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  1. I was also looking to get a property but lost my job, I went back to the origional lender who had agreed an AIP before, told circumstances said should be no problem now im in another job, (finnished one on the friday started another on the monday). I said that since it had been 6 months i was concerned about my credit rating, their advice was that getting multiple credit checks for loans done in a short period sets of alarm bells but not over longer periods. I guess if you have good/NO credit rating you could apply for say 10 or 20 loands of the course of a day. and leave the country. although im not sure i belive there is a government site you can visit to view your credit rating. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/loans/credit-rating-credit-score
  2. I put a note of intrest in on a property yesterday, today i enquired if we where still the only intrested party, but was told no, was one other note of intrest. then shortly afterwards was informed the other bidder had put in a "good" offer. Later today it transpired that the other offer was from within the selling solicitors office. I thought that the selling agent could not act as the buying agent on the same property in scotland ? Stoo
  3. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has any recent experience of buying or trying to buy in aberdeen? I have been offered a new job up there, and having spoke to a few people they have said that the offers over in aberdeen is alive and kicking and that poperties are easily going for 10 - 15% over the asking price. any info appreciated. Stoo.
  4. Hello, Apologies if this has been covered before but a search did not yield any topics. Viewing a house the other day the EA had said that the house was being sold by a building company as it had been part exchanged. I had wondered why in the sold prices the house had sold around the same time it had went on the market, and that it had sold about 25k higher than other similar properties. After a walk around the area one of the neighbours was washing his car and I stopped to chat, he said the family had traded up and moved to a new build up the road. I went to the newbuild and went into the show home for a nosey, we started to ask about the prices and if there was any negotiation on the price, not that it was really in our range anyway being 250k for a 3 bed.... Anyway the sales office where not interested at all, in negotiating unless you had a home to trade in. probably not a revelation but seems that rather than drop their shiney new house prices they can be flexible on the trade ins and thus not affect the top line of their new street, i guess it stops them getting grumpy owners who paid top line finding out that people a few months down the line got the same house 25k cheaper.
  5. Thanks for the reply, Perhaps I am assuming to much in being gazzumped from reading all posts from 08 etc where people said they where gazzumped while waiting on solictiors etc., and there is a 28day completion window... ? This property seems to me to have a strange extension that joins the neighbours extension, as well as a dodgy drive that appears to "illegally" access a main road, in that the kerb is not dropped, i.e. they knocked the wall down and put some gravel down, so im anticipating some legal work, hence the cause for concern in entering into that with a solicitor and possibly be gazzumped. It went on the market early december (2012) and according to property bee has dropped 25k in small 5k and 10k increments since then, at which point its value let it appear in my search criteria. When i viewed it on Sat EA made a big hoo haa about taking down peoples names for "security" purposes, and on the list dating back to December only 6 names where there. It was an open day to drum up interest as it was being taken off the market at the end of the week, either to another EA or auction. The original sale was 2007 (peak i believe) and it seems they where initially trying to attain that price, although I see on zoopla sold prices that other similar properties which might not need TLC but also may not have an extension sold for 20k under current offers over price. The home report didn't say to much other than the things that where obvious with the damage, although the loft ladders had been damaged so I could not see the attic, apparently there was some dampness up there under the boiler, which makes me think this might have been damaged, im planning to arrange another viewing take a ladder with me and have a much better poke around. having said that the home report said the extension was circa 2006 which means it must have been legal when it was bought in 2007... Does the home report verify if all planning permission etc was obtained or just if its structurally sound ? The background reading on buying a repo shows that you can get creditors at your door looking for the old owner etc,. Is it worth the hassle, I think its worth a punt.... Thanks Again
  6. just noticed the article was 2012 not 08 - been reading a lot of old topics on the subject
  7. Hello, I have come across a property in Scotland that im thinking very cautiously on putting in an offer on due to the fact that it has been repossessed. Reading general forums it seems that at any point you can be gazzumped, as the bank is legally obliged to get the best price for the property and as such even after we put in an offer it can be taken away even if its a mere 1k more. Is this the case in Scotland? one forum article from 2008 said this is not the case in Scotland.. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3842617 In this scenario the house has had some damage done by previous owners in that the electrical sockets, telephone etc have been damaged, and fridge/freezer left with rotten fish heads in that no one has appeared to remove. Is there leway in offering 10 or 20k less than the offers over price? Thanks for any replies Stoo.
  8. interesting site despositprotection.com is there anything similar for Scotland ?
  9. Yeah I noticed a similar article in the telegraph today http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/8910490/Letting-agents-rip-off-tenants.html came here to post it and saw this one. I paid £60 check and refused to pay for my wife, which they allowed, but i was anoyed as all they did was email my boss and my friend for a reference and admitted they did not perform a credit check... Im now wondering if i can claim this back if it is illegal under scots law. ive already given my notice. and move out soon.
  10. As a FTB im not to up on the whole conveyancing thing. I put an offer in on a house today that was unfortunately rejected. The thing is the solicitor I initially contacted, I was a disappointed with, despite the property I was interested in had been up for sale for months (owner had died) been to a closing date already and not sold. I was advised not to offer a penny less than the offers over... This solicitor did divulge that she did know about the property as she had been dealing with it earlier in the week, but the interested party had pulled out having not secured a mortgage. She told that she would have to divulge if they where working on the property with another client. I never knew that but makes sense one solicitor bidding on one house with two interested parties. Thus feeling disgruntled I called all the local solicitors primarily to find out if they where available to work on the conveyancing for me or where working for someone else, and the 2nd thing was to find out the costs, which varied quite a lot to my surprise.. None of the solicitors declined to work on the house for me thus i knew non of the local solicitors where working on the house for the 2nd upcoming closing date. (right /wrong?) So i put in an off 20k below asking, my feeling off the value, told it would be embarrassing for the seller yada yada. tough its meh money tell em how it is. Got a call later on to say i was not successful ho humm I guess she was right but for me i cant afford the extra 20k and still live comfortably, im sure something else will come along though. The thing is how do you choose a good solicitor? is cheaper worse ? Is it bad practice, to call all the solicitors to find out if they are acting on the property for someone or not, this time i had the added value factor of finding out their fees probably wont get away with that a second time. Is it illegal for example I put in a bid of 90k on a house met with scorn, i get my best mate to put in an offer off 80k on it also, which obviously will not be accepted but in the circumstances of things make my bid a clear winner !? Can a solicitor refuse to put a bin in on your behalf if they think its "insulting" ? I think in the current market there are no insulting bids.
