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  1. If I was the Supreme Propaganda Minister of NU LAbour, I would brief all my loyal spotty activists to infiltrate popular politicised web discussion forums and task them with getting the following message out: --------------- Pretend you hate NU LAbour with a very deep passion and build a case for all voters (including normally non NU Lab voters) to actually vote for NU Labour, in order to ensure that they get back into power again, just as the UK collapses and thus let them (the bastards) take the blame for the huge disaster and then never ever get elected again! ------------------- Very clever tactic, but of course the net result would be that NU Labour are re-elected and more of the same ensues for the next four years. Project EU assured and all the other unsavoury activities that are thinly disguised at the moment. Vote Conservative and the very same is likely to happen anyway. We no longer live in anything remotely resembling a democracy. Consequently we are all ******ed because the electorate are spineless and lazy. Vote NU Lab or Conservative at your peril……………………..
  2. Can't possibly work..... The expected yields from these loans in their original form, has already been sold on and leveraged (by a huge factor) to finance all sorts of other financial trickery and corrupt practices. You can't ignor that. This will blow up sooner rather than later. All the past years raft of M&A's are financed with what kind of structured debt exactly? 1929 with knobs on guaranteed.
  3. Exactly! Even RPI is a load of old crap too!! WE ARE ALL BING CONNED! plain and simple How long will we all put up with these dangerous NU LAbour tossers? Can't be anyone with any intelligence left who would actually vote for these cut throat murderers again?
  4. Its no surprise that your figure of 14% is almost exactly the same level as the continuing scandalous money supply growth at 13%. Inflation is not 1.7%!!!! Thats NU LAbout tossers for you
  5. The scary thing is, the latest HP CRASH upon us is going to be even worse than the last one! And still the VI's will try to pretend its not happening.
  6. UK House Prices: Past CrashesUK House Prices: Past Crashes 1988 - HISTORICAL NEWS REPORTS ON HOUSE PRICES 1988 The Times TUE 05 JAN 1988 Big house price increases on way out, says Woolwich The Woolwich Building Society said yesterday that this year could be the last year of excessive house price increases as the growth of real disposable income begins to fall. The society said that there was plenty of mortgage money about to help buyer... The Times SAT 09 JAN 1988 First time buyers hold key: House prices A fall in demand by first time buyers because they cannot afford the price of London property could lead to a slowing down in house price inflation towards the end of the year, the Halifax Building Society said yesterday. In London the number of firs... The Sunday Times SUN 10 JAN 1988 Property: New moves set for the home front - Prices will sit quietly at t he eye of a housing storm set to rampage through 1988 THE YEAR ahead will reveal some of the most sweeping changes in the field of housing that the country has seen since the end of the first world war when the Homes For Heroes ideal was born and slum clearance and council housing began to spread across... The Times TUE 19 JAN 1988 Slow sellers push up house prices The reluctance of house owners to sell is causing a shortgage of supply which could push up property prices, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors says in its survey for the quarter to the end of December, published today. There is a general s... The Sunday Times SUN 07 FEB 1988 Travel (Cruising): Tips that add to the price tag - House rules AMERICANS just love to tip; the British hate the whole embarrassing procedure. Of all the cultural differences between us, this one comes closest to explaining why Americans have taken to cruising holidays so enthusiastically while the British regard... The Sunday Times SUN 07 FEB 1988 Property: When pay can't tip the house price scale MORE THAN half the men working full-time and 80% of full-time working women in London earn less than the amount needed to buy the cheapest houses in the capital, according to a report from the London Research Centre. Using government earnings figures... The Times FRI 12 FEB 1988 Business Roundup: Rising house prices push Ward up 49 Ward Holdings, the Kent property developer which has benefited from booming house prices, the completion of the M25 and the prospect that the Channel Tunnel will swell demand for property in Kent, has reported another sharp rise in profits, with last... The Times WED 17 FEB 1988 Special Report on Thetford (7): Built-in problems of house-price rises The boom has brought rising house prices, by Norfolk standards. Prices rose by 30 per cent last year and as more and more people want to live in the town, including those wishing to retire there, the forecast for this year is a further 25 per cent. ... The Times SAT 05 MAR 1988 House prices increase by 16.9 percent House prices increased by 16.9 per cent in the year to the end of February, compared with 16.3 per cent to the end of January, the Halifax Building Society announced yesterday. It said this increase, which shows the property market generally has not ... The Times THU 10 MAR 1988 Rising house prices lift property group to 4 million pounds An improving sales mix combined with rising house prices boosted pretax profits at Federated Housing from Pounds 2.5 million to Pounds 4.4 million in the year to December 1987. Average selling prices were Pounds 60,000, compared with Pounds 47, 000 d... The Times SAT 19 MAR 1988 Out and About: Elegance at a price - Bristol's Georgian House Museum Bristol's Georgian House Museum gives a fascinating glimpse of life in England's most elegant era. Despite the best endeavours of the Luftwaffe and the planning authorities, Bristol still has a great deal of its history above ground, in the form of a... The Times TUE 05 APR 1988 House price rises slow in London Rising house prices in areas surrounding London appear to have helped to take the pressure off prices in the capital, which last year rose by 28.9 per cent. In the past three months the rise in Greater London was only 3.5 per cent, less than the nati... The Sunday Times SUN 10 APR 1988 Personal Finance: House price gap widens THE house-price boom has boosted wealth in London and southeast England by Pounds 39 billion since 1984, while the northwest and Scotland are poorer by Pounds 18 billion, according to a recent study by Tom McRae, professor of finance at the Universit... The Times FRI 06 MAY 1988 North-South gap on house prices 'is set to narrow' The North-South gap on house prices has reached its peak and will begin to narrow as towns in the North catch up with their expensive counterparts in the South, a report published yesterday by Black Horse Relocation said. One of the main reasons is t... The Sunday Times SUN 08 MAY 1988 Poll tax will boost house prices A POLL tax will sent house prices rocketing by an average of 20% across the country, according to two new independent studies, write David Hughes and Christopher Smallwood. The forecast, which is four times higher than the government's own prediction... The Times FRI 20 MAY 1988 House prices up 50%; Norwich; Focus One inevitable side-effect of Norwich's having joined the south-east economic boom is a sharp rise in house prices. According to Arnold Son & Hockley, a firm of chartered surveyors, there have been increases of up to 50 per cent in the last year alo... The Times TUE 24 MAY 1988 Prices boom as property 'cauldron' bubbles; House price rises House prices increased by up to 50per cent in the Hereford area in the past 12 months and are rising by 40per cent a year in East Anglia, estate agents report in a survey published today by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. They are examp... The Times SAT 28 MAY 1988 30m pound house price surprises agents; The Holme in Regent's Park The Kuwaiti owner of The Holme in Regent's Park, London, one of the most expensive houses in the country, is intending to sell the house quietly, having spent three years restoring it under the supervision of the Crown Estate Commissioners and making... The Times MON 13 JUN 1988 Poll tax may lift house prices 20% The Government's planned community charge will push up house prices sharply, according to a report published today. The report, written by Mr Peter Spencer, a former Treasury economist now with the securities house Credit Suisse First Boston, says th... The Times TUE 28 JUN 1988 Builders appeal for more land as house prices soar again Britain's housebuilders appealed yesterday for more land to be released as estate agents and council planners provided yet more evidence of a booming market. Mr Alan Cherry, president of the House-Builders Federation, expressed ``grave concern'' that... The Times SAT 02 JUL 1988 House-rich;House prices;Family Money Soon no area of the country will be immune from ``rampaging'' house-price increases, says the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The institution says that more than half of the 188 estate agents who contributed to its survey of prices for the... The Times THU 07 JUL 1988 Rising house prices may send inflation through the roof If the weather or the prospect of in terminable delays at airports are not enough to depress you, you might like to try the balance of payments (in deepening deficit) or the rate of inflation (rising). I would choose inflation because it is more top... The Times FRI 29 JUL 1988 Action on gazumping;House prices The professions involved in house transfer have set up their own working party to consider estate agency and issues including gazumping. The working party, initiated by Mr Michael Clark, former president of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor... The Times MON 01 AUG 1988 House price boom `to end next year' The house price boom will end next year after peaking on increases of 25 to 30 per cent this year, but prices are unlikely to fall in real terms. The strongest influence in dampening prices will be the gradual slowing of real personal disposable inc... The Times FRI 05 AUG 1988 House price rises may be past peak House price rises may have peaked after increasing by 28per cent throughout Britain in a year, the Halifax Building Society said yesterday. Many regions had seen prices rise by more than 40per cent in the year to last month, with property in East An... The Times THU 11 AUG 1988 English rushing to buy Scots homes;House prices in Scotland are soaring House prices in many parts of Scotland are soaring with so-called ``blue chip'' properties in Edinburgh and country houses in Perthshire and the Borders recording spectacular rises. Many houses, such as Georgian apartments in Edinburgh's New Town, ar... The Times FRI 12 AUG 1988 Rising house prices `holding back firms in the South-east' Rising house prices and a lack of rented accommodation in London and the South-east is retarding companies' growth, according to the Confederation of British Industry. Many companies are spending big sums to attract workers from regions where housing... The Times SAT 20 AUG 1988 Hebden Bridge riding high thanks to trains The little town of Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire, which achieved an unhappy prominence in the 1970s, is now enjoying a housing price boom. Long-distance commuters to London have been lured by relatively near fast rail links to the South. The town ... The Sunday Times SUN 21 AUG 1988 Let the nation retire to Dungloation;House Prices ''I DON'T give a damn how much your house is worth'' is one of the