8? Bad recessions affect everyone. Thank the gods for massive cash savings in tax free high interest accounts...
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