We need to shift from generation rent to generation rental portfolio

The Daily Mash: Tories to build thousands of affordable second homes

When satire is more real than the news....

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Thursday, Oct 8, 2015

Can the Tories convince the unlanded that they have their backs?

Torygraph: The real ticking time bomb for the Tories is home ownership

This chap seems to narrowly define ownership and private property as only residential housing. Hilarious that he sees France's higher homeownership as a good thing! The most successful parts of the country are dominated by renters - London is under half homeowner. For good labour mobility, you need people to be able to move easily, which you simply don't have if everyone owns. Even without stamp duty and a conveyancing system that almost seems designed to slow things down, you require a much bigger career opportunity to move if you own rather than rent. What is needed is secure, good quality rental accommodation for the young and older people on low incomes, and a norm of buying your first home when you truly settle down, e.g. kids start school.

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Wednesday, Oct 7, 2015

Are they feeling the heat?

Guardian: Are they feeling the heat?

"David Cameron will promise to sweep away planning rules that require property developers to build affordable homes for rent in a bid to increase the building of homes for first-time buyers. In a bid to shift from generation rent to generation buy, Cameron will say in his speech at the Conservative party conference on Wednesday that he hopes his new starter homes proposal can unblock housebuilding in the UK by abolishing demands that developers provide a certain amount of affordable housing to rent in new developments." I'm pretty cold towards all political parties when it comes to housing policy but who knows? Could the current lot have stumbled across something useful?

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Monday, Oct 5, 2015

You cannot escape location Value even after Death

Torygraph: The not-so-great leveller: dramatic differences in cost of dying just miles apart

Some on this site refutes Ricardo's law but lets face it it works, even after you die...

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A growing voting block - no wonder BTL is under attack even by the Tories

Torygraph: Generation rent: the reluctant rise of the older tenant

"Silver-haired housemates still writing their name on their milk in the fridge? It’s the future, says seasoned tenant Hannah Betts " Of course the taxpayer is picking up the tab for a lot of these rents (25% of private rents are paid in part or full by Housing Benefit), and probably all of them once these poor people retire.

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Disillusioned by Britain's dysfunctional housing market

Telegraph: Downsize to raise cash? It would COST us £90,000

Beryl Morris is keen to sell her two-storey, four-bedroom family home in the near future. She and her husband have loved it for the 33 years they've lived there - but now it’s too big to manage. Downsizing isn’t an option for the couple, however.

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Sunday, Oct 4, 2015

Amazing Tory policy on housing

Stephentall: 18 posters in which the Consrvatives promise to build more housing

I found this link on another blog yesterday and it is absolutely staggering and just shows how far the Conservatives and New Labour have moved away from mainstream policies. Conservative policies of yesteryear would be described as extreme Corbynomics by many of our deluded politicians.

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Saturday, Oct 3, 2015

US 1 & 3 month bonds go negative

UK.Investing: U.S. 1-Month Bond Yield Overview

With 1 month US bonds confidently negative, 3 month bonds a yo-yo ing from negative to positive, pivoting around zero and the yield on 6-month treasuries actually declined 19 basis point in past month. "None of this "should be happening" in a rising rate environment with an allegedly strengthening economy" with this indicative of coming recessionary conditions states Mike Shedlock: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article52509.html : Though Mike ignores that there is a global economy at stake, and this represents capital flowing into the US market, possibly from China and Europe, but also places like Brazil, combined with the US experiencing a global deflationary shock on commodities from the Chinese collapse that outweighs strong economic growth on the FOREX market right now.

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Double top for US house prices or new boom?

Huffington Post: US Home Prices Reaching Near Peak - So What's the Problem?

The new FHFA, Federal Housing Finance Agency, House Price Index has been published with data through the end of July, 2015. Here's a chart to get the discussion going:

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One for the bears

Armstrong Economics: Real Estate and the Economic Confidence Model

The peak in real estate may have arrived. At the same time, this reflects the shift away from government bonds. Blackstone Group LP, the largest real estate fund to assemble, has come right on point. Blackstone raised $15.8 billion, creating the largest real estate fund in history. As we have warned, this reflects investment capital shifting into real estate. We may see a major high in real estate in many areas due to taxes and regulations. They are even looking at introducing property taxes in places within Europe where they did not exist before.

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