more graphic T-shirts now doing the rounds. I sympathise. The house-price spiral must be outright winner as most tedious conversation topic of 1988. Throughout the land, people ar... The Times TUE 06 SEP 1988 House price inflation 'is likely to fall sharply' next year House price inflation will fall sharply next year, the Halifax Building Society predicted in its latest survey published yesterday. Figures from the Halifax last month showed house prices had risen nationally by an annual 30.7 per cent. However, it ... The Times SAT 17 SEP 1988 Country house prices `to rise further' Country house prices in Britain have risen by 33 per cent so far this year and are likely to increase further this autumn, according to Savills, the estate agents. A report on country properties at the middle and top end of the market shows that fore... The Sunday Times SUN 18 SEP 1988 Place your bets on house prices DINNER-PARTY pundits who like to predict house prices can now back their forecasts without buying a single property. IG Index, a specialist financial bookmaker which takes bets on everything from pork-belly futures to the FT-SE 100 index, tomorrow i... The Times SAT 24 SEP 1988 Jitters on house prices If you have your minds on higher things such as a 13 per cent mortgage rate I bring tidings of great joy. Interest rates will be down by January, private investors will be venturing back into the stock market in 18 months, and we shall all be wonderi... The Times SAT 24 SEP 1988 Jitters on house prices;Fall on the way, say the experts House prices in London and the South-East are actually about to fall. After months in which the pundits have been warning of a slow-down in house price rises, the latest round of mortgage increases that has boosted loan rates to 12.75 per cent, 13 p... The Sunday Times SUN 25 SEP 1988 House prices slow rapidly RISING mortgage rates are bad news for the property market. Many sellers a re not going to get the prices they would have got for their homes a few months ago. ``For sale'' boards are reappearing in areas where they had almost become museum pieces.... The Times TUE 27 SEP 1988 House prices House prices are a deeply religious issue, estate agents greedy and sinful, and building bungalows should be banned, according to a Devon rector . The Rev Barry Swift, of Axminster, says pensioners buying retirement homes at inflated prices are drivi... The Times TUE 11 OCT 1988 Pilgrim share price leaps on confirmation of offer Williams Holdings yesterday confirmed stock market speculation by launching an agreed Pounds 330 million bid for Pilgrim House, the electrical, electronic and fire protection group. The fast-growing industrial conglomerate, built up by Mr Nigel Rudd ... The Times WED 19 OCT 1988 Students pay price of housing shortage A corner where Mr Stuart Cromer keeps his high-fi was used until last summer by a number of dipsomaniacs, glue sniffers and punk rockers of no fixed abode as a lavatory. ``When we started disinfecting the walls and pulling up the carpet we found that... The Times SAT 29 OCT 1988 Long distance season tickets go up by 21% The increase in fares is bound to have a dampening effect on house price increases in the middle distance commuter areas, according to local estate agents . Ipswich has become increasingly popular as a commuter town recently, and by early this year p... The Sunday Times SUN 30 OCT 1988 Holding the key to cut-price pleasure JENNY BUDDEN, her husband Alan and two children have been swapping their 400-year-old cottage near Haslemere in Surrey for the past 10 years. ``I wouldn't consider going on holiday any other way. Instead of going to resorts, where everyone's a tour... The Times SAT 05 NOV 1988 House prices crumble The great house-price halt is under way and London and the South-East are in the vanguard. The Halifax Building society reports that prices in these regions did not rise during October, although house prices in other areas continued to rise. The ave... The Sunday Times SUN 06 NOV 1988 House prices will languish until incomes catch up THE house-price boom is over and that's official. Statistics published by the Halifax building society last week reveal that price rises throughout the southern half of England have come to a halt. Indeed, with an average zero increase during Octobe... The Times SAT 03 DEC 1988 Prices subside as Nigel puts his house in order The first ``success'' of the tight monetary policy of the Chancellor, Mr Nigel Lawson, is in the housing market where the boom in prices is already passing into history. Mortgage rates will go up again in January in response to the latest increase i... The Times WED 07 DEC 1988 Housing slows The rise in house prices is likely to slow to less than 5per cent by the end of next year, the Halifax Building Society forecast in its latest survey, published yesterday. The Halifax house price index showed prices increased nationally by 1.7 per ce... The Sunday Times SUN 11 DEC 1988 Exodus as Londoners are blitzed by house prices RECORD house prices are encouraging people to leave London and the southea st at a rate not seen since the blitz of the second world war. About 100,000 more people will leave the southeast this year than will move into the region, according to a stud... 1989 - HISTORICAL NEWS REPORTS ON HOUSE PRICES 1989 The Sunday Times SUN 01 JAN 1989 Falling prices put couples in two-home trap;House-buying;North-south divided BARRIE and Sandra Grossman bought the house of their dreams in June. But six months later they are thinking about selling it, having never moved in, their hopes shattered by the slump in the property market. Their old home remains unsold, while inte... The Times TUE 03 JAN 1989 Agents optimistic about house prices A leading national firm of estate agents believes a collapse in the property market in 1989 is highly unlikely. Strutt and Parker has completed a review of 1988 trends, dominated by panic buying in the summer, then a London-led slowdown in the last q... The Times FRI 06 JAN 1989 Shortage of teachers in Essex linked to soaring house prices Essex faces a chronic shortages of teachers because of soaring house prices, according to a survey by the National Association of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers. Eight per cent of teachers are moving from the Basildon and mid-Essex area to ot... The Times WED 11 JAN 1989 A realistic new year;House prices;Residential Property The owner of a two-bedroom flat in St John's Wood, London, was advised by an estate agent last summer to offer it at Pounds 170,000. After five months of frustration he has asked Roy Brooks to find a buyer at the considerably lower price of Pounds 1... The Times WED 08 FEB 1989 House prices `set to fall everywhere' House prices will fall by between 10 and 20 per cent over the next two years, and the housing market may remain weak for some time after that, according to two bank reports out today. Morgan Grenfell, the merchant bank, says in Housing Slump - the Ne... The Sunday Times SUN 26 FEB 1989 Pounds 800,000 price on house Turner painted;Property Living in a Turner painting may be a novel experience, but it is also rather expensive. This magnificent Georgian house in Barnes, left, which was painted by Turner in 1826, is little changed, though houses have mushroomed around it and... The Times MON 06 MAR 1989 House prices recover House prices, suffering from the effects of interest rate increases, showed a slight recovery in February, rising by 1.6 per cent, compared with a fall of 0.8 per cent in January, Halifax Building Society reports today. The index shows that over the... The Times WED 08 MAR 1989 Agents forecast up to 20% rise in house prices near route;Channel tunnel rail link Property prices in Kent in areas within reach of stations on the Channel tunnel rail link are likely to rise by 10 to 20 per cent because of improved access to London the line will bring, according to estate agents in the county. They believe that th... The Times WED 22 MAR 1989 Marking time;House prices in Britain House prices in Britain are likely to stagnate this year, the Halifax Building Society said yesterday. It expects high demand in the Midlands and North but a slowing down in the South. The Times FRI 24 MAR 1989 Priced-out families `need help';Housing Increasing pressure for rural housing to be used as second, retirement and commuter homes is destroying the fabric of traditional village life, a report out yesterday says. The resulting conflict of interests between the local population and the infl... The Times WED 29 MAR 1989 House trend bucked;Quarterly prices Property in the north of England is showing steady price increases against the trend elsewhere, according to the Halifax Building Society. The average quarterly price change is zero, varying from falls of 5 per cent to rises of 5 per cent. In contra... The Times FRI 07 APR 1989 North booms;House prices House prices in northern areas, including the North-west, Yorkshire and Humberside, increased by 10 per cent in the last three months compared with a rise of only 1 per cent in the London area, the Nationwide Anglia Building Society's new house marke... The Times MON 10 APR 1989 10% house price rise forecast House prices in Britain could rise by up to 10 per cent this year, although the South of England will see only a modest if any increase, it is predicted in a report published today by the House Builders' Federation. Even in the South, however, house ... The Times WED 12 APR 1989 Housing reverses North-South divide;House price survey The North-South housing divide, which favoured the South last year, has been reversed, the Halifax Building Society reports in its house price survey yesterday. Prices took off in the South in the first quarter of last year while the economic boom wa... The Sunday Times SUN 16 APR 1989 House prices still rise in the north;Personal Finance HOUSE PRICES in London and southeast England have fallen during the last quarter, according to figures published by both the Halifax and the Nationwide building societies. But the fall has been tiny. Nationwide's figures show a 0.2% decrease for old... The Times TUE 25 APR 1989 House owners have to cut prices to secure sale House owners in many parts of the country are lowering the price of their homes in order to sell them, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) states in its survey for the quarter ending in March, published today. Of 155 agents contributi... The Times TUE 23 MAY 1989 High house prices People who ask unrealistically high prices for houses are probably the main reason for the slow property market, Mr Peter Miller, for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, says in a comment on its latest house price survey published today. It... The Times WED 07 JUN 1989 Bigger rise;House prices UK House prices rose by 1.7per cent last month compared with 1.2per cent in April, in spite of stagnant or falling prices in the Midlands and South, the Halifax Building Society said yesterday. HOME NEWS The Times SAT 01 JUL 1989 Owners drop house prices by 20% to encourage sales House prices are being cut by thousands of pounds to sell properties that have been on estate agents' books since last year. Vendors, still influenced by last summer's prices, are having to reduce asking prices by as much as 20per cent to sell, accor... The Times SAT 08 JUL 1989 Quotient warning hits price;Computer software house Shares in Quotient, the USM-quoted financial computer software house formerly known as the CCF Group, tumbled by 17p, to 80p, as the group announced its second profits warning. At the annual meeting in May, Mr Tim Simon, the chairman, gave warning of... The Times TUE 11 JUL 1989 House prices in doldrums House prices fell