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How Far Up The Property Ladder Can You Go?

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It appears to me that the so called PROPERTY LADDER does NOT exist.

With the average FTB being in his/her 30's how many steps can they possibly make? Taking into account that you are getting older and have less time to repay your mortgage, this cycle has shown that all the people that have bought more than 5 years ago have made a lot of money on paper but in reality they have DOUBLED their mortgage and have a shorter time to pay it. I know that wage inflation should absorb some of this, I still believe that it does not eat away enough.

So it begs the questions - how many people are actually going to get up the ladder enough to buy all these detatched/cottages etc in the future? I dont think many!!!!


BTW I put 1

Im 38 and jumping straight to a 3 bed semi and making do with it!

I ALSO READ IN THE MIRROR TODAY that GB is going to restructure the STAMP DUTY to help FTB's. Hasn't he already done that and failed???????

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How about 'concealed toolshed - spaceship - underwater palace on distant planet' .... seems a more interesting life goal than owning a crappy box, no matter how big it is or how deep the tyre tread of the vehicle outside is too

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