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  1. Lol, 56,000 will find alternative work in no time eh? ... say you were the agent... how quickly could you find 56,000 jobs? Maybe in areas where jobs were scarce... well, you'd tell them to move wouldn't you... families? move the lot of them. Crappier living conditions where they have to move to?.... progress. Lose your job Laurejon. Compromise and take the equivalent to a minimum wage post just to survive. Then come back here & be all high & mighty.
  2. I get a good salary (I think) & I'm happy to do my job & be 'managed' by an idiot who earns less than me & does all the paperwork & orders stationery etc. I am also proud to say that my manager is the most highly qualified moron I have ever met
  3. Yes & no... people who can get a job done by getting other people to do it are very valuable, but the public sector has no idea of value as it gets paid anyway. small companies benefit greatly from such people
  4. well done, you get to do the things that Charlie can no longer do, but he gets a commission
  5. I thought we'd exhausted the food jokes.... that one was a right turkey
  6. Gordon will, & it seems that the whole point of the law is that money will be released to raise taxes... if more money goes to the spouse, then more will be spent, hence more VAT etc. Gordon wants the money to be moving, so his tax speed cameras can cream it off to pay for his whacky & wonderful schemes Yay to your anti marriage sentiments If only our laws weren't so steeped in religion.
  7. well that's progression for you... threat of punishment for not acheiving menial tasks has fallen by the wayside (my boss hates not getting his coffee on time) There's a lesson here somewhere.... along the lines of getting others to do stuff for you has more value than doing it yourself... or some such blurb
  8. Hmm, spending money on your car is OK if if makes it run better... & ponds are great things for enhancing quality of life... I could spend days watching frogs copulating (maybe that's just me). But what is so great in your life that you feel the need to ruin another's?
  9. ok I'll do it tomorrow... it's simple step logic, nothing clever... once you know the steps you can go through them to get the answer
  10. Well then you're too senile to make a relevant comment & shouldn't assume that you are cleverer than people who can't work out such an answer nowadays. Anyway, this person is receiving religious answers to his predicament, which means logic is forsaken... personal financial stability generally relies on logic rather than faith... faith is very bad where finance is concerned (how much have you spent on you lottery tickets), so he's buggered .
  11. I'm fed up with hating Muslims... did it for a while, now bored with it & quite happy to get back to hating our wonderful government for all the lovely things they are doing for us.
  12. probably, but a couple of links wouldn't hurt http://www.cpusa.org/article/articleview/498/1/104/
  13. There could be a sudden flood of UK citizens moving to E.EU countries to take advantage of lower living costs. My company is setting up an office in Estonia because the wages are less for skilled and intelligent people, yet the standard of living is so much better, hence happier & more productive employees. GB & PC NL are destroying the UK for a few extra quid in their pockets. Make like a rat , Eastern Europe needs you.
  14. I never said it was cowboy It's the concept of giving regular payments for a product before receiving it that galls me... if it was a savings plan it would be fully regulated & your money would be protected (up to a limit), but according to the BBC link (which I can't find right now) the customers are left to fight to reclaim a fraction of what they have already paid from the administrators... who I bet will be a savvy bunch of greedy buggers Good point... thank somebody for SIPPS
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