throughout the South of England in the second quarter of the year while continuing to rise in the North and Scotland. There are signs, however, that even there prices have reached their peak and are slowing down, the Halifax Buildin... The Times TUE 25 JUL 1989 Buyers cash in by cutting their offers;House prices Gazundering, a practice in which house-buyers put in a lower offer just before exchanging contracts after previously agreeing a price, is becoming increasing common, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors reports in its latest house price surve... The Times WED 26 JUL 1989 Tunnel line cuts price of houses;Channel tunnel A number of properties blighted by their closeness to the Channel tunnel terminal at Cheriton in Kent have been put up for sale at 20 per cent below market value. The 26 properties are in the villages of Newington, Peene and Frogholt and are being so... The Times FRI 04 AUG 1989 All house prices `may fall' House prices throughout the country could fall next year, the Halifax Building Society says in its latest survey. It is the first Halifax price index to forecast a fall in prices. Until now, it has said prices next year would be flat. Prices are fla... The Times FRI 11 AUG 1989 House prices will not rise until 1991 House prices are unlikely to start rising again until 1991, according to Black Horse Relocation, which published its annual report on the housing market yesterday. The announcement came as the Building Societies Association announced that 70 per cent... The Times FRI 18 AUG 1989 House prices could fall for some years, consultants predict House prices are set for a long-term fall in real terms, followed by a slow recovery in the 1990s, a firm of consultants concludes in its gloomy forecast of the housing market, published today. In addition, a report published today by the Building So... The Times TUE 22 AUG 1989 Sellers accept cut in asking prices;House prices House sellers have accepted that they must reduce prices to find buyers, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors says in its latest house price survey, published today. Mr Peter Miller, for the institution, said the survey showed more stability ... The Times TUE 26 SEP 1989 Falls bring buyers' market to North;Housing prices The North has now felt the ripple effect of the fall in property prices in the rest of England and Wales, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors' house price survey reports today. Properties not realistically priced are sticking, and in the Nor... The Times SAT 30 SEP 1989 House prices down by 3.8% House prices in London fell by 3.8 per cent in the last three months, leaving them 16 per cent lower than at the height of the property boom last year, according to Barnard Marcus estate agents (Our Property Correspondent writes). That drop was the s... The Sunday Times SUN 15 OCT 1989 House buyers to be scarce until prices reach bottom 'OF COURSE the price is coming down,'' snapped the estate agent trying to sell a basement flat off Kensington High Street in London. ``The owners are desperate to sell.'' But the customer, despite having seen the flat collapse from Pounds 170,000 t... The Sunday Times SUN 05 NOV 1989 House prices may rise next spring BRITAIN'S depressed housing market could pick up much sooner than expected, according to a forecast to be published this week. The Morgan Grenfell bank believes the housing market has reached a point where recovery is in sight. It says rising income... The Times TUE 07 NOV 1989 House prices House prices continued to decline in October, the Halifax Building Society said yesterday . In its latest house price survey, the society said there was a further deceleration in the annual rate of house price inflation in October to 7 per cent, from... The Times THU 09 NOV 1989 House prices `to rise' Property prices in London, the south-east and East Anglia will recover next year and begin to increase by about 10 per cent a year, according to Morgan Grenfell, the merchant bankers, in a report on the housing market published yesterday. The recover... The Times FRI 17 NOV 1989 House prices to recover next year House prices are expected to reach a turning point in the third quarter of next year after a two-year decline, Charterhouse the merchant and investment banking group said yesterday in its annual study of the housing market. A week ago another firm of... 1990 - HISTORICAL NEWS REPORTS ON HOUSE PRICES 1990 The Times SAT 06 JAN 1990 Recovery forecast for house prices in market awash with loan funds In the long run, we will all be dead, said the currently unfashionable economist, John Maynard Keynes. The same finality cannot be applied to the housing market, a subject close to the hearts of many weary home owners. In the short term it has been ... The Times SAT 06 JAN 1990 House prices in 2% year-end fall House prices fell by 2 per cent in the last three months of 1989, the Nationwide Anglia Building Society reported yesterday in its annual review of the property market. The quarterly fall was the biggest recorded by the society, while the annual incr... The Times SAT 20 JAN 1990 House prices in London drop by 10% House prices in London dropped by an average 10 per cent last year, bringing the average price down to Pounds 86,800, the lowest since the beginning of 1988, the London Research Centre reports in its quarterly bulletin. The largest annual fall was in... The Sunday Times SUN 18 FEB 1990 House prices may fall still further ABBEY NATIONAL's decision to increase its mortgage rate shouldn't be a surprise. Given that base rates have been 15% for three months now, the surprise in a sensible market should have been at how long it had taken to react. The decision to move a f... The Times TUE 27 FEB 1990 Price of houses `to fall 10%' House prices could fall another 10 per cent this year as a result of higher mortgage rates before they begin to recover, says the Amex Bank Review. Prices are still historically high in relation to earnings. However, house prices in different parts ... The Times WED 07 MAR 1990 House prices rise but trend is down House prices rose by 0.3 per cent last month, the first increase since last July, the Halifax Building Society reported yesterday. But, allowing for seasonal factors, the price trend is still downwards. The Halifax, in a survey, said that prices nor... The Times FRI 09 MAR 1990 Switch to poll tax `may lift house prices 15%' The switch from rates to poll tax could add 15 per cent to house prices nationally, according to research by the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the London Business School. It will also change the relative prices of houses in different areas, resea... The Times WED 04 APR 1990 10% fall forecast for house prices HOUSE prices will fall by between eight and 10 per cent this year, according to two surveys published yesterday. In London, however, the prospect was more optimistic as prices only fell by 2.6 per cent in the first quarter. The most depressing foreca... The Times WED 11 APR 1990 House prices are still falling, Halifax says HOUSE prices are either static or still falling slightly, the Halifax Building Society reported yesterday. The annual rate of house price inflation, which was more than 34 per cent a year ago, fell to zero by the end of last month, with prices unchan... The Times SAT 21 APR 1990 Auction houses counsel caution on art prices AFTER disappointing sales in London this month, Sotheby's said yesterday that it was asking sellers to be ``realistic'' in setting reserve prices for Impressionist and modern works to be sold at auctions in New York next month. Both Sotheby's and Chr... The Times FRI 04 MAY 1990 The end of house price inflation HOUSE price inflation has finally ended nationally, nearly two years after the market peaked, with the latest figures from the Halifax Building Society yesterday showing that the annual rate at the end of April was minus 0.2 per cent. It is the firs... The Times SAT 05 MAY 1990 Bargain house prices found under the hammer TO BUY a house at auction can now cost 20 per cent less than finding a similar property through an estate agent. Auctioneers are also offering loans on the spot. Any bargains are the result of auctioneers insisting that sellers fix realistically low... The Times WED 06 JUN 1990 Halifax predicts prices will keep falling;Houses THE fall in house prices is accelerating nationally and is expected to continue for the rest of this year, Britain's biggest building society reported yesterday. But a firm recovery is forecast for next year. The Halifax monthly survey showed that p... The Times TUE 19 JUN 1990 House prices House prices are either static or falling in almost all of England and Wales, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors reports in its price survey to the end of May. The report, confirming the continuing slump in the market, says that 45 per cent... The Times TUE 26 JUN 1990 Allen benefits from rise in house prices;Pre-tax profits ALLEN, the building contractor and housebuilder, increased pre-tax profits from Pounds 3.97 million to Pounds 4.85 million in the 12 months to April 1, its first full year on the USM. While housebuilders further south are feeling the pinch, Allen, ba... The Times WED 27 JUN 1990 Prestige houses that still exceed list price;Residential Property The top end of the market has been a ray of hope for estate agents The Ham, a fine house near Wantage in Oxfordshire, was given a guide price of Pounds 1.5 million when it came on to the market, through Strutt & Parker. The house sold earlier this m... The Sunday Times SUN 08 JUL 1990 House prices HOUSE PRICES over the 12 months to the end of June suffered their biggest fall since records began in 1952, the Nationwide Anglia building society reported last week. Prices fell on average by 5.3%, which in real (after-inflation) terms is a drop of... The Times THU 12 JUL 1990 No cheer in rising house prices There is a feeling, nothing "stronger, that the bottom of "the current house price "cycle may have passed in the "Southeast and be fast approach"ing in the rest of the country. The "beginnings and ends of cycles "come and go, as unobserved as "ships... The Times THU 12 JUL 1990 House prices recover SIGNS of a recovery in the housing market for the first time since the boom ended in the summer of 1988, are charted by the Halifax Building Society in its latest house-price survey published yesterday. For the third consecutive month house-price inf... The Times THU 12 JUL 1990 Society says return of first-time buyers lifting house prices THE return of first-time buyers, enticed partly by a wide variety of mortgage discounts and other inducements, helped house prices to rise in June, but only by a modest 0.3 per cent, the Halifax Building Society says in a house price survey published... The Times TUE 24 JUL 1990 Housing prices static or falling THE housing market is taking a long time to recover despite some signs of life, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors indicates in its survey for the quarter to the end of June. Estate agents are continuing to report static or falling prices a... The Times WED 08 AUG 1990 House prices continue to slide House prices in the UK continued their slide in July, falling by 0.1 per cent on the previous month, and they are now 1.7 per cent lower than a year ago, according to a survey by the Halifax Building Society published yesterday. HOME NEWS The Times WED 10 OCT 1990 Small rise for house prices House prices in Britain rose slightly during September, their first increase for three months, confirming that the slump in the south of England has levelled out, according to the Halifax Building Society. Its survey, prepared