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Or maybe they were simply overpriced

Bloomberg: Brexit Blues Hit House Prices in Almost Every London Borough

News of price drops from international media

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Soothing words

BBC: Bank warns of 'more frequent' rate increases than expected

Carney suggests rate rises in order not to have to make any. How though, can interest rates be raised before QE is reversed? Because if interest rate rises happen first, then the BoE has printed money and then raised interest rates to compensate.

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"we have such a crackpot relationship with housing in this country

FT: Property Prices Must Drop To Save Market

We should all be worried about a number of conversations regarding the property market that are going on in the corridors of power. These concern whether buy-to-let investments should be allowed in pensions, and whether savers should be allow to dip into their pensions to pay for a house deposit.

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Average house prices increased by 0.6% in the year to February 2019

BBC: House price growth at six-year low

Does that mean you made a loss? Conservatively inflation is 2%, So you made a 1.4% loss as you would have for that in a savings account Loss of interest/ Opportunity cost of the money paid for mortgage Additional costs: You would need to pay for Home and content insurance: £200 to £1000 Repairs: £1000 or so. Please add any additional home ownership costs that you may know. Like if you need a new mortgage or move deals etc. Summary: You kind off need 4-5% annual house price growth to keep you in the game, with this level you are looking at thousands of pounds of losses every year

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House prices are soaring

Telegraph: House prices are soaring because homeowners are 'bored of Brexit' and want to get on with their lives

The average asking price on a home jumped by nearly £3,500 in April - marking the biggest month-on-month uplift in over a year - according to Rightmove property website.

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Another nail in the coffin of Buy To Let

BBC News: No-fault evictions to be banned in England

Private landlords will no longer be able to evict tenants at short notice without good reason under new government plans. The change is intended to protect renters from "unethical" landlords and give them more long-term security. Section 21 notices allow landlords to evict renters without a reason at the end of their fixed-term tenancy. The National Landlords Association said the move would create "chaos" and make fixed-term contracts "meaningless".

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Buy to let lenders will have an eye on this

Guardian: End of section 21

Finally some rights for people who have to rent Its so insecure it beggars belief and I was shocked at the sheer numbers of families renting Little wonder we have a mental health epidemic

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