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  1. If I was the Supreme Propaganda Minister of NU LAbour, I would brief all my loyal spotty activists to infiltrate popular politicised web discussion forums and task them with getting the following message out: --------------- Pretend you hate NU LAbour with a very deep passion and build a case for all voters (including normally non NU Lab voters) to actually vote for NU Labour, in order to ensure that they get back into power again, just as the UK collapses and thus let them (the bastards) take the blame for the huge disaster and then never ever get elected again! ------------------- Very
  2. Can't possibly work..... The expected yields from these loans in their original form, has already been sold on and leveraged (by a huge factor) to finance all sorts of other financial trickery and corrupt practices. You can't ignor that. This will blow up sooner rather than later. All the past years raft of M&A's are financed with what kind of structured debt exactly? 1929 with knobs on guaranteed.
  3. Exactly! Even RPI is a load of old crap too!! WE ARE ALL BING CONNED! plain and simple How long will we all put up with these dangerous NU LAbour tossers? Can't be anyone with any intelligence left who would actually vote for these cut throat murderers again?
  4. Its no surprise that your figure of 14% is almost exactly the same level as the continuing scandalous money supply growth at 13%. Inflation is not 1.7%!!!! Thats NU LAbout tossers for you
  5. The scary thing is, the latest HP CRASH upon us is going to be even worse than the last one! And still the VI's will try to pretend its not happening.
  6. UK House Prices: Past CrashesUK House Prices: Past Crashes 1988 - HISTORICAL NEWS REPORTS ON HOUSE PRICES 1988 The Times TUE 05 JAN 1988 Big house price increases on way out, says Woolwich The Woolwich Building Society said yesterday that this year could be the last year of excessive house price increases as the growth of real disposable income begins to fall. The society said that there was plenty of mortgage money about to help buyer... The Times SAT 09 JAN 1988 First time buyers hold key: House prices A fall in demand by first time buyers because they cannot afford the pri
  7. Energy shares (oil & gas majors not speculative wind and tidal) Swiss Franks Gold Coins (in your hand variety, not paper) Silver bars bought VAT free.
  8. Google Adds Brought to you by Google Adds Google Adds Google Adds Bet you any money that it all goes tits up again tommorrow........... Google Adds Google Adds Google Adds Google Adds helping to keep the wolf away from the door mmmmm Google Adds This is an advert post which helps to pay for the running of my car, house and providing various luxury items. mmmmmmmmmmGoogle Adds Google Adds Google Adds WAAAAAAARRGGHHHH Google Adds Google Adds Google Adds
  9. Fantastic time to get a few more Krugs for the pile. Gold is where its at. The dollar is finished, the printing presses will not save it either.
  10. Very busy indeed... I understand that he is having to put in a few extra shifts at his 'date' packing company to make ends meet......
  11. Even the BBC published stats concur that houseprices are falling in most regions of the UK, but the King and IMup just can't accept that their BTL portfolios rental receipts no longer cover their loans and their capital gains have probably turned negative......Ouch that hurts. Why would anyone be a property bull when the market is clearly falling? Why would the King and IMup spend so much time of the lives underpinning their false arguments of property prosperity on an online forum unless they were trying to protect their fading investments by desperately trying to buoy fading FTB sentiments
  12. The biggest threat to the dollar is if oil ceased to be traded exclusively in dollars. Putin knows this, Chavez and Iran know this and a host of others who are fed up with this current US administration. Saddam knew this to as as soon as he started trading oil in Euros, he was invaded..... just a coincidence of course, it was all about 911 wasn't it? As soon as the dollar loses its oil trade underpinning, gold will go ballistic.
  13. Confirms what we all knew, that houseprices are falling in most parts of the UK, contrary to the BTL posters on this forum who are desperately trying to bolster their personal positions and falling portfolios. Face it folks houseprices in the UK have turned and are FALLING significantly in every region.
  14. If the current Housing Crash depended so much on IR rises, why are houseprices falling significantly in most regions of the country, Scotland especially?? Sam, you are a very thinly disguised Troll at best.
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