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  1. Nope, free, unhindered spirit, wandering the virtual world, popping into various fora to add some comment or two. Well, amuses me.
  2. Only one thing needs to be implemented. The freedom to sell land. Without "Planning".
  3. Give you a buzz to mention your house's imputed value, does it? Especially on a 'site such as this. Oh well, whatever rocks for you. Your ego is so super.
  4. Until F1 relocates to the East. As it will, for it is advertising driven, as it follows the emerging markets. There will be so many young engineers eager to get on board, backed up by Governments happy to provide incentives. Remember F1 is business, not sport. Also, the Motor Manufacturers involved will decide that the "Green" West is beyond concern and that expansion is in the East, for Governments there will have to let their Populations enjoy the fruits of their labours.
  5. More to the point, the State, via the BOE, is now involved in a commercial activity it should never have become concerned with. We are seeing the first manifestations of a blurring of the divide between banking as a free market activity and a State run one. The State now has a vested interest in the outcome of the fate of this organisation. How the State responds will become the benchmark for all other Banks. The State should merely establish the rules and regulate.
  6. Only last night I showed my wife the price label on some wine brought back from France. In Euro and FF, with FF larger and a more visible background colour. I know that was initially to help people "recalibrate", but now?
  7. They believe they can and will manipulate to try to ensure that. The recent events have shown that. That includes the ECB. For that is all there is now.
  8. Then you would be wrong. Understand, there is now a concerted effort by USA and UK to keep it rolling. Truth is, that would apply whichever Party was in power in both countries. All Parties in those countries know what the future will bring. Delaying that for as long as possible is their aim.
  9. Sorry, NuLab would be reelected. Gordon looked after the "little people" and their savings.
  10. Ho hum, the car threads do amuse me. I'm a car nut but have always maintained and serviced ours myself apart from when they were under warranty. Mind I've built rally cars too so no fears. Now I'm trying to be diplomatic here but there does seem to be a trend in this country of wanting to have the image icons but to not to want to pay for their maintenance. I would be the last to endorse main dealers but a good independent is the best if you're not able. Ok, use the cheap newcomers but do they conform to H&S laws. environmental laws and have insurance etc.? These things cost an honest dealer and as with any business are reflected in their price. So, if we like cheap, what if a bunch of Chinese peasants turned up in your neighbourhood and opened, in a shed, a factory producing plastic toys? Ignoring all the relevant legislation.
  11. Already having the harp doesn't mean automatic entry through the Pearly Gates. Just say you've never been a BTLer and you'll be in.
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