before last week's drop... The Sunday Times SUN 14 OCT 1990 House prices bottom out THE long slide in house prices could be nearing its end. The Halifax's latest quarterly survey of the property market shows that prices in general rose by 0.5% in September, and the indications are of a definite bottoming-out. Last week's cut in the... The Sunday Times SUN 11 NOV 1990 Indicator of the Week;Halifax House Price Index HOUSE PRICES remained depressed last month, even though the leading lenders announced mortgage-rate cuts of nearly one percentage point. Average house prices fell 0.8%, more than reversing a tentative rise of 0.5% shown in the September figures. Af... The Sunday Times SUN 18 NOV 1990 House prices set to take off in spring THE worst slump in Britain's housing market for more than a decade will end next spring, an authoritative report will forecast this week. Prices will rise by an average of 20% within two years, Lower interest rates and higher wages will combine to s... The Sunday Times SUN 18 NOV 1990 City `slickers' raise house prices INVERNESS and Aberdeen have proved the two bright spots in an otherwise sluggish Scottish property market. Increased North Sea oil-related activity has meant a steady flow of workers into the Granite City, and the desirability of living in Inverness-... The Times MON 26 NOV 1990 Increase in house prices predicted HOUSE prices in Britain will rise by 7 per cent next year and by more than 11 per cent in 1992, followed by slower growth in 1993, statistics from the merchant and investment banking group Charterhouse suggest. That is the conclusion from forecasts t... The Times THU 06 DEC 1990 House price inflation up THE annual rate of house price inflation rose in November. The 0.2 per cent year-on-year increase in prices was the first recorded since February by the Halifax Building Society. In October, prices had fallen 0.4 per cent compared with a year earli... The Times SAT 29 DEC 1990 Two-point cut in bank rate `could revive house prices' A CUT in interest rates by 2 points in the next few months could signal a recovery in the housing market and an increase in house prices of 5 per cent by the end of 1991, the Halifax Building Society predicts today in its annual review of the housing... 1991 - HISTORICAL NEWS REPORTS ON HOUSE PRICES 1991 The Times FRI 04 JAN 1991 House prices;London House prices in London could rise by 3 per cent in the next six months, the estate agent Barnard Marcus predicted in its quarterly survey of prices. HOME NEWS The Times SAT 05 JAN 1991 Record fall in house prices HOUSE prices fell by a record 10.7 per cent last year, the Nationwide Anglia building society reported yesterday in its end-of-year survey. The figures showing the biggest recorded annual fall and, for the last three months of 1990, the biggest quart... The Times THU 10 JAN 1991 House price rises suggest a recovery HOUSE prices in London and southwest England showed a small increase during the last quarter of 1990, the first rise since the slump in the property market began in the summer of 1988, the Halifax building society said yesterday. The society's latest... The Times WED 16 JAN 1991 Agent fined over house price claim AN ESTATE agent was fined Pounds 800 yesterday over a ``grossly misleading'' advertisement claiming that the price of a house had been cut by Pounds 30,000. The case is believed to be the first brought under section three of the Consumer Protection A... The Times MON 04 FEB 1991 House prices in the late 1980s are not to blame for the recession The increase in house prices in the late 1980s was not to blame for the present recession, according to an article in Housing Finance, the journal of the Council of Mortgage Lenders. The article, by Jarlath Costello and Adrian Coles, also rejects the... The Sunday Times SUN 10 FEB 1991 House prices `may not recover this year' TIME could be running out for any significant increase in house prices this year. The Abbey National, whose house-price forecast has been developed with the London Business School, is expected to halve its previous estimate for growth. The figures wi... The Times WED 06 MAR 1991 House price rises predicted this year HOUSE prices remained almost static between January and February, indicating that the market has finally bottomed out, the Nationwide Anglia Building Society reported yesterday. The society's price survey found that at the end of last month the avera... The Times WED 13 MAR 1991 House prices predicted to rise 66% over five years HOUSE prices in the UK are predicted to rise by an average of 66 per cent over the next five years as the housing market recovers from the slump through falling inflation and interest rates. The Housing Mortgage Corporation, in its latest house price... The Times SAT 30 MAR 1991 London house prices `up 0.5%' HOUSE prices in greater London have increased in the past three months for the first time since September 1988, the estate agent Barnard Marcus reports in a survey to be published on Tuesday. The agent, which has 50 offices in the region, also report... The Times MON 08 APR 1991 House prices are not the problem The cult of the ``property owning democracy'' seems to be following its high-priestess into oblivion, especially since the Chancellor smashed the Golden Calf by abolishing higher rate tax relief on mortgages in last month's Budget. These days, the p... The Sunday Times SUN 21 APR 1991 Country houses fall 15% in price THE biggest casualties of the property slump were country houses in the home counties and ``other southern regions'', according to Savills, the estate agency that buys and sells houses for the rich, writes Andrew Yates. In a research document publish... The Times WED 01 MAY 1991 The price is right in the housing basement A repossessed home's worth is measured, not by estate agents' hype, but by the price it fetches at auction, reports Michael Horsnell The bargain basement of Britain's property market is in the grip of a new phenomenon as thousands of repossessed home... The Times THU 02 MAY 1991 Residents fear fall in house prices BR's choice of the south London route for the Channel tunnel link has stirred strong protests from those in its path. RESIDENTS in Peckham, southeast London reacted angrily last night to British Rail's final decision to endorse a southerly route for ... The Times MON 20 MAY 1991 House prices `to rise by 2% at most' SOME 80,000 repossessed homes will be on the market during 1991, according to the economics team of UBS Phillips & Drew, the securities group. It says that the properties, equivalent to a medium-sized town, will soak up demand and, with rising unemp... The Times FRI 24 MAY 1991 Bank set to act on house prices THE Governor of the Bank of England warned the Building Societies Association conference in Glasgow that a resurgence of house price inflation would be firmly countered by the authorities. Robin Leigh-Pemberton, who said earlier this year he was prep... The Times SAT 01 JUN 1991 House price inflation From Mr M. R. Darke Sir, Who is kidding whom? I find Robin Leigh-Pemberton's reported remark (``Bank set to act on house prices'', May 24) to the Building Societies Association conference commenting on house price inflation that ``with hindsight, th... The Times SAT 01 JUN 1991 House price inflation From Mr Richard Wardrop Sir, Following Mr Leigh-Pemberton's comments on house price inflation, I am prompted to ask what plans he has to bring bank employees' mortgage rates into line with the rest of us poor (sic) mortals? He might also care to comm... The Times SAT 01 JUN 1991 Georgian furniture attracts top prices in house sale GOOD examples of Georgian furniture prompted keen bidding when the contents of a cliff top house at Mevagissey, Cornwall, were sold for Pounds 224,269. The sale at the home of the late Ronald Strauss, a retired City financier, was expected by Phillip... The Times TUE 04 JUN 1991 2% house price rise is biggest for year HOUSE prices increased by 2 per cent last month compared with the previous month, the largest monthly rise since March 1990, the Nationwide Building Society reported yesterday in its latest ouse price index. Nationwide said the increase followed the ... The Sunday Times SUN 30 JUN 1991 House price rises boost hopes in London, but recovery to be slow LONDON'S housing market is emerging slowly from the slump, according to two reports to be published this week. The recovery is fragile and dogged by economic uncertainty, but prices in some areas are beginning to rise and the number of sales has inc... The Times MON 08 JUL 1991 House prices `to stay static' HOUSE prices are forecast to remain static over the next two years despite the expected 1 per cent drop in mortgage rates before the end of the year. Schroders, the merchant bank, estimates in its latest Economic Perspective that on top of an expecte... The Times THU 08 AUG 1991 Halifax building society revises its forecast on house prices The Halifax building society yesterday revised its forecast of a 5 per cent increase in house prices this year. Britain's biggest building society said it now expected prices to rise by less than 3 per cent this year due to the recession and soaring... The Times THU 22 AUG 1991 House slump narrows North-South price gap THE housing market slump has had a savage effect in the south of the country while leaving the north relatively unscathed, narrowing the gap in prices between the two, the Council of Mortgage Lenders reports today. Its study of the market shows that ... The Sunday Times SUN 08 SEP 1991 Weekly watch on UK house prices THE most comprehensive weekly information service on home ownership in the United Kingdom starts today with the launch of The Sunday Times House Price Index, compiled with Morgan Grenfell, the merchant bank. The index combines data from the two bigge... The Times WED 11 SEP 1991 House prices From Mrs Eileen Scott Sir, You report (September 3) that council-tax bills may be higher than predicted because of an apparent miscalculation of average house prices. The environment department is quoted as saying: ``We stand by our figures. They t... The Sunday Times SUN 29 SEP 1991 House-price surge is on the way, but wait for it PLUMMETING prices, higher earnings and mortgage rates of less than 10% have set the stage for a housing market revival next year, when prices are expected to rise by more than inflation. A report due to be published next month by UBS Phillips & Drew,... The Sunday Times SUN 29 SEP 1991 Sunday Times House Price Index;Property THE Sunday Times House Price Index this week publishes figures from the Halifax building society, comparing price movements since October 1988 in the north and southeast of England. While the southeast has suffered falls, prices have risen in the nor... The Times THU 10 OCT 1991 Fall in house prices dashes market hopes HOUSE prices fell by 0.8 per cent last month and by 1.1 per cent in the quarter to the end of September, dashing hopes that the market might show signs of recovery by the end of the year, according to figures from the Halifax Building Society yesterd... The Sunday Times SUN 20 OCT 1991 House prices fall by 2% despite interest rate cut IF statistics are to be believed, the Scottish property market is still some way from showing signs of recovery, writes Wendy Travis. A house price index, compiled by GA Property Services, shows a decrease of over 2% in Scottish house prices between ... The Times TUE 05 NOV 1991 Maverick pays price for loans that were not safe as houses;Building socie ties As the Town & Country Building Society sees its future `with the Woolwich', Lindsay Cook reports on the background to the merger and assesses the outlook for the societies The Building Societies