was one of the first UK property forums, being born back in 2003. And since then, it’s grown to be one of the staples of any investor’s (property or otherwise) daily reading, with over 8,000,000 pageviews in 2020.

HPC in The Media

Threads including help, advice and even market predictions have allowed to gain media attention over the years, which continues to grow. 

We’ve been featured on the likes of: 

  • Money Saving Expert
  • Love Money
  • Property Industry Eye
  • Landlord Zone
  • The Times
  • The Guardian
  • BBC News
  • Wales Online
  • The Negotiator
  • The list goes on…!

What We Discuss

Many of our users have been here since the very beginning and regularly discuss the current state of the housing market; both good and bad. The most active part of the House Price Crash property forum is the Housing and Economy section. You can register to participate here

Although a lot of the discussion revolves around house prices, that’s not all we talk about. As a lot of our members like to spread their risk in case of a market crash, there’s plenty of talk about alternative investments asides from property. 

For instance, there’s a tonne of action in our Bubbly Bitcoin thread, and here, in the Gold Strategy thread. So, if you’re interested in investment talk that includes property, this is the place to be. 

You can read without registering, but you’ll need to quickly register here if you want to get involved in the discussion.