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Mirror Rant About Massive Hike In Cost Of Living

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click above for - WHY ARE ALL OUR BILLS GOING UP?


By Matt Roper

ANOTHER week, another inflation-busting rise in the cost of living.

and here's a letter from The Times

Mystery of our low inflation

Sir, How it is that inflation has remained so low for so long?

Asset prices have risen dramatically over the past few years, in particular those affecting the daily expenditure of the majority of British citizens: housing and fuel. In addition, on a global scale, similar price rises have been seen in a wide range of commodities. Stock markets have recovered to approach previous record highs, wage growth has been widespread, particularly in the public sector where many staff have enjoyed significant increases. The private sector also seems strong; in the City we hear of bumper annual bonuses driving a further spending splurge. Furthermore, consumer spending has climbed, along with record levels of personal debt. I also wonder about the recent explosion in hedge funds and their use of huge level of leverage to create further asset growth. Does this not also have the potential to affect inflation figures?

Surely this cannot all be accounted for by improved, technology-driven efficiency, a slowdown in manufacturing and Tesco. Are inflation figures just another manipulation by governments that have come to realise the importance of appearing to maintain “low inflation” and a stable economy as a means of ensuring the middle-class vote? Is there an illusion about to be shattered or a bubble waiting to burst? I would be most grateful for your thoughts.



An interesting Telegraph article


"If the economics are troubling, the politics are sinister. Nine of the top 10 constituencies for public employment have Labour MPs. In these areas we are seeing the steady establishment of the client state: a system not unlike vassalage, whereby the largesse of the feudal overlord keeps the peasantry in a state of miserable subjection."

And a couple of letters from The Telegraph -

Why property prices have trebled

Sir - Mike Brunt (letter, February 21) asks why house prices have trebled in the past 10 years.

I suggest: sustained low interest rates; spouses' incomes included in assessing loan quantum by lenders; a shortage of housing; an exponential rise in divorce rates so higher demand for separate houses; Capital Gains Tax relief on gains; government stealth taxes of pensions and last, in the wake of inter alia, Lloyd's, split capital trusts and Equitable Life and low fund investment returns, a serious loss of confidence in institutional fund managers' competence.

Tom Benyon, Adstock, Bucks

Sir - The housing "market" is nothing of the sort - it's a pyramid scheme. As with all pyramid schemes the main beneficiaries are existing members - it's the first-time buyers who lose out.

A combination of low interest rates and loss of confidence in other forms of investment, eg pensions, is fuelling this bubble. Since estate agents take a percentage of your selling price, it is in their interests to keep the bubble rising.

Asset price inflation at these rates can be sustained only for so long. In the end, we will have to take out 100-year mortgages.

Watch out when the bubble bursts.

Greg Slaughter, St Annes, Lancs

Previous letters

Email: dtletters@telegraph.co.uk

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To top it all the Daily Mirror itself has just gone up from 35p to 38p, a 8.57% increase, according to 'pop'.

I like your signature reference to Professor Evans. I did start a topic on him some months ago but alas there were few replies.

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I like your signature reference to Professor Evans. I did start a topic on him some months ago but alas there were few replies.

Indeed, and 15 years later the density targets are even more harsh and the preferred brownfield locations even more dire, nimbies and deep greens have a stranglehold over the entire country and thinking within the establishment.

The day will come when their self-imposed straitjacket will have to be cast off, even the governments own desire for new nuclear generation will be scuppered by the current planning laws and the pressure groups that hold undue influence and revel in “holding the country to ransom”. Unless changes are made the government will be powerless to determine its own energy policy (whether you agree with it or not), they no longer fear the unions, the force they now face is far more deadly and it's in the form of a handful of privileged old misanthropic hippies.

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