China property market the one to watch (for now)

Investment week: Happy Halloween: Five scary charts from M&G's Bond Vigilantes

You may see some scary sights this Halloween night, but none as terrifying as these global economic statistics. M&G's Bond Vigilantes have put together five scary charts guaranteed to make your hair stand on end, which they have labelled 'not for the fainthearted'.

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The Fat Man Tries Again

Kentonline: Fergus and Judith Wilson to launch Maidstone High Flyers Business Club

Property tycoons Fergus and Judith Wilson may be selling off their 1,000-home empire but they cannot help dipping into the market. Mr Wilson – who reportedly was buying a house a day in the early 2000s – admitted he is still buying houses and bought one as recently as last week. Mr Wilson – who lives in Boughton Monchelsea, Maidstone – was speaking after he was spotted walking around the Kent 2020 Start Up Live exhibition at Kent Showground, Detling, last week. He said: “My wife and I have been involved in lots of business clubs. They are basically networking clubs. “It will cost £50 for the lunch and the speakers and if they turn up and don’t get £50 of business out of it, then they shouldn’t be coming.”

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Renter votes not required, thank you

Telegraph: David Cameron: I want interest rates to stay at rock bottom for ever

'David Cameron has said it would be "lovely" for interest rates to remain at historic lows "forever" because it will allow families "to buy the homes they can afford". The Prime Minister said that Britain’s low interest rates are "good news" because it has made owning a home more affordable. He agreed with a voter who told him that a rise in rates could make life "very hard" for homeowners.' This is a taste of what we can look forward to for the next general election.

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Thursday, Oct 30, 2014

If coffee price increases slowed down would we cheer or cry?

BBC: Housing market is losing momentum, Nationwide says

Nationwide said house price inflation slowed to 9.0% in October on an annual basis, down from 9.4% in September. Despite the gradual slowdown in house price growth, the broader economic outlook remains positive, Nationwide said. Check out the affordability calculator.

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Wednesday, Oct 29, 2014

Is a worldwide housing crash going to happen in 2015

Zero Hedge: Mortgage purchase applications plunge to 19 year low

In America mortgage applications are at a 19 year low. In China the property market is on the brink of collapse. One of these superpowers has gorged on massive quantitative easing for 6 years the other has gorged on massive infrastructure spending in the same time frame, both based on funny money to keep the pack of cards together. It always used to be said if America sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold. If China and America sneeze at the same time, I wonder just what sort of cold is coming our way.

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BOE due to copy FED's policies, economists confused by BOE propaganda

Reuters: First Bank of England hike still seen in first quarter

A rise in British interest rates in the first quarter of 2015 is now much less certain, according to a Reuters poll in which almost half the economists questioned thought the hike would come later in the year. A wafer-thin majority, 28 of 54 economists, stuck to their calls for the initial hike to come in the first quarter. In an Oct. 1 poll 54 of 60 economists had expected the Bank of England to act before April. British rates have been at an all-time low of 0.5 percent since the depths of the financial crisis in early 2009, but with the economy exhibiting some of the healthiest growth rates among developed nations, economists in Reuters polls since June have been targeting the first three months of 2015 for the first rise in Bank Rate.

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May Poppins Quite; coming to a house near you soon Frozen's Kristen Bell Is Surprisingly Political as Mary Poppins

Can't wait for another fantastic US import. Wage inflation ; LOL.

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Back to pre-boom prices based on borrowing

Reuters: UK mortgage approvals fall to lowest since July 2013 in September

British lenders approved the fewest mortgages in more than a year last month, as evidence mounts that a big rebound in housing market activity over the past year has come off the boil. The Bank of England said mortgage approvals for house purchase fell to 61,267 in September, down from 64,054 in August -- a bigger fall than economists had forecast though similar to the decline reported last week by the British Bankers' Association.

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Singapore's prices continue to decline

Bloomberg: Singapore’s private home prices fell 0.7 percent in the three months ended September

Singapore’s private home prices fell 0.7 percent in the three months ended September, the fourth quarter-on-quarter drop, bringing the slide in the past year to almost 4 percent. “There is some distance to go in achieving a meaningful correction, after the sharp run-up in prices in recent years,” Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Singapore’s finance minister, said in a speech yesterday.

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Tuesday, Oct 28, 2014

Global property slump accelerates

Zerohedge: Case-Shiller Home Prices Decline For 4 Months In A Row

August Case-Shiller data for August confirmed once again that US housing is rapidly slowing down, when the Top 20 Composite Index (Seasonally Adjusted) posted another decline in August, its fourth in a row, declining by -0.15% and missing expectations of a modest 0.2% rebound (following last month's -0.5%) decline.

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