• "The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool." ~ Stephen King
  • "Trust is hard to gain but easy to loose" - Unknown
  • "Never put your faith in politicians" - Unknown

Some statements that won't build trust

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We won the war! House prices are still going up! Muhammed_Saeed_al-Sahaf
  • "Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction that can be launched in 30 minutes" - Prime Minister Tony Blair in the run up to the second Iraq war.
  • "Income tax will not be raised" - Gordon Brown. I haven't enough space to list all the other taxes that he subsequently raised!
  • "It is a good day to bury bad news" - Jo Moore Government press officer 11 September 2001. She subsequently resigned.
  • "Taxes will be reduced" - This is probably what Gordon Brown will say in run up to the next election. However, beware "Environmental Charges" aren't taxes are they? Nope, there "Charges" so that’s all right then we can put them up. 1p per mile environmental car charge! Environmental airport charge....... this list is also endless!
  • House purchaser phones estate agents to place £200,000 offer on house. Estate agents agrees to phone buyer to determine if this is acceptable but instead gets a cup of coffee. Estate agent then phones buyer with the bad news that the seller wants more money. Buyer agrees to offer £220,000. Estate agent phones seller, and seller accepts the first offer they ever had!!
  • Finally, children are asked to phone in to vote for the name of the new BBC Blue Peter cat. The winner, well not the name the children chose; the director has thought of a better name!! You would think an organisation that is always under fire for being biased would at least manage to give the cat the name the children voted for. Still in these cool Britannia days perhaps we are teaching the children the crucial skill of spin before they leave school! But it does leave you wondering just how biased the BBC news reports are.

Impact on the U.K housing market