Commission has had to steady the nerves of building soc... The Times THU 21 NOV 1991 Falling house prices House prices remain static in much of England and Wales and are still falling in parts of the South-East, according to the latest survey from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, published today. Seven out of ten estate agents in the South-E... The Times THU 05 DEC 1991 Market weak House prices fell by almost 1 per cent last month, confirming that the market remains ``very weak'', the Halifax Building Society said yesterday, publishing its latest figures. For the year ending in November prices declined by 2.4 per cent and are l... The Times WED 18 DEC 1991 Builders hit by fear of more house price falls;Stock Market THE growing number of house repossessions and the government's attempts to halt these depressed the construction industry. The prospect of house prices continuing to fall for the foreseeable future caused the shares of the big contractors, already k... The Times THU 19 DEC 1991 Record repossessions are keeping down house prices The property market is being held back as repossessed houses are resold in some areas at up to 30 per cent below their true value. Ray Clancy reports REPOSSESSIONS are having a significant impact on the housing market, keeping prices low in many par... The Times MON 30 DEC 1991 House prices stuck `till 1993' THE housing market should begin to recover in the spring, but house prices are unlikely to show real gains until 1993, the Halifax Building Society says in its annual review published today. The review, prepared before the announcement of a rescue pa... 1992 - HISTORICAL NEWS REPORTS ON HOUSE PRICES 1992 The Times THU 06 FEB 1992 Prices of houses fall 3.6% in year HOUSE prices fell by 1.2 per cent last month, the latest Halifax building society house price index shows. It comes after a fall of 1.3 per cent in December and means that house prices are now 3.6 per cent lower than a year ago. ``Although there are... The Times TUE 03 MAR 1992 No let-up in house price fall House prices fell again last month in spite of efforts by the government and lenders to breathe life into the market, according to a Nationwide building society survey. Figures showed prices down 1.2 per cent on the previous month, the third consecut... The Sunday Times SUN 08 MAR 1992 Budget butterflies hold off a rise in house prices HOUSE prices are still falling, and the number of sales in January slumped The Sunday Times House Price Index this weekend shows that prices last month were 4.2% lower than in the previous February, when the property market was still reeling from the... The Times WED 08 APR 1992 House prices most at risk in South-East A FURTHER sharp drop in house prices seems likely in London and the South-East if Labour wins the election, but the outlook for housing in the rest of the country may depend less on tomorrow's poll than on the state elections held in Germany last Sun... The Times SAT 02 MAY 1992 House prices begin to rise HOUSE prices rose by 0.7 per cent last month, making the average cost of a home Pounds 55,565, the Nationwide Building Society, said yesterday. The rise comes after four months of falling prices. The last increase, of 1 per cent, occurred in Novembe... The Times THU 07 MAY 1992 Lenders split on housing trends HOUSE prices fell by 0.4 per cent in April, according to the latest Halifax house price index. The average price of a house is Pounds 60,534, 5.5 per cent lower than it was a year ago. The Halifax's figure contrasts with a 0.7 rise in prices recorde... The Sunday Times SUN 10 MAY 1992 House price fall takes shine off interest rate cut The Sunday Times Green Shoots Index, launched last month, is an attempt to monitor the state of Britain's recovery. Each week we will note the economic news and assign it Green Shoots points, depending on its importance. Last week's index: +13. BLO... The Times TUE 02 JUN 1992 Falling house prices trap 2m borrowers AT LEAST 278,000 first-time buyers have mortgages larger than the current values of their properties, according to official figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders. A report to be published next week by UBS Phillips & Drew, the securities house,... The Times THU 04 JUN 1992 House prices rise 0.4% House prices rose by 0.4 per cent last month, the Halifax building society said. Earlier this week, the Nationwide recorded a 0.6 per cent rise. Both lenders have cautioned against over-optimism. The Halifax said that although prices showed a 0.4 ... The Sunday Times SUN 07 JUN 1992 The way out of the house price trap In an open letter to the bosses of Britain's five biggest mortgage lenders, Diana Wright, Personal Finance Editor, invites them to adopt her plan for getting the housing market moving. Dear Sirs I WONDER if you read our article last week on the mortg... The Sunday Times SUN 21 JUN 1992 `Boom days gone forever' as house prices still fall THE housing market is showing no signs of recovery and will remain depressed for the next five years as cautious buyers adjust to new economic circumstances, says an authoritative report to be published on Tuesday. It predicts a fall this year of 4%... The Times MON 29 JUN 1992 Prices fall as auction houses chase bidders TWO years ago a painting by Van Gogh sold for Pounds 49.7 million. Tomorrow another work by him is being offered in London with the modest estimate of Pounds 600,000. Nature Morte, Branche d'Amandier is admittedly small, at 91/2in by 71/2in, but it... The Times FRI 03 JUL 1992 Half-price house sale Seventy houses are to be sold at nearly half-price. The former RAF homes, above, will be priced from about Pounds 18,000 in what estate agents hope will be a swift sale starting in the next few weeks. The houses, on the former RAF ca... The Times FRI 10 JUL 1992 House prices edge up House prices rose 0.7 per cent last month, the Halifax building society said. The rise, it added, could be a sign that prices were stabilising. ``Further recovery remains dependent on improvement in the economy and in employment prospects,'' a spoke... The Sunday Times SUN 26 JUL 1992 House prices continue to drop as Major studies rescue plans THE cuts in interest rates have not worked; the mortgage rescue package has failed; and the moratorium on stamp duty has done little to help. What can the government try now to rescue a housing market that seems bent on self-destruction? A report la... The Times TUE 28 JUL 1992 Buyers rush in for half-price houses;RAF houses in Lincolnshire MORE than 700 buyers are competing for 70 former RAF houses in Lincolnshire that are on sale at about half their market price. The detached and semi-detached post-war houses, some with new roofs and PVC double-glazing, are being offered at prices ran... The Sunday Times SUN 09 AUG 1992 House-price market spirals downward towards crisis FAR from showing even the first flickering signs of recovery, the housing market is plunging deeper into recession, with the situation, according to some experts, now rapidly moving towards crisis. Prices have already fallen longer and further in Lo... The Times MON 17 AUG 1992 Price mentality holds key to housing market As this year has passed, it has become apparent that inflation is falling, if anything, faster than expected. But it has also become clear that the high inflation mentality is entrenched in far more parts of the economy than just the labour market. ... The Times SAT 05 SEP 1992 House prices down House prices fell by 0.7 per cent in August, following a 0.4 per cent fall in July, according to the Halifax, the country's largest building society. Prices are 5.4 per cent lower than they were a year ago and the society predicted no upturn in the m... The Times FRI 18 SEP 1992 Council tax based on 1991 house prices;Politics & Government THERE will be no wholesale revaluation of the 20 million homes in England liable for the new council tax, even if property prices continue to fall, John Redwood, the local government minister, said yesterday. Houses would be taxed on the basis of the... The Times SAT 03 OCT 1992 House prices drop 1.4% in a month HOUSE prices fell 1.4 per cent last month when would-be homebuyers were scared off by sharp fluctuations in interest rates as the pound dropped out of the European exchange-rate mechanism. Last month's reduction was the largest since October 1991, wh... The Times FRI 09 OCT 1992 Record fall in house prices HOUSE prices fell by at least 2.8 per cent in September, the biggest-ever monthly fall and equivalent to a one-third cut over a year. The precise figure will be issued today in the respected Halifax price index. It is understood to be at least double... The Times SAT 10 OCT 1992 House prices soared and slumped HOUSE prices continued to rise dramatically in the South East and East Anglia after the Crash and more steadily in the rest of the country. In the year to October 1987, house price inflation was put at 14.5 per cent by the Halifax. In Greater Londo... The Times SAT 10 OCT 1992 House prices House prices have now fallen an average 7.5 per cent over the past year, according to the Halifax price index issued yesterday. House prices fell by 3.1 per cent in September, although the seasonally adjusted index figure showed a 2.7 per cent fall.... The Times MON 12 OCT 1992 Flat prices fall more than houses FLATS are falling faster in value than houses in the property slump, with the greatest price falls shown by two-bedroom, two-bathroom flats. While houses have gone down by 5.6 cent over the past year, flats have fallen by 10 per cent, according to a ... The Sunday Times SUN 01 NOV 1992 Granite City house price rollercoaster takes a dip ABERDEEN's apparent immunity to the property industry's recent maladies may be showing signs of wearing off. House prices in the city have fallen for the first time since 1988, and the number of properties for sale has increased substantially. Based... The Times WED 04 NOV 1992 House prices drop 4% in two months HOUSE prices fell 2.7 per cent during October, according to the Nationwide, the second largest building society. This follows the 1.4 per cent fall in prices reported by the society for September. The figures indicate that prices, having fallen by m... The Times WED 04 NOV 1992 House prices drop 4% in two months HOUSE prices fell by 2.7 per cent last month, according to the Nationwide building society. Since the end of August they have dropped more than 4 per cent, figures show. The average house price has fallen more than Pounds 13,000 since autumn 1989 to... The Sunday Times SUN 15 NOV 1992 What price a council house with a resident Maxwell? IF THERE is a single house bound to attract buyers even in the property slump, it is this one. To view it you must come to a hill overlooking the dreaming spires of Oxford, past the lodge, round the wooded drive, through the colonnade and into Headi... The Times THU 19 NOV 1992 £750m buy-out unlikely to boost house prices THE government's Pounds 750 million plan to buy up empty property is unlikely to have much impact on the housing market. Housing associations, which are charged by the government to spend the money, have made it clear that they are unlikely to buy m... The Sunday Times SUN 22 NOV 1992 Council tax will mean new fall in house prices THE FALL in house prices will accelerate when the council tax replaces the poll tax next April, according to a study published today. Morgan Grenfell, the merchant bank, says the value of houses in London and the southeast will fall by up to 4.5% nex... The Times SAT 28 NOV 1992 Bank sees further year of house price pain HOUSE prices will continue falling next year despite lower interest rates, a new report from Charterhouse, the merchant bank, says. But the market is due for a strong recovery in 1994 and will continue rising for the following three years, it predic... 