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  1. I know someone who was offered 25% of the value of the mortgage to move it somewhere else (it was an advantage mortgage) He seemed to think it was because of the very very low interest rate he is now paying ie his mortgage payment is under 40 quid a month the lowest he would be paying if he remortgaged would be around 320 quid a month, This was the reason he seemed to think he was been offered a settlement
  2. I can't find information on TDGTTS for March only April, I'd write a letter if I had info that they were telling porkies Was Philip Johnston saying that 100 were needed per estate agent shop or by the company as a whole, the reason I ask is because this agent only had 2 or 3 shops
  3. I read in the Newry Democrat that one Newry estate agency sold 14 houses in March (looked for the story on the online edition but its not there) 2 houses a week seems good going in todays market - I hope that they are telling fibs
  4. So what does this mean for the future? In my opinion we will start to track the fall of UK prices – the rate of decline will ease off and bottom out at the long term ratio to wages of 3/3.2, or about £80-90K for a FTB house. Overall this is a drop of about 55-60%. In my opinion, this will be reached in 2011, in both the UK and NI. This is consistent with the 18 year property cycle – 10 years up, 4 down and 4 flat, as has been observed in many cycles and can also be seen on my graph. I gladly welcome any comments, anything I have missed or especially any counter-arguments to my assertions he
  5. I think the texts that appeared on screen as the guests spoke -- painted a far more realistic picture of the situation in norn iron --- a bricklayer out of work for six months - a guy who ca't sleep at night cause his house as halved in value - a mother and daughter who have moved out of their house into a caravan, a couple of examples of people still living at home cause they can't afford to move out, a couple who got 40k knocked of the prce of a house they bought - but still think they've lost out Nolan was also laughing at the guy who bought 2 houses in the last year -- nice to b
  6. Cheers Does that mean that they are borrowing the money from somewhere immediately and we and our children and our grandchildren will be paying it back through tax? If so where are the govt getting the money in the intrim?
  7. So where are the government getting the money from to inject it into the banks? -- If they are borrowing it who are they borrowing it from? or are they rasing the money by selling Gilts? I'm confused.com
  8. Nimble Bread - hillarious!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGUugYVZ4Jo
  9. I haven't a clue what this means so I'll go the old way (ps I'm female lol) Kingfisher 139.90 on May 20th 08
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