Time to short GBP/USD?

JonathanDavis: Interest rates are NOT rising!!!

Rates rose last year so, apparently, everyone jumped on the short term bandwagon and decided that the multi-decade trend had suddenly changed. Somewhat prematurely in our view. So the rate rose last year and the media and City pundits went wild announcing the death of the 40 year fall in rates and so, they said, we must expect higher and higher rates in the future. I have news for you: if rates rise then the Western economy is – to put it highly technically toast! So, if the rate at which the government borrows was to rise from, say, 3.5% to 4% – a mere 0.5% rise – this would increase the Government’s interest bill by £7 Billions pa. How would it pay for it? £7Bns of cuts? That would play well with the electorate just as we are entering the final year before the next Election.

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Wednesday, Apr 16, 2014

LibDims perform U-turn on Mansion Tax

Torygraph: One of the most destructive taxes of the past 40 years could soon be axed

A mansion tax would fatally undermine the concept of freehold property

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Rent price crash: 6 months -3.387%

RentIndex: Average monthly rental figure for let residential property in England and Wales.

Average monthly rental figure for let residential property in England and Wales provided by propertyhawk Property Manager software providers. Rents are the lowest they have been since 2012 and trending downwards. Percentage change:12 months -1.767%, 6 months -3.387%, 3 months -1.859%, 1 month -0.314%

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Has the housing bubble peaked?

MoneyWeek.com: Don'€™t speak too soon -€“ but the housing bubble may be peaking

House buyers are entitled to feel disgruntled at today's inflated prices. Dominic Frisby offers a ray of hope that an end to the madness may be in sight.

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Good headline

Metro: Your home probably earns more than you: Property experts warn of a housing ‘super bubble’

The article is the same old stuff, but it's a good headline. That's the whole point of Home-Owner-Ism, to get other people to earn money for you and you siphon it off via the land market/mortgages (for the top one per cent), the Homey foot soldiers are being conned a bit because it's only a paper gain and they get tricked into MEWing. The bottom third (the young) are getting shafted by everybody else.

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Tuesday, Apr 15, 2014

Don't worry, this boom will be perfect

Evening Standard: Housing crisis overtakes transport as biggest concern for Londoners, poll suggests

House prices always go up forever.

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It's a superbubble

Evening Standard: The housing bubble continues to swell

But if there is a shortage of supply, why are rents ... falling?

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Frances O'Grady says a cost of living crisis remains

Sky: House Price Concern As Wider Inflation Eases

"Wage rises could be finally outstripping inflation for the first time in years though house price growth continues apace". ( NOTE KEYWORD: could).

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Now london is in superbubble?

Dailymail: Is london now in a superbubble

Remarkably similar to Tokyo where properties eventually fell over 80% and 22 years later Are still up to 40% less....I.e. this time it didn't recover...I cannot see this ending anyway but Very very badly

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A fate worse than death...

BBC: Scottish independence: Debt dump worth more than oil, says CPPR

A spokesman for Better Together said: "Only Alex Salmond is suggesting that Scotland would default on our share of the debt if we leave the UK. "People know what happens if you don't pay your debts - you end up with a bad credit rating and everything is more expensive. "That would mean far higher mortgage repayments, higher credit card bills and higher costs for families." They can take our lives, but they'll never take away our low mortgage interest rates!!

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