1993 - HISTORICAL NEWS REPORTS ON HOUSE PRICES 1993 The Times SAT 02 OCT 1993 Prices fall House prices fell by 1 per cent in September, the first drop after six successive months of increases, the Nationwide building society will report on Monday. The Times WED 06 OCT 1993 Annual rise in house prices HOUSE prices are now higher than they were a year ago, according to figures for September from the Halifax building society which record a 1 per cent increase on the same month last year the first annual increase in nearly three years. Prices rose 0.... The Sunday Times SUN 10 OCT 1993 Tax change may hit house prices WHICH way are house prices heading? The Halifax says up, Nationwide says down but both societies are keen to underplay the differences in their monthly surveys of house prices. The Halifax's September figures show house prices rose 0.3% last month, ... The Times TUE 12 OCT 1993 Tay Homes knocked back by drop in house prices INCREASED sales failed to prevent a drop in profits at Tay Homes, the Leeds housebuilder, in the 12 months to end-June. The number of homes sold increased from 1,030 to 1,107, but the average price went down from Pounds 64,900 to Pounds 61,000, hitti... The Times MON 01 NOV 1993 Few houses can reach their lofty asking price ESTATE agents cannot recall a house that has sold recently for more than Pounds 20 million. The nearest was the sale of Grove House in Regent's Park, central London. The Regency villa was previously owned by Jane Holmes a Court, the widow of the Aus... The Times WED 10 NOV 1993 Put house price changes in RPIX From Mr Adrian Cosker Sir, For the Bank of England to start favouring RPIX, an inflation measure ( Bank sounds hopeful note on inflation, November 3) that omits what for many families is the largest single item in their household budget, namely mortg... The Sunday Times SUN 05 DEC 1993 House prices up;In today's other papers LEADING housing analyst John Wriglesworth, of investment bank UBS, is predicting that house prices will rise 7% next year and transactions will increase by 10%, The Sunday Telegraph reports. The Times THU 16 DEC 1993 House price boom predicted for 1994 HOUSE prices will rise by 19 per cent across the country next year, and by 25 per cent in the prime areas of London, according to the research department of Savills estate agent. Savills accurately predicted a fall of 8 per cent for prime central Lo... The Times FRI 17 DEC 1993 Experts back forecast of big rise in house prices PROPERTY experts yesterday backed a forecast that house prices will rise sharply next year. This week the estate agents Savills predicted rises of 19 per cent across the country and 25 per cent in prime London areas. Yesterday other estate agents ag... The Times WED 29 DEC 1993 Gap in house prices narrows THE gap in housing prices across the regions has narrowed significantly in the past year, according to a housing market survey published today. In its annual review of the UK housing market, the Halifax Building Society says that price differentials ... 1994 - HISTORICAL NEWS REPORTS ON HOUSE PRICES 1994 The Sunday Times SUN 02 JAN 1994 Pundits agree on big rise in house prices this year BUILDING SOCIETIES, estate agents and analysts are united in their belief that 1994 will see the first substantial rise in house prices since the property decline began four years ago. Experts say conditions are right for a sustained recovery, with ... The Times THU 06 JAN 1994 House prices fall, says Halifax HOUSE prices fell by 0.5 per cent last month, according to the Halifax Building Society's house price index. This contrasts with the Nationwide's experience of an 0.8 per cent rise. The Halifax says that prices rose by just 1.2 per cent for the yea... The Times WED 02 FEB 1994 House prices continue to improve HOUSE prices rose in January, for the third month in succession, the Nationwide Building Society said. The increase was 0.4 per cent compared with December, the society said. Prices this January were 2.4 per cent higher than January last year. Natio... The Times THU 03 FEB 1994 House prices discord House prices fell by 0.4 per cent last month, according to the Halifax Building Society. The figures conflict with those published earlier this week by the Nationwide, which said that prices rose by 0.4 per cent in January. The Halifax said yesterda... The Times FRI 04 FEB 1994 Virtual reality in house prices EFFORTS to talk up the housing market with buoyant end-year forecasts have already hit inconvenient reality. The Halifax Building Society's reputable index records that prices have fallen by about 1 per cent in the past two months. And this allows ... The Times TUE 08 FEB 1994 Bryant Group lifts house prices 16% BRYANT, the housebuilder and construction group, has tapped returning confidence in the housing market to boost the selling price of its average home by 16 per cent and nearly double half-time profits. The group said yesterday pre-tax profits rose 95... The Times THU 03 MAR 1994 House prices on rise House prices rose in February by their biggest monthly increase for 5 1/2 years, the Halifax Building Society said yesterday. Prices rose 2.2 per cent when compared with January, taking the value of an average home to Pounds 62,498. The increase re... The Sunday Times SUN 06 MAR 1994 House prices leap as more make a move HOUSE prices jumped sharply last month according to the Halifax, Britain's biggest building society. What pleases it even more is that volumes are up more people are buying and selling. After so many false dawns, it really seems the housing market ... The Sunday Times SUN 03 APR 1994 House-price rises cheer spring sellers MORTGAGE lenders have filled their stalls with new and attractive offerings this week in a bid to catch the seasonal surge in house-hunting. Prospective buyers or more likely, sellers may also be cheered by the latest figures on the Nationwide house... The Times MON 04 APR 1994 House Prices Why German couples are the envy of the British In spring, as stately homes and gardens reopen for visitors, other more mundane versions open their doors to prospective buyers. And reports of a recovery in the property market are as traditional as si... The Times THU 07 APR 1994 Bank figures reinforce signs of house price recovery MORTGAGE statistics issued by the Bank of England and a statement from the Halifax Building Society yesterday pointed to a modest revival in the housing market. The Bank said mortgage approvals in February edged up to Pounds 4.65 billion from January... The Times THU 14 APR 1994 House prices show first annual rise in all areas HOUSE prices have risen in every region during the past year, for the first time in nearly five years, the Halifax building society said yesterday. Prices in Northern Ireland are on average 9.1 per cent higher than they were a year ago, average price... The Times THU 05 MAY 1994 Bellway warns on housing land prices THE housing land market is starting to overheat, threatening the housebuilding industry's recovery, according to Bellway, one of Britain's ten biggest housebuilders. Based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, the company participated in the dash for land during ... The Times THU 26 MAY 1994 Big noise cuts house price by Pounds 200,000 A QUEEN Anne house that should be worth at least Pounds 275,000 has changed hands for Pounds 76,000 because it is one of the most blighted properties in Britain. Nashenden House dates from the 11th century. It was rebuilt in the reign of Queen Anne ... The Times FRI 27 MAY 1994 House price cut to `bargain' £5m ONE of London's most expensive houses has had its price reduced by half to Pounds 5 million after being on sale for a year. Agents say that it is the biggest price cut recorded for a London house. Number 8 Hyde Park Gardens narrowly failed to sell f... The Times FRI 03 JUN 1994 Fears for housing recovery as prices fall HOUSE prices fell unexpectedly by 1.6 per cent in May, fuelling fears that the shaky recovery in the housing market is faltering. The Halifax Building Society, which published its monthly house price index yesterday, said that there were ``no signs o... The Times TUE 14 JUN 1994 London rises above house price gloom GLOOMY figures for the housing market issued by building societies are ``dangerously misleading'' and prices in London could grow by as much as 25 per cent by the end of the year, according to experts in the capital. An analysis of the housing market... The Sunday Times SUN 19 JUN 1994 40 House prices falter;In Today's Other Papers THE house-price recovery is running out of steam, according to one leading analyst, John Wriglesworth of UBS. He had forecast that prices would rise 7% this year but now believes the increase will be only 3.5%, reports The Sunday Telegraph BUSINESS The Times SAT 02 JUL 1994 House prices `stable' House prices fell 0.7 per cent in June compared with May, according to the Nationwide building society, which blamed April's tax rises, higher fixed rate mortgages and lack of consumer confidence. However, the Nationwide's figures are likely to be co... The Times WED 03 AUG 1994 Societies say house prices are rising Two building societies yesterday reported rises in house prices in July. The Nationwide recorded a 1.8 per cent increases compared to June and the Halifax a 0.2 per cent rise. But both societies stressed that the trend showed a gradual recovery in ... The Times MON 08 AUG 1994 House sales may list price history THE price paid for a property should be included in details available to the public, according to proposals from Her Majesty's Land Registry, which records all property transactions. Should the proposals be accepted, the public will be able to find o... The Times TUE 09 AUG 1994 Woolwich predicts 3% rise in house prices THE housing market is showing a ``gradual, slow improvement'' and house prices should rise by 3 per cent this year, the Woolwich Building Society said yesterday. The number of transactions is set to rise by up to 7 per cent, the society predicted. D... The Times FRI 12 AUG 1994 House prices `should be published' From the Chief Executive of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Sir, The RICS unequivocally supports making publicly accessible the price paid for a property (report and leading article, August . We believe it would be helpful for the cons... The Times FRI 12 AUG 1994 House prices `should be published' From Mr J. M. Robertson Sir, In Scotland information regarding sale prices of houses and land has been available to the public for centuries. The Registration Act 1617 instituted the Register of Sasines, which is open to inspection by the public. A... The Times FRI 12 AUG 1994 House prices `should be published' From Mr W. E. Vaughan Sir, The price of all properties transferred is already disclosed to the Government when the transfer document is stamped. The information being available, why not publish it? Yours faithfully, W. E. VAUGHAN, Chobham Farm Cotta... The Times FRI 12 AUG 1994 House prices `should be published' From Mr Robert Sandall Sir, Your leading article justifies an intrusion into what is, after all, a private matter by saying that it would help prevent ``another mad inflationary boom'' and allow Treasury economists and buyers a proper monitoring of t... The Times WED 17 AUG 1994 Access to house prices From Professor D. G. Barnsley Sir, I am surprised that the chief executive of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors ``unequivocally supports'' the public accessibility of property sale prices (letter, August 12). What does Mr Michael Pattison me... The Times WED 17 AUG 