  11. Im in a similar position to you Gavin, Mrs is pregnant (set in stone). The way i look at affordability is that no matter what you offer you will still think maybe i could of got it for less, for me its about affordability, and gut feeling, I put an offer in for a 3 bed mid-row today 20k below asking, it was a house i could see myself living in for a long time with a fammily and weather it went up or down it didnt matter as with the offer i made i would still be able to live. It had been on the market since feb and went to a closing date last month but nobody offered "enough". The day i viewed it apparently there had been a few viewings that day also (yeah). Anyway the next day the EA told it was going to close date (today). They expressed scorn at my offer saying the house was cheap enough but the Solicitor still put the offer in anyway, I guess they are not that confident in their advice, and said vendor be insulted but i stuck to my guns anyway. It was refused but the house is empty and winter is coming, i have my deposit in the bank, negative press reports about house prices in the news and time on my side If it is still refused i will resubmit my offer next month with a further 2k reduction.
  12. Following on from a thread I posted in the regional scotland section about the number of empty homes in scoltland, I found the shelter scotland website refered to a reportemptyhomes.com site. Its not only for scotland but appears to be national, maybe the official statics are a bit awry and each of us can report local empty properties to the site. Appoligies if its been posted before but the search did not show it. Stoo
  13. Fellow, feel free to post the link on other threads or forums im happy for the information to flow freely. It talks about grants and loans does that mean private landlords can buy a wreck get a cheap government loan/grant to rent it out and then get guranteed tennants and rent ? I like the idea of bringing them back into use but for the right people to benefit. This is an intresting site: http://scotland.shelter.org.uk/housing_issues/more_homes/empty_homes Maybe the number of empty homes is more than offically recoded if we each report houses in our own areas that are empty. There is a house near my parents that is piled up with books etc, im told it some sort of lawyers office or something does that fall into the empty homes category?
  14. Apparently there isnt a houseing shortage in scotland, 4000 empty in dundee alone and estimated 70000 throughout scotland. http://www.thecourier.co.uk/News/Dundee/article/10258/call-to-tackle-homelessness-by-bringing-dundee-s-4000-empty-houses-into-use.html A previousCourier arctile put the figure at nearer 5k though and 106k nationally...
  15. I was listening to tay fm this morning, and they where touting latest house price figures from ROS, which i found to be ros.gov.uk for free house prices, haven’t come across the site before but seems interesting. Anyway, Tay FM reported that the house prices in Dundee had risen by around 9. something percent and all other areas fife, angus, and Perth reporting the highest falls. I found this hard to believe hence googling this ROS site. Which has a very nice interactive chart http://www.ros.gov.uk/public/news/press_release_flash/28day.html this shows something completely different to that i heard on the radio... Maybe i picked them up wrong. Having been monitoring tspc website off and on the prices are still slowly coming down I feel and i hope to buy this year, as rental prices in Dundee seem to be a lot higher than outlying areas. Stoo.
  16. take it we are not talking about the likes of northern rock or B&B but more HBOS etc? or all banks not currently govement owned ? Stoo.
  17. CountryWide also do auctions for scottish property one comming up in a couple of weeks. http://www.countrywidepropertyauctions.co....rch&dbtype=
  18. Sounds like a good reliable income when your mortgaged to the hilt....
  19. Perhaps a complaint is in order, as it is not very balanced reporting imho... after all i pay for this twaddle with my tv licence....
  20. Yeah I just read the article myself, cant believe it tbh, TOSSERS.
  21. Funny this topic arose, My work is 25miles from my house, two weeks ago i brought the bike in on the car and cycled to the station and back (10miles round trip) just as a tester make sure i wasnt near to death as it been a while since the bike was out the shed, so the following week i brought in my bike on the train, all went well but as i live in a rural area train times not that regular, and it actually works out dearer than petrol. Normally if i take the car im up at 6 in for work just before 7, however on the bike the first train is at 7:30 so its about 8:30 before I get in, so there is no benefit to me other than the health side of it which is what im after but if it was significantly more cheaper say £5 return i would be more inclined to cycle in than just do it on the odd day I feel like being healthy. stoo
  22. Finnaly the media is accepting the fact Scotland is not immune.... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7397579.stm http://uk.reuters.com/article/businessNews...me=businessNews
  23. Heh, know where your comming from all though I think the money is a drop in the ocean that wont make much difference to the banks but us as tax payers will still have to pick up the dregs of the credit crunch. If the goverment does somehow avert a HPC then I will definately emigrate as this country is going doon the pan rapid.
  24. My local tesco station in fife opens at 7am, i drove past at 5 past and already was a Q round the carpark and out onto the main road, I then passed another 3 petrol stations, 2 of which where out of fuel completley and another with deisel only, seems the east coasters are going a bit daft filling up the motors... People see a large Q and the panic becomes infectious. I totally agree with one posters comments about the £20 minimum charge, stop these idiot who drive 5 miles then come back to fill up for £3.50 worth of fuel.
  25. Think we will see a northern rock style Run ?
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