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House Prices

Last Updated: 16/06/2021

The House Price graphs show data for UK Average House Prices, UK Annual Change in House Prices including Regional House Prices for England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. Also included are Regional House Prices for England. 

Latest House Price Data [ April 2021]

  • As of April 2021 the UK Average House Price is £250,772.
  • The House Price Index [HPI] now currently stands at 131.5.
  • Property prices have risen by 8.90% when compared to the same month last year but have fallen 1.9% when compared to the previous month.

UK Average House Prices

uk average house prices graph

Percentage Change by Property Type

annual percentage house price change by property type graph
annual percentage house price change by property type 2021 graph

House Prices - England, Wales, Scotland & N. Ireland

average house prices N.I graph

House Prices by Region

house prices south west England
house prices south east England
house prices east of england
west midlands house prices

House Prices in 2020

percentage house price growth change in 2020
house prices 2020 percentage graph country uk
house price changes england regions graph

Source: Land Registry

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