1994 Access to house prices From Mr R. I. Barycz Sir, I too hope that the Lord Chancellor will accept the recommendation of the Chief Land Registrar and make public the price at which houses and land change price (leading article, ``Publish the price'', August . I would go fu... The Times FRI 02 SEP 1994 House prices show slight increase HOUSE prices rose by 0.6 per cent last month, pushing annual average prices 2.6 per cent higher than in August 1993, the Nationwide Building Society said yesterday. The increase was the second in succession after a fall in June. However, the market ... The Times TUE 04 OCT 1994 House prices fall 2.9% House prices fell last month by 2.9 per cent, their biggest drop since October 1990, the Nationwide Building Society said yesterday. The average price of a house in September was Pounds 53,918, which was Pounds 1,617 lower than in August. But prices... The Times THU 20 OCT 1994 House prices `to rise 6%' HOUSE prices are set to rise 6 per cent over the next 15 months, according to a report published today by UBS, the broker. Housing turnover should rise from under 1.2 million in 1992 and 1993 to 1.4 million in 1995 and peak at 1.8 million in 1997 and... The Sunday Times SUN 23 OCT 1994 Experts split on outlook for house prices HOUSE PRICES will jump 6% by the end of next year and 50% by the end of the decade, according to a bullish report from one of the City's leading investment banks. UBS, the only City institution with a full-time housing analyst, says its forecasts, wh... The Times MON 31 OCT 1994 London house prices increase by 5% THE average price of houses sold in London rose by 5 per cent over the past year, suggesting it has so far avoided the slowdown affecting many other parts of the country, according to the London Research Centre. The average price of homes sold in th... The Sunday Times SUN 27 NOV 1994 Paying the price for a `non-standard' house;Personal Finance Insurance on `unusual' properties is expensive and restricted. ONE IN FIVE homes in Britain is classified by insurers as ``non-standard''. This means that, perhaps because of its age or way it is built, the buildings section of the household insuranc... The Sunday Times SUN 27 NOV 1994 House prices rally SALES of Britain's more expensive homes are booming. Prices have soared by more than 20% in some areas of London and elsewhere homes with six-figure price-tags are selling within days of going on the market. Research by Savills, the estate agent, ha... The Sunday Times SUN 27 NOV 1994 Prices rally for upmarket houses SALES of Britain's more expensive homes are booming. Prices have soared by more than 20% in some areas of London, while across the country homes costing six-figure sums are selling within days of going on the market. Estate agents across Britain hav... The Times THU 01 DEC 1994 Wainhomes beats flat house prices WAINHOMES, the Chester housebuilder that came to the market in the spring, unveiled a 49 per cent advance in first-half profits in spite of little improvement in the general level of house prices. Improved margins helped the company lift pre-tax prof... The Sunday Times SUN 04 DEC 1994 House prices show rise of up to 11% DOOM and gloom about falling house prices have been overdone. Independent research shows that prices in nearly all regions of the United Kingdom have increased steadily in the past year, and experts predict further growth in the new year. Despite bu... 1995 - HISTORICAL NEWS REPORTS ON HOUSE PRICES 1995 The Sunday Times SUN 01 JAN 1995 Ed: 1 Pg: 2/7 Word Count: 373 House prices poised for modest recovery;Personal Finance BUILDING SOCIETIES and estate agents are predicting a slow recovery in the housing market this year, with the most optimistic pundits forecasting price rises of 5%. But many also fear that the forthcoming cut in mortgage-interest relief in April, tog... The Times WED 11 JAN 1995 House price optimism A FUNDAMENTAL change in the public perception of property ownership is revealed in the latest Abbey National Housing Survey. More than two-thirds of those surveyed said that they now believed that a house was primarily a home rather than an investmen... The Times THU 02 FEB 1995 House prices House prices in the United Kingdom fell by 0.8 per cent in January, according to the latest monthly index published yesterday by the Nationwide. The Halifax index, due out tomorrow, is expected to paint a similar picture of a flat housing market. Na... The Sunday Times SUN 12 FEB 1995 House prices set for a `five-year freeze' HOUSE PRICES are set for a five-year freeze, according to a new City forecast to be published tomorrow. The report, from the investment bank Kleinwort Benson, predicts that prices in real terms will be no higher in 1999 than they were last year. Rea... The Times THU 02 MAR 1995 Manufacturing picks up but house prices stagnate GROWTH in manufacturing industry appears to have accelerated again, after slowing over the past six months, and price pressures, though slightly easier in February, still give cause for concern, according to the latest report from the Chartered Insti... The Times WED 05 APR 1995 House prices fall 1.5% as Halifax piles on gloom HALIFAX, Britain's largest mortgage lender, will today add further to the misery of 10 million people with home loans when it announces that house prices fell 1.5 per cent in the 12 months to March. As well as house price gloom, the new tax year star... The Times WED 03 MAY 1995 Halifax reports further decline in house prices HOMEOWNERS today receive more depressing news, with the Halifax Building Society reporting that house prices fell slightly in April for the second month in a row. This, together with figures showing weak bank mortgage lending, confirms that there is... The Times WED 17 MAY 1995 Brewers cleared over prices for tied houses BRITAIN'S big brewers have been cleared of charges that they squeezed their own landlords to fund a battle to supply independent publicans. Although tenants of brewery-owned pubs are obliged to pay up to 19 per cent more for a pint of lager, the Offi... The Times WED 24 MAY 1995 House prices: Hamlet minus the Prince Not another article on house prices? I'm sorry, but yes, up to a point at least: the point being the one which all the gloomy forecasts of recent days (all of them right, no doubt) seem to have missed. This is that the current housing slump should ... The Times WED 24 MAY 1995 Relief for young in falling house prices From Mrs Stella Lilley Sir, At last someone has dared to print what so many people must have realised, that the tremendous boom in house prices a few years ago was an anachronism and what is happening now, in falling prices, is simply restoring some ... The Sunday Times SUN 28 MAY 1995 Boom time for north as house prices rocket KENNY and Marina McCall are riding high. In the past seven years, while many homeowners have been blighted by negative equity, the McCalls of Dumfries have made more than Pounds 80,000 from rising house prices. They are not alone. A study by the Ha... The Times FRI 02 JUN 1995 Major attacks `crazy house price spiral' Row over blame for feel-good failure. THE Prime Minister sparked an outcry yesterday when he blamed the ``crazy, almost unstoppable'' house price spiral of the 1980s for the absence of a ``feel-good'' factor now. Opposition MPs, charities and mortga... The Times SAT 03 JUN 1995 Laying blame for house price spiral From Mr Walter Harris Sir, Mr Major may have been unwise to draw attention to the ``crazy housing boom'' of the 1980s in which his Government played a part (report, June 2) but he appears to have missed the opportunity of mentioning a factor which co... The Times SAT 03 JUN 1995 Laying blame for house price spiral From Mr J. B. MacGill Sir, In March 1988 the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Nigel Lawson, announced that as from August 1 only one income per house would be entitled to tax relief on mortgage interest. Between those dates every unmarried couple w... The Times SAT 03 JUN 1995 Fall in house prices is accelerating says Halifax FURTHER evidence of the ailing state of the housing market was revealed yesterday amid speculation that the Government is proposing measures to help homebuyers in negative equity. The Halifax Building Society house price index for May showed a third ... The Times MON 05 JUN 1995 House prices Morgan Grenfell, the City merchant bank, predicts that house prices will begin to rise again next year and begin to outstrip inflation from 1997. The bank says housing is now undervalued and more affordable in relation to earnings than it has been in... The Sunday Times SUN 02 JUL 1995 House price gloom NEW figures from the Halifax and Nationwide building societies this week will show that house prices continued to stagnate in June, compounding homeowners' woes, The Observer writes. BUSINESS The Sunday Times SUN 02 JUL 1995 New price slump dashes hopes of housing revival A STEEP fall in house prices was recorded last month, bringing them to a lower level than a year ago and dashing hopes of a property market recovery. Gloom over the economy and job insecurity contributed to an average 1% fall in June, according to th... The Times TUE 04 JUL 1995 House price slump fuels lenders' fears FEARS are growing that the housing market could buck the general upward economic trend and slump further into recession unless the Government intervenes. Concern among mortgage lenders was underlined yesterday when the Nationwide building society pub... The Times TUE 04 JUL 1995 New plea for help as house prices stay on the slide BRITAIN'S two biggest building societies renewed their calls for help for the housing market yesterday as they published surveys showing that house prices are falling further and faster. The Nationwide reported that prices dropped for the third succe... The Times WED 12 JUL 1995 Bad publicity hits house prices From Sir Nicholas Couper Sir, I am unimpressed by the constant lobbying of the building societies about the gloomy state of the housing market, (House price slump fuels lenders' fees fears, July 4). Marsh from the Halifax: ``It is up to the Governmen... The Sunday Times SUN 30 JUL 1995 Revealed: how lenders force down house prices BUILDING societies are jeopardising a recovery in the housing market by undervaluing properties, resulting in the collapse of tens of thousands of sales. The societies, which have pressed the government for special tax help for housing, are themselv... The Times WED 02 AUG 1995 More gloom for housing as prices keep falling HOUSE prices fell again in July for the fifth consecutive month and are now 3.1 per cent lower than a year ago, according to the latest Halifax index published today. On the evidence to date, it appears unlikely that prices will recover at all this y... The Sunday Times SUN 20 AUG 1995 Lower prices win quick house sales HOMEOWNERS caught in the negative-equity trap will take small comfort from a report by national estate-agency network Black Horse Agencies. Inflated prices are out; realistic figures are in. If you want to sell your home quickly, you have to put it... The Times SAT 02 SEP 1995 Cheaper loans as house prices fall Lenders cut rates to lift homes market ONE of Britain's biggest mortgage lenders took the initiative to kick-start the housing market yesterday with a surprise cut in its home loan rate. The Abbey National, which reduced its standard mortgage rate from 8.34 to 7.99 per cent for loans of u... The Times SAT 16 SEP 1995 House prices From Mr Philip Price Sir, In your article ``Many house-sellers asking too much'' (Weekend Money, August 19), you state that house prices in Greater London have fallen by 25.4 per cent since 1988. I have yet to read an article that fully