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  1. Well said !! Incidentally the guarantee is underpinned by a korean travel agency guaranteeing just 5% of their annual tourist demand to mactan Island (from Korea alone) to Blue Coral Resort and Spa
  2. Wrong again my friend. There will be a new world order. After a global currency devaluation where USA and UK will become third world countries (you are right about debt) A new world currency to replace the dollar and a revaluation of gold. Debt will be inflated away (after current deflation which has been caused by monetary tightening 3 years ago) All existing paper currencies will be devalued by 10 to purge the debt and there will be a clamber to real assets such as gold oil and commodities. Property will benefit at that stage too. The new world powerbase will be China which is the worlds g
  3. I already have 2 hotel rooms in Scarborough catering for the retired generation. They have been yielding 12% steadily for the past 2 years so want to diversify away from the UK Also have syndicate membership in council housing in East Germany also doing well at the moment with a steadily increasing yield. Don't share your synopsis of the east and West mate. We are entering recession with lots of debt same as US Who do you think is financing that debt - our good old friends in the East that you still hold colonialship views on. You ar obviously unprepared for the massive wealth transfer
  4. Thanks for this particularly as you live out there. Has anybody visited the numerous sites on the internet marketing this. The reviews in Singing Pig forums were more positive than here. I have got a solicitor checking out the ownership and rental guarantee issues in particualr that it comes with 60% developer finance who is also providing the guarantee on a back to back basis, Its only a studio for £59k within a hotel complex with its own beach. I would value a critique form anybody who has downloaded the brochure off the web, I can post the link if necessary but if you google bule coral r
  5. Hi Have just read details on this resort - (you can google it) with brilliant sounding returns Has anyone invested or any experinces here Would love feedback Thanks
  6. Hi I have just been reading about the green oil investment programme through a company called Viceroy Investments with offers of impressive returns of c 93% per annum Has anybody else heard about this or have any first hand experience of dealing with Green Oil investments or Viceroy Investments . Would love to hear from you Thanks
  7. I think you will find the only problem here is microbe trying to be clever
  8. There are very few independent financial analysts around. I spend a lot of time anlalysing fund performance and would recommend a balanced portfolio as follows : UK Equity Income - Invesco Perpetual Income, High Income or Jupiter Income UK Equity Growth Jupiter Prima Donna Trust (Investment Trust) Emerging Markets (BRIC's) Templeton Emerging Markets (Investment Trust) Africa Fidelity EMEA (Emerging Europe, Middle East, Africa fund Japan Invesco Perpetual Japan Others worth considering M & G recovery M & G Global Basics Consider also non equity investments
  9. Brilliant analysis thanks - although microbe will dismiss it as hearsay no doubt
  10. No thats not what I am saying. I am saying that interest rates weren't at 10% in 2003 because there was a huge number of lenders offering funds at 3% or less and this fuelled the excess rises in house prices
  11. If you google house price cycle the very first article that pops up is one which makes reference to the 18 year cycle. Another poster drew attention to it . Its by Fred Harrison in an article in Money Week in 2005. He correctly predicted the cycle had another 3 years to run. I acknoweldge another poster has said that this guy also said something slightly different elsewhere. However if you follow those kinds of threads there are a number of articles making simlar conclusions. I admit I can't find a definitive research paper going back to 1870 to prove it. My point is simply that the art
  12. We are now seeing the unwinding of the property cycle in all its simplicity. It is not rocket science. Since 1870 the cycle has followed an 18 year pattern (give or take a year or two) Basically property prices rise for 12 years in a row....and then fall and remain static for the next 6 years. This present cycle which began in 1996 has now completed its 12 years growth and is now in decline. For those of you who are tempted to buy now...don't Rent and save for the next 5 or 6 years and you will then be in a position to buy a property that you can only dream about now. This is 100% corre
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