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The Moderators

New Forum Software

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The Moderators are receiving unpleasant messages about the new software. Fubra own and control this site and update their software as and when required. They pay for the software and we use it free of charge.

The Moderators have no control over the software or it's updates so please stop haranguing us to bring back the old skin. It is not possible. We will have to take a little time to get used to the new system and can help each other as we find out different ways of using it.

With regard to the warning points which seem to have ruffled a few feathers -- this is the moderator's method of passing on notes about a poster to other moderators.

For example if a new poster is posting from a suspicious ISP or email address a note is made so that other moderators can keep an eye out for it.

The "warning history" is the software's name for the file system and we have used it to trace trolls and sock puppets and spammers since the forum started in 2004.

So it spans 10 years of notes about posters. Believe it or not when the system upgraded all of the warning notes disappeared so we can't even tell anyone what their notes were about.

We are actively posting your complaints about the upgrade to Fubra but at the end of the day the Moderators only help with the day to day running of this forum - trying to keep it free of spam and trolls.

No one has been banned for complaining about the new update but moderating measures will be taken against posters who go OTT complaining without giving the moderators a chance to speak with Fubra.

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Reply from Fubra support

The forum software version that was previously running was riddled with security issues, resulting in theurl4short.info etc.
We took immediate / short notice action to resolve the security problems, so nobody was notified.
We haven't changed the software, simply upgraded to the latest stable release.
Unfortunately the old theme was totally incompatible with the update.
The forum was down for the minimum time required while the upgrade process took place, due to the number of updates required this took a total time of around an hour.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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