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  1. To be honest I can see where some are coming from in this thread, years of being frozen out of the market, having to listen to people gloating about the value of their houses, that a crash would happen will happen is beyond a shadow of a doubt, but everyone should take note that just because a crash happens it does not mean that you will be able to buy that house now, what normally follows is a deep recession unemployment etc
  2. Banned me and for what? not a word from them this is the last post I will make on here I am afraid,
  3. Sounds like a bit of a daily mail scare story, you can imagine middle England's blood pressure rising when that dropped on the door mat,
  4. I admit it I have a Vi (I am doing the the qualifacation) but I know plenty of EA's who are relishing the introdution of HIP's. It's not like the Torygraph to get it's facts wrong,
  5. On a few other forums where they have ads, they are posted at the bottom page of the topic, I do find it intrusive and it does rather spoil my enjoyment of the site,
  6. Well that has never happened in a crash before! Nobody wants to buy the mentality is reversed, after the last crash there were great houses going up for auction, for a fraction of the cost, people even resorted to raffles and other crazy ideas in order to shift them. The amuzing thing is, you know th ebore who always go's on about how much his/her house is worth, all of a sudden they would rather talk about anything else but houses
  7. I think the flood of easy money gets to the core of the issue, I take the point about immigration. What I would do is 1. Limit the amount of a Mortgage to 4 x income at the max 2, end all BTL mortgage 3. Give real incentives to FTB's (like council tax breaks etc)
  8. Yes he got in early, the value of his portfolio is neither here nor there, because it is only imaginary (because he can't get his hands on it) but he does get the rental income and because he bought low he will pretty well insulated, but he is in the majority, and he is pretty screwed as well he knows when the BTL market collapses there will be more tenants for him, I class him as a professional landlord, despite his gloating posts, I think he agrees that houses are over valued and can't wait for a crash otherwise why bother coming on here?
  9. Yep the writing is on the wall, how can anyone think the BOE will resist the pressure to raise our rates, it would be the economics of the mad house if they did not, I believe they have been dropping subtle hints it's just that I don't think many are listening to them. Watch out for Ireland
  10. It's where Blackpool is BF, it's not bad but the fundamentals do not support the house prices it would take many years for average wages to catch up to anything near affordability. In fact the whole of the North West is mad,
  11. I remember it well, I also remember loads of people telling me it was different this time like it is every time!
  12. Spot on again, the bulls seem to think that holding on to HPI is all that matters, sure you can have it, but if they keep rates like they are will will get high inflation, and money will flee to where rates are higher, I am afraid that unless things change rates are on the up when they will stop I don't know
  13. No flaming from me, I think anger and frustration really does make people lose there cool, the problem is that this bubble should have burst a while back it showed all the signs (well nearly) but it kept on inflating. But to me that is a very big concern, small to medium bubbles we can get up from when they burst, but massive ones , have a tendency to blow up hurting everyone, and I think you will all agree that this is one of the biggest bubbles in the history of mankind
  14. What you see is a general drip drip of factors that will lead to a HPC, IMO it's not any one thing that will do it but the slow build up of various factors
  15. Pretty much spot on IMO, I can't think of many more, mortgage fraud plays a part IMO
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