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Hitting all

BBC: Soaring second home ownership hitting young people

Its become a business not a place to live

Posted by deepak @ 10:02 AM 0 Comments

5.2% higher than in 2018

Reuters: UK house prices show biggest annual rise since Jan 2017 - Halifax

Would love to understand why the divergence from any other House price index? Also the volume of sales and turnover and the rate being offered.

Posted by deepak @ 09:17 PM 1 Comments

History doesn't repeat it rhymes

BBC: What went wrong for Woodford and why it matters

BNP freezes $2.2 bln of funds over subprime This was the precursor in Aug 2007 when BNP barred investors money due to illiquidity of the funds. Interesting how reading the two articles, how similar words have been used to explain the situation

Posted by deepak @ 06:00 PM 2 Comments

Any day now the promised rent increases will come

ONS: ONS Rental index April 2019

For all the bleating from the landlord lobby, rents show no evidence of increased costs being passed on. I'm sure it'll come! Hopefully the gvmt will learn the lesson and increase taxes on owner occupied property as well and use the proceeds to reduce the damage done by taxing people in poverty.

Posted by mombers @ 08:19 AM 3 Comments

Trying to avoid another Northern rock

Reuters: Bank of England says it is should be watching mortgage price war 'like a hawk'

The BoE wants to ensure Mortgage lending doesn't get out of hand

Posted by tenyearstogetmymoneyback @ 12:34 PM 3 Comments

Or maybe they were simply overpriced

Bloomberg: Brexit Blues Hit House Prices in Almost Every London Borough

News of price drops from international media

Posted by tenyearstogetmymoneyback @ 09:36 PM 1 Comments

Soothing words

BBC: Bank warns of 'more frequent' rate increases than expected

Carney suggests rate rises in order not to have to make any. How though, can interest rates be raised before QE is reversed? Because if interest rate rises happen first, then the BoE has printed money and then raised interest rates to compensate.

Posted by stillthinking @ 03:33 AM 0 Comments

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Source website Period covered Average house price Monthly change (%) Annual change (%) Archive / Graph Peak average house price Change since peak (%) Official releases
LSL Property Services & Acadametrics (England and Wales) Jun 18 £303,960 0.20 2.10 Cross£305,654
(May 18)
0.5516/07/2018 (PDF)
Halifax House Price Index Jun 18 £225,654 0.30 1.80 Tick£227,871
(Mar 18)
0.9706/07/2018 (PDF) (England and Wales) Jul 18 £310,577 0.10 1.30 Cross N/A N/A 12/07/2018 (PDF)
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Land Registry Monthly Report Apr 18 £226,906 1.20 3.90 TickThis monthN/A13/06/2018 (PDF)
Nationwide House Price Index Jun 18 £215,444 0.50 2.00 TickThis monthN/A01/06/2018 (PDF)
Rightmove House Price Index July 18 £309,191 0.10 1.40 Tick£317,281
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house price
change (%)
change (%)
Annual change
Archive /Graph Peak average
house price
Change since
peak (%)
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Land Registry Monthly Report Apr 18 £484,584 2.40 N/A 1.00 Tick£530,409
(Jan 16)
8.6413/06/2018 (PDF)
Nationwide House Price Index Q2 18 £468,845 N/A 2.30 1.90 Cross£478,782
(Q1 17)
2.0801/06/2018 (PDF)
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