UK Mortgage Calculator: Quickly Calculate your Mortgage Repayments

Use our mortgage calculator by inputting the price of the property you are looking to buy, then input your deposit followed by the mortgage term and finally the interest rate.

You can then ‘tweak’ each of these settings individually to find your perfect monthly mortgage repayment. 

Buy to Let investors, hit the ‘Interest Only’ tab to see what the mortgage repayments would be without the capital repayment.

Top Tip: Stress test yourself before applying for a mortgage – check you can still afford the monthly mortgage repayments with a 20% ‘unforeseen’ drop in your income.




? Make sure you can afford it!

If your interest rate goes up by 3% your monthly payment will be




Buy to Let Mortgage Calculator

Use the mortgage calculator to calculate mortgage payments for Buy-to-Lets by clicking the ‘Interest Only’ tab at the top left. The results will show the monthly mortgage payment, excluding capital repayments.