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Randall Herbert

Uk Construction Orders Slump In 3-months To April

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UK construction orders slump in 3-months to April

08.06.2006 11:24:29, AFX Europe Focus

LONDON (AFX) - UK construction orders in the three months to April slumped

14 pct from the previous quarter and by 4 pct compared with the same period a

year ago, the Department of Trade and Industry said.

Falls were widespread within the sector.

Private housing orders declined 1 pct from the previous quarter, and by 14

pct year-on-year. Public housing and housing association orders fell 12 pct from

the previous three months, but rose 18 pct from the same period a year earlier.

Infrastructure orders slumped 34 pct compared with the previous three

months, and by 22 pct year-on-year

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I've yet to see some serious Analyst downgrades on construction Cos & house builders, which would support an argument to a larger downward correction coming - however there are some movements both up & downwards, which is ...hmmm... not very useful as an indicator really right now.

Stuff did get downgraded quite significantly in the US recently (tho the market has yet to really experience reduction on existing homes prices yet [there's a previous post somewhere regarding how the crash has occured in the US, and it hasn't yet]).

MCTY = Hold.

BVS = Hold (v small recent downgrades)

WMPY = UW, prev Hold.

TWOD = Hold-, prev Hold+

RDW = OW, previous Hold.

WBY = No rating.

BWY = Hold++, prev Hold+.

That's pretty much an average of hold, which isn't particularly supportive of a serious downward movement right now. Those Analyst might be market makers (so some of them could be considered partial VIs), but overall Analyst opinion does tend to be kind'of correct on avg.

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If we've learnt something from Enron and the dotcom fallout one thing is clear, analysts never issue a sell rating unless a company is embarrassingly and irredemably f**ked, even then they might be reluctant, especially if they have institutional business with the company.

I'm really surprised by such a swift US led downturn, things are moving quickly. I think we're beyond a "blip".

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I work in the business and I can see a fall in orders, I have had a few contractors asking to bid on works as low as 30k, where as a few years ago they were not interested, they have had the best few years ever IMO

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