Help not to be repossessed

City A.M.: Interest rate hikes risk a household debt crisis if we don’t act now

A "help not to be repossessed" scheme? I wouldn't bet against it

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An interesting one for the Homeowenerists...

Telegraph: BBC drives biggest rise in house prices

What to say? It's absolutely fine for idle landowners to trousers billions from CrossRail, but what if the source of the unearned windfall is that enemy of capitalism, the BBC?

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Step by step guide to being a landlord

Commercial Trust: Step by step guide to being a landlord

Being a landlord is about much more than just buying a property and sticking some tenants in to pay the rent – it’s about providing someone with a home and making sure that home is safe and suitable for the person living there.

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Is this a sign of a crash?

MoneyWeek: What Foxtons' share price tells us about the London property market

Foxtons, the famously bullish London estate agent, has seen its share price fall to a 52-week low. That doesn't bode well for the capital's house prices.

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BoE idiot extends UK boom in debt, and then claims economy is fixed. Paul Fisher: ‘The Bank delivered the recovery’

'Mr Fisher also argues that QE, along with the Bank’s Funding for Lending Scheme which subsidises credit to banks, were responsible for the recovery that finally kicked in last year.' ----- Yes, an a debt driven recovery at that. It's just a strategy to hide a bankrupt country.

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Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014

Councils fearful of upsetting investors refuse to penalise empty homes owners

BBC News: Power to penalise owners of empty homes goes unused

"The BBC's research shows there are currently 80,489 empty properties in the capital - and in total only 4,399 of them were subjected to the Empty Homes Premium." "The way to build homes is not to tax existing homes and stop people investing and buying in our city." - Daniel Astaire, cabinet member for housing, Westminster council [my emphasis].

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Monday, Jul 21, 2014

Unique Balfour Place has 19 bedrooms, six kitchens and 17 bathrooms UNIQUE BALFOUR PLACE APARTMENT BUILDING FOR SALE

No.7 Balfour Place - an Arts & Crafts-style Mayfair mansion built in 1891 - was divided up into six apartments in the 1990s. But with the world's billionaires fighting over properties in the capital, it is likely to sell to a buyer who wants it for a family home. It has seven reception rooms of 'princely proportions', six kitchens, 17 bathrooms and a roof terrace. Estate agent Peter Wetherell said: "As apartments, it could be used as an investment to generate rental income. Reinstated into a single residence, it could create one of London's finest mega-mansions." No.7 Balfour Place is for sale freehold priced at £45 million.

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Can you still get a 100% mortgage?

TurnKey Mortgages: Does the 100% mortgage still exist?

100 percent mortgage deals do still exist, but these products are usually only available either to the lenders’ existing mortgage customers or to homebuyers with a guarantor willing to repay the mortgage debt if they cannot.

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Blame it on the boogie

IBT: Average UK House Price Drops During World Cup Distraction

The average asking price for a home in the UK dropped in July amid tighter lending rules for the mortgage market, the World Cup and the start of summer. Property website Rightmove said the average asking price dropped 0.8% over the month to £270,159, thought this was still 6.5% higher than in July 2013.

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Prices start to fall

Telegraph: Houseprices start to fall

Could be the start of something bigger...buyers turning their backs.on london prices and and acceptance that wages in London simply haven't increased yet prices have soared I say again there was no shortage of supply in 2008/2009.....

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