drives home t... The Times WED 11 OCT 1995 House prices falling THE latest survey of house prices published today will paint a gloomy picture of the housing market. Prices across all regions are now 2.6 per cent lower than they were in the third quarter of last year, according to the Halifax. The latest quarterl... The Times TUE 17 OCT 1995 House prices stable MORE than half of the chartered surveyor estate agents taking part in the quarterly survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, published today, reported stable house prices over the past three months. Some 6 per cent reported rises, whi... The Sunday Times SUN 22 OCT 1995 Assembly could govern house prices A Scots parliament would hugely affect the property market says Vivienne Nicoll EXPERTS who specialise in buying and selling Scotland's prestige properties believe prices will go through the roof if a Scottish parliament is established in Edinburgh. ... The Times THU 02 NOV 1995 House prices down 3.9% THE Government must stimulate the housing market by granting special concessions in the Budget later this month if the sector is to recover from the doldrums, say Britain's two largest mortgage lenders. Philip Williamson, a divisional director of the... The Times MON 27 NOV 1995 Negative equity `overstated' FALLING house prices are good for the economy and the problem of negative equity has been overstated, according to a right-wing think-tank. Lower prices and a stable housing market are part and parcel of a low-inflation economy, says a paper publishe... The Times WED 20 DEC 1995 Putting a price on houses in 1996 Experts were wide of the mark with their predictions on house prices for 1995. For next year they are more realistic. PROPERTY IN GENERAL Gary Marsh, head of corporate affairs at the Halifax: ``We had predicted a gradual increase of 3 to 5 per cent i... The Times WED 27 DEC 1995 Halifax forecasts 2% recovery in house prices next year THE housing market will receive a much-needed boost today from a forecast by Britain's largest mortgage lender of a 2 per cent recovery in house prices during 1996. The Halifax Building Society, in its annual housing market paper, predicts that next ... The Times THU 28 DEC 1995 Lies, statistics and house prices WHEN surveying the blizzard of surveys, prognostications and plain guesses on the state of the 1996 housing market now on display, it is worth keeping two facts firmly in mind. The first is that they just don't know. House prices are harder to forec... The Sunday Times SUN 31 DEC 1995 House prices set to rise, say lenders Building societies expect a modest recovery in the market, although still behind inflation. Report by Nick Gardner and Paul Ham HOUSE PRICES will rise by between 2% and 3% next year and by at least 5% in 1997, after a surprise fall in 1995, accordin... 1996 - HISTORICAL NEWS REPORTS ON HOUSE PRICES 1996 The Times WED 03 JAN 1996 House prices remain lower than a year ago HOUSE prices are still much lower than they were a year ago in spite of five consecutive monthly increases, according to Britain's largest mortgage lender. The Halifax, which has more than two million borrowers, will announce today that, on an annual... The Times WED 24 JAN 1996 The Nobel laureate, his wife and how expectation moves house prices Sir, Pennington is quite right to say that house prices are harder to forecast than virtually any other economic statistic because ``As in sub-atomic physics, the market is weirdly affected by the presence of the observer'' (December 2 . He is suppo... The Sunday Times SUN 28 JAN 1996 Lenders predict patchy rise in house prices FIGURES from the Building Societies Association (BSA) suggest that any recovery in the housing market will be punctuated by occasional setbacks. Individual societies such as Halifax and Nationwide are forecasting house-price increases of 2% in 1996 a... The Times FRI 02 FEB 1996 House prices rise again HOUSE prices have risen for the sixth month in succession, according to the monthly Halifax house price index. The small monthly rise of 0.1 per cent in January means that house prices have risen by 1.3 per cent over the past six months, but are stil... The Sunday Times SUN 10 MAR 1996 Housing market starts on the road to recovery;Prices likely to rise 2%-4% this year Falling unemployment, cheaper mortgages and economic recovery are the foundations for a revival, writes Nick Gardner THE LONG nightmare could at last be over. The housing recession, which has seen almost 400,000 homes repossessed and a further 1.7m ... The Sunday Times SUN 10 MAR 1996 Housing market starts on the road to recovery;A gentle pick-up, not a boom; David Smith, Economics Editor, looks at the factors that will limit price rises to 2%-4% THE housing market is recovering, but you wouldn't always think so. Last week, for example, brought the gloomy news that housing starts the number of new proper... The Sunday Times SUN 10 MAR 1996 Blair's housing ideas rejected TONY BLAIR wrote out his prescription for a healthy housing market last week, calling on lenders to be more sympathetic to customers caught in the negative-equity trap, writes Nick Gardner.Blair wants banks and building societies to be more flexible,... The Sunday Times SUN 10 MAR 1996 Time to shop around for fee-free mortgage As house prices seem to be hardening at last, lenders will have less need to entice borrowers, writes Naomi Caine NOW is the time to scour the market for a better home-loan deal. If you have not yet found yourself a discounted, fixed-rate or ``fee-f... The Sunday Times SUN 10 MAR 1996 Women trapped by negative equity SIX years ago two young women each bought a one-bedroom flat in a block in east London. Little did they know they were walking into a hurricane, soon to reel from the blasts of one of the worst property crashes this century, writes Paul Ham. Vicki P... The Times TUE 02 APR 1996 House prices rise BRITAIN'S biggest mortgage lender will today report a March increase of 1.2 per cent in the Halifax house price index. On an annually adjusted basis, the rate of house price inflation in the UK remains positive, at 1.7 per cent, compared with just 0... The Times SAT 06 APR 1996 Rising prices and falling costs boost housing market DEVELOPERS and estate agents believe this weekend could be their busiest since the recession in the housing market began seven years ago. With more buyers in evidence, some analysts' predictions for price rises over the whole year have been exceeded... The Times FRI 12 APR 1996 Debt trap eased by housing price rise A STEADY rise in housing prices has helped to lift nearly 300,000 people out of negative equity in the first three months of this year, and there are signs that the housing market is continuing to improve, according to two reports released today. Rob... The Times WED 24 APR 1996 House prices in Scotland hit by sharp fall in 1995 HOMEOWNERS in Scotland saw the average value of their home fall by Pounds 2,500 in 1995, according to the new Scottish Housing Index, published yesterday. A joint survey by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Scottish Homes, the national housing age... The Times TUE 30 APR 1996 Putting a spin on house prices From Dr Anthony Williams Sir, If low inflation and price stability are deemed to be a good thing, why is house price inflation called ``recovery in house prices'' also a good thing, and house price stability called ``stagnation in the market'' a bad ... The Times THU 02 MAY 1996 House prices rise in `fragile' market THE recovery in house prices is continuing, according to two influential surveys published yesterday. The Nationwide Building Society reported prices at an 18-month high in April, up by 1.2 per cent over the month, while the Halifax Building Society... The Sunday Times SUN 05 MAY 1996 House prices continue to rise RISING confidence in the housing market in April helped to lift property prices for the ninth consecutive month, pushing them back to the level of two years ago. But cheaper mortgages mean homes are more affordable. According to the Halifax's monthl... The Times THU 09 MAY 1996 UBS lifts house price forecast HOUSING analysts at UBS yesterday raised their house price forecast for 1996 from 2 to 5 per cent. Its revised forecast follows sharp rises in the Halifax price index over the past three months and nine successive monthly increases. Other commentato... The Sunday Times SUN 30 JUN 1996 A ``mini boom'' in house prices A ``mini boom'' in house prices is in prospect, according to a forecast to be published by Deutsche Morgan Grenfell tomorrow. It predicts a 6% rise this year and 8% in 1997 when, it says, London and the south will record double-figure increases. Ne... The Times TUE 02 JUL 1996 House prices show signs of levelling THE Halifax house-price index showed its first monthly fall for 10 months in June, slipping 0.3 per cent. However, the recovery is continuing, with sales and lending continuing to grow strongly. Prices are at their highest level since 1991. The Hal... The Times SAT 06 JUL 1996 How to get more than you asked;Artificially low house prices are luring buyers into a frenzy of competitive bidding Adramatic change in strategy by estate agents could help keep a buoyant property market on the move. Agents in ``hot spots'' for selling are pitching prices low to attract more potential buyers. This in turn is leading to competitive bidding and ho... BUY NOW - IT'S THE BOTTOM OF THE MARKET!!
  7. Energy shares (oil & gas majors not speculative wind and tidal) Swiss Franks Gold Coins (in your hand variety, not paper) Silver bars bought VAT free.
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  9. Fantastic time to get a few more Krugs for the pile. Gold is where its at. The dollar is finished, the printing presses will not save it either.
  10. Very busy indeed... I understand that he is having to put in a few extra shifts at his 'date' packing company to make ends meet......
  11. Even the BBC published stats concur that houseprices are falling in most regions of the UK, but the King and IMup just can't accept that their BTL portfolios rental receipts no longer cover their loans and their capital gains have probably turned negative......Ouch that hurts. Why would anyone be a property bull when the market is clearly falling? Why would the King and IMup spend so much time of the lives underpinning their false arguments of property prosperity on an online forum unless they were trying to protect their fading investments by desperately trying to buoy fading FTB sentiments?? Would you trust your future financial wellbeing on their advice to buy now or else you can never buy again ever ever? I can't wait to hear the SHITE that they are going to spout next.
  12. The biggest threat to the dollar is if oil ceased to be traded exclusively in dollars. Putin knows this, Chavez and Iran know this and a host of others who are fed up with this current US administration. Saddam knew this to as as soon as he started trading oil in Euros, he was invaded..... just a coincidence of course, it was all about 911 wasn't it? As soon as the dollar loses its oil trade underpinning, gold will go ballistic.
  13. Confirms what we all knew, that houseprices are falling in most parts of the UK, contrary to the BTL posters on this forum who are desperately trying to bolster their personal positions and falling portfolios. Face it folks houseprices in the UK have turned and are FALLING significantly in every region.
  14. If the current Housing Crash depended so much on IR rises, why are houseprices falling significantly in most regions of the country, Scotland especially?? Sam, you are a very thinly disguised Troll at best.
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