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  1. i keeping my eye out dont worry have also just finished my masters which will also help but i dont want to work in an office enviroment abroad, prefer total home working which is the way a lot of jobs should go IMO. i think we have a particularly nasty bunch of boomers here!
  2. i looking at the 180-200k range tends to be lot of relatives selling off their inheritance housing that hasnt been touched for 20 years, some of this is selling some not, anything decent goes just like that. But none of this can last, i think we are going to end up as a worse version of Japan
  3. Nearly bought recently place fell through at the last min, but tbh i bit releaved we were getting it for a fair discount but when i saw the survey and had a closer look needed loads spending on it. Where i live are plenty of chancers but overall market feels like its flatlined HTB2 has stopped the slow decrease but hasnt increased prices. I also look at most houses and feel they so badly built or are ugly to bother with and most are in poor condition. IMO unless housing is sorted this country is on the way out u cannot fleece the young forever to pay for baby boomer excess. It annoys me that
  4. Thought i'd have a rant on HTB. In my area (west midlands) HTB has had a strange effect,asking prices are up but according to LR sales prices aren't really going up, but anything decent on the market is snapped up ASAP! The strange thing IMO is that i would have thought that HTB2 would have bought more supply onto the market but if anything there is less new to the market than this time last year and sales volumes are not shifting. I know you can get pesamistic about all this but can the government really keep this party going? At least in the run up to the last boom in 2007 people were feeli
  5. that is the hard part, in theory i can do my current office job from anywhere as long as i have a broadband connection. However Uk isnt ready for mass working from home yet. I will look out for a home based opportunity. My partner is just watching a programme on illegal homes on spanish tv, sounds like a complete nightmare buying in spain even for the locals but i am tempted by their cheap rentals and better tennant rights ps would you chuck a woman who looked like that even if she was a bit mad in the head?
  6. Just came across this thread what a great idea, but what do u do for income whilst abroad? I would love to travel around europe renting a different place every so often, my work is computer based so in theory it could be done from anywhere, no need to sit in a UK office hearing muppets discuss buying houses and wats happening in the soaps lol.
  7. Thanks for all ur help guys our big problem is that we gave notice as we were thinking we would complete this week and the way our tenancy works we needed to give written notice before the periodic tenancy starting date in our case the 16th, thinking that 1 month would be plenty of time for last bits of our move to go through. But out of the blue the sellers have thrown a amajor spanner into the works and need to go to probate over a small piece of land that was not signed over to them from their mother who is now dead. Our soliciotr says this may take longer than a month to sort out. Our lan
  8. Thanks i think i will go to town with her now we handed her notice after 8 years renting from her, in that time we have given her no trouble as place we buyin is bit up air we asked if she could be flexible on date we move and she sent a snotty letter saying no flexibility and place better be in good condition if we want deposit back. Sheangry because she had it for sale and finally found another parasite to sell it too and she was worried that without tenants they might lose interest. I hate the housing situation and annoyed we overpaying for a basic need but will be glad to be away from
  9. thanks that is really useful, i more worried about our deposit as we are the ones leaving and our lovely landlady playing up
  10. I think we only retain international confidence because the global elite have their noses firmly in the london property trough, but they will surely want to cash their gains at somepoint and move to the next trough and surely we are finsihed then. Its quite clear that the country is now firmly rudderless no matter who is in charge, this is a cross ur fingers and hope economic policy
  11. Hi can anyone help me understand if the rules on tennacy deposit protection apply in my case. We started tennacy back in 2006 before the deposit rules were introduced, we renewed contract couple of times six months at a time and went on a rolling month by month contract in September 2008. My landord has never written to say that they have protected my deposit since these rules but as my tennacy started in 2006 does it apply in this case? Have looked on shelter but is unclear if it applies in our case?
  12. what about asking for a lock out agreement has anyone here expereince of using one of these found this info on google search http://www.collyerbristow.com/Default.aspx?sID=111&cID=883&ctID=43&lID=0&filter=1
  13. Yes i know all those regular tactics, but the point is why accept my offer and then deny there are still viewings when there are, i do think it was a mistake was a young girl who didnt look that experienced to me. If they think there is more money to milk just keep rejecting my bids. Anyway i wont be pushed by anyone what i offered is what i offered and if the survey comes up with issues i will be subtracting more. if renting wasnt so s**t i'd never buy a house
  14. i think i will drag them out a bit now, and i might do a bit of spiteful bidding then pull out just to ruin there sale if there is another bidder. Agree that survey cost should be on the seller not the buyer and once SSTC should be a legally binding contract with penalties for pulling out. I just love how stupid the EA was too leave appointment book in front of me
  15. have had an offer agreed on a house people selling are acting reluctant want to leave it on mkt until they get call for survey, i argued with ea agreement to sell should mean taking it off the mkt straight away, they were playing my best friend routine and agreed with me, reassuring me that as soon as they got the agreement in principal they would ring the seller and change their mind. I asked the agent on phone if there were any upcoming viewing and they said no. Anyway went to EA to hand in my AIP, whilst they were photocopying my docs i could see there viewings book in